Happy holidays! And for those of you still sewing…

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Joy to the World quilt
“To All a Good Night” quilt and “Joy to the World” pillow from
’Tis the Season

Another year is coming to a close…and what a year it’s been at Stitch This! We’ve given away more freebies than ever, packed the year with special sales, seen posts go viral (like this one), and oh yeah—Martingale has published 64 beautiful books too! It’s a time to be proud of accomplishments, grateful for teamwork, and thankful to all of you, who have inspired us with your passion, enthusiasm, and stories all year long.

At Christmas, the best gift is that of friends and family. We consider ourselves family at Martingale, and we most certainly consider you our friend here at Stitch This! So, as friends, let’s share one of our best-kept Christmas secrets, shall we? You know the one. The annual stitching sprint to the finish line. We know it so well that we’ve written a little ditty to honor all of you who are burning the midnight oil to get finished gifts under the tree.

Without further ado, we bring you our ode to a stitcher’s holiday.

The Christmas Stitching Sprint (sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Two days left to go
Until Christmas day
Seams still left to sew
Keeping sleep at bay!

Chocolate, coffee, tea
Quilt, knit, and crochet
What fun it is to cut and piece
and stitch two days away!

Oh, stitching sprint, stitching sprint,
Happens every year
No matter how well we plan
We’ll greet midnight with cheer!

Stitching sprint, stitching sprint,
Christmas morning’s here
Celebrate the gifts you made
And know they’ll hold each dear.

If you can relate to the stitching sprint, know you’re not alone. Share what you’re making in the comments; together, we’ll encourage each other to get to the finish line!

Detail from Night Before Christmas quilt
Detail of “Night Before Christmas” quilt from
Christmas is Coming

We’ll be away from the office until January 2, 2014. When we return, we’ll gather together with the goal of bringing you more inspiration at Stitch This!, and introducing you to exciting new books throughout the coming year. From all of us at Martingale, we wish you the warmest and cheeriest of holidays—and a New Year filled with your favorite creative pursuits!

Happy Holidays from Martingale!

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