How to deal with that crazy mixed-up quilt stash (+ sale)


I recently became an empty nester. (Yay! Or sniff!) Which means that my quilt stash, after years of living in my dining room (and other hiding places—shh!), is finally getting a room of its own. Touching every piece of fabric I own has been enlightening, to say the least. Why did I save this? Why did I buy THAT? And so on. Here are some eBooks (on sale!) I’m turning to for help with some of my stash problems. I’m sure they can help you too.

PROBLEM: Random chunks of leftover novelty fabrics
SOLUTION: Instant Bargello by Susan Kisro

Instant Bargello

These quick and easy Bargello-style wall hangings are perfect for gobbling up those miscellaneous pieces of novelty fabric.

Harvest Hill from
Instant Bargello

Ghosts in the Graveyard from
Instant Bargello

PROBLEM: Scraps and leftover bits of blocks that you can’t bring yourself to throw out
SOLUTION: Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys

Bits and Pieces

Petite patchwork patterns are a great way to use up those “bits and pieces.” Use the small quilts you make to decorate your home (bringing a dim corner to life, accenting a tabletop, or draping a cupboard door). Or give as gifts! They don’t take weeks or months to complete, and they’re perfect for fat quarters too.

12-Karat Four Patch and Christmas Goose from
Bits and Pieces

PROBLEM: Lots of colorful pieces—how to make them work together?
SOLUTION: Colorful Quilts by Cynthia LeBlanc Regone

Colorful Quilts

Cynthia will help you take all those colors and styles and unify them into a beautiful quilt!

Birdhouses of Key West and Bali High from
Colorful Quilts

PROBLEM: I want to make a scrap quilt, but I’m kind of a control freak
SOLUTION: Stash Magic by Jaynette Huff

Stash Magic

Use it up! Thoughtfully! Jaynette will show you how to gather fabrics for a successful scrap quilt. Thirteen quilt designs that use a variety of techniques provide plenty of inspiration.

Floral View and Pinwheel Stars from
Stash Magic

What are your most pressing stash problems? Tell us in the comments!


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