How to decorate with quilts: designer do’s

You can decorate with a lamp. A painting. A wreath. Assorted knick-knacks. But bring a quilt into the room and you can actually feel the space become softer. Cozier. A quilt invites you to relax, unwind, and stay a spell.

How do quilts do that? We say it’s simply their superpower.

Whether you’re making your first quilt or your one-hundred and first, the books below will inspire you put them on display. Find a special place in your home for that quilt you just finished—and that quilt you’re about to start making.

Decorate with BIG quilts

Remembering the PastRemembering the Past: Reproduction Quilts Inspired by Antique Favorites by Julie Hendricksen

You might think the only place to display a bed-sized quilt is on a bed. But in Remembering the Past you’ll discover many more ways to get creative with big quilts. Ladders and quilt racks are an obvious choice for sizeable quilts, but there are lots of other places to show them off.

Decorating DO: Take those bed quilts out of the linen closet and give them the spotlight!

Roll up and nestle big quilts into wire baskets, just like arranging fabric flowers into a beautiful bouquet.

Drape big quilts over fixtures with hard lines or furniture that needs a pop of color.

Decorate with quilts from Remembering the Past >

Decorate with Seasonal Accents

'Tis the Autumn Season’Tis the Autumn Season: Fall Quilts and Decorating Projects by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks

Seasonal sewing is so much fun! It’s a great way to mimic Mother Nature indoors. Jeanne and Shelley switch out quilts to celebrate each season’s arrival, and they’ve found lots of fun and functional ways to display them.

Decorating DO: Think outside of the box (and the bed, couch, and chair). Look up!

Surprise! Put pretty pillows and quilts up high and turn a drab corner into a conversation starter.

Decorate with quilts from ’Tis the Season >

Decorating with Runners

Think BigThink Big: Quilts, Runners, and Pillows from 18″ Blocks by Amy Ellis

Runners are a great resource when it comes to decorating skinny spaces. Display a runner across a table or along the foot of a bed, yes, but be on the lookout for other horizontal and vertical spaces that need some pep. A runner just might do the trick!

Decorating DO: Sew runners to your specifications. Amy’s handy charts tell you how much fabric to cut and sew for a pillow (one block), a runner (a single row of blocks), and several quilt sizes (baby, throw, twin, queen, and king), all using the same block pattern. Seriously, her charts are basically genius.

This neutral, six-block Downtown runner complements the sleek, modern feel of both the table and the setting, all while adding a little softness to the scene.

Decorate with quilts from Think Big >

Decorating with Small Quilts

Country Threads Goes to Charm SchoolCountry Threads Goes to Charm School: 19 Little Quilts from 5″ Squares by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

Small quilts pack a big punch! And the more the merrier. Whether you spotlight one quilt or twenty in a single room, give yourself the green light to pile on the patchwork—each quilt adds more softness and warmth to the scene.

Decorating DO: Got a collection of something—old irons, Depression glass, baskets, nesting dolls? Make a quilt that coordinates with the colors of your collection; then arrange the pieces on a flat surface with your quilt as the crowning jewel.

A pottery collection harmonizes with a little quilt made of muted prints and plaids.

💡One last decorating idea: Treat that quilt you’re proud of like an artist would: hang it on the wall and put a spotlight on it. It’ll wow your guests and make you smile whenever you see it.

How many quilts are helping you decorate your home right now? Tell us in the comments!





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