How to make a scrap quilt: 3 wonderful ways (+ flash sale!)

Are you sew very happy when you make quilts that are scrappy?

Flash sale!

Today we’ve got three reasons to celebrate scrapaholics—a spectacular sale on a trio of eBooks filled with scrap-quilt ideas and patterns from some of the best in the business. Right now they’re only $6 each!

Sale ends May 21 at noon (PST), so hurry. Get one or get them all—you’ll have a scrap-busting pattern collection at your fingertips.

S is for ScrapsS is for Scraps: 18 Great Quilts
Gayle Bong

  • Learn Gayle’s secrets for selecting scraps by character, color, and contrast
  • Showcase every scrap you’ve saved in your choice of 18 gorgeous traditional quilts
  • Organize your scraps with Gayle’s smart advice

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Five-starsReview from Amazon: “Great for any quilter who struggles with scrap quilts. A very nice section on selecting fabrics, organizing, and piecing.”

From S is for Scraps
S is for Scraps

Patchwork PalettePatchwork Palette: No-Fail Color Plans for Captivating Quilts
Donna Lynn Thomas

  • Follow three easy scrap-fabric “recipes”
  • Pack oodles of different fabrics into a quilt but still feel in control of the process
  • See examples of Donna’s quilts in different colorways

$18.99 $6.00
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Five-starsReview from Amazon: “One of my favorite quilting books…the patterns are actually easier than they seem. AWESOME!”

From Patchwork Palette
Patchwork Palette

Save the Scraps: Great Quilts from Small BitsSave the Scraps
Gayle Bong

  • Watch classic traditional blocks shine in 15 scrappy designs
  • Use your scraps to try strip piecing, folded corners, and foundation piecing

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Five-starsReview from Amazon: “When I bought this book, I was still a beginning quilter…it has inspired me to make scrap quilts!”

From Save the Scraps
Save the Scraps

How long have you been saving your scraps: months, years…decades? Tell us in the comments!

Flash sale!

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