Free quilt pattern: a quick beauty for beginners (and for THAT fabric)

WeekendIt’s the weekend!!!

So, whatcha doing this weekend? Got any plans yet?

Well guess what: we just reserved a spot for you, and it’s the best seat in the house. It’s at your sewing machine!

Download this free quilt pattern by Sara Diepersloot, called Nest, and then head to your fabric stash pronto. Let’s get this weekend sewing show on the road.


Simply sign in or register at our website to download the Nest free quilt pattern.

Another weekend idea: why not share today’s freebie with a friend? You know, that friend who always admires your quilts but swears she wouldn’t know a bobbin from a wagon wheel? We all know someone like her—a little anxious about diving into the wonderful world we call quilting. Print a copy of the Nest free quilt pattern and deliver it to her in person, along with a few fun cuts from your stash to get her started.

(Oh, and don’t forget to stop by the nearest pastry shop on your way to pick up a few goodies, and maybe some fancy coffee drinks. She’d like that. Are the pumpkin-flavored goodies and drinks out yet? 🎃)

And then, when you give her the pattern, stash fabrics, and pastries, tell her it’s all just a little gift. From quilter to quilter.

Nest-free-quilt-patternSpeaking of stashes . . . even experienced quilters can whip up this fun quilt in an afternoon with that fabric. You know the one—carefully folded and occasionally fondled—the one that’s so lovely you haven’t cut into it yet? Yes, that fabric. The big pieces in this pretty pattern will give that fabric plenty of room to shine.

One more idea: Head to our Facebook page and share our post about the Nest free quilt pattern with all your Facebook friends. Show them what you’ll be making this weekend. Who knows? You may discover that you have more quilty friends than you thought.

Want more fast and fun quilt ideas? Check out Sara Diepersloot’s two popular books on the subject:

Fast and Fun First Quilts Simple Style

All of Sara’s crazy-cute quilts are perfect for:

• weekend start-to-finish sewing fun
• teaching a new quilter the basics
• quick gifts: think housewarmings, baby showers, birthdays, and holidays
• charity quilts
• you—because you love to sew!

Know a beginner—or are you a beginner yourself? Tell us in the comments!





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