Hot topic! Paper-piecing tips, part 1 (+ sale)

Show Me How to Paper PieceAre you a paper piecer? Most quilters I know are either enthusiastically in the “Yes!” camp or most emphatically in the “No!” camp. Some of us (me included) are on the fence. Perhaps with a few tips from our paper-piecing experts, some of us can find a new place to camp!

If you know a little about paper piecing, you might know that you’re supposed to do different things on different sides of the paper pattern. But how do you know which side is which? Below is a terrific tip from Carol Doak, from her book Show Me How to Paper Piece. It really helped me look at paper-pieced quilts in a whole new way!

Quick tip: paper-piecing patterns

Want to try paper piecing on a small scale? Have a look at Quilts for Mantels and More. You’ll be able to spruce up your home AND hone your paper-piecing skills without committing to a big quilt!

Quilts for Mantels and More

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Papers for Foundation PiecingPaper piecing is always more successful when you have the proper tools. Our Papers for Foundation Piecing work on almost any home printer or photocopier and tear easily when the time comes to remove the paper from your project.

Where do you “camp” in the world of paper piecing: yes, no, or on the fence? Tell us in the comments!

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