For your quilting toolbox: exploring the three Cs (+ giveaway!)

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A Modern Twist

Quilts from A Modern TwistThe quilter’s toolbox—we all have one. Many of our tools are items we can find at a local quilt shop or buy from a favorite vendor at a quilt show.

There are also “tools” we use every day that make our quilts special and uniquely ours. Our eye for color, the way we plan and design—these are tools that can’t be bought at the store, and many of us struggle with these creative aspects of quiltmaking.

Thankfully, Natalie Barnes is here to help with her new book, A Modern Twist. Her lessons on color, contrast, and composition—the three Cs of quiltmaking—will help you create a one-of-a-kind look. As an added bonus, celebrated machine quilter Angela Walters offers tips for using the three Cs to make machine quilting the icing on your creative cake!

COLOR. Discover how to use “magic” and “ugly” colors as zingers to liven up your quilts. A tiny bit of the unexpected can make all the difference! Check out how a few patches of bright pink turns this quilt, made of mostly Halloween colors, into something special.

Hexagon Scramble quilt
“Hexagon Scramble” from
A Modern Twist

If you struggle with the color wheel, perhaps making a quilted one of your own will help.

Color Fusion quilt
“Color Fusion” from
A Modern Twist

CONTRAST. Contrast isn’t just about color! Different sizes and shapes of pieces and varying print patterns within a quilt create contrast as well. Take a look at how bold prints work well together to create contrast in this picnic set.

Picnic Casual utensil roll and napkin
“Picnic Casual” from
A Modern Twist

A few well-placed straight lines in a contrasting color add so much interest to this 60° triangle quilt:

Triangle Line quilt
“Triangle Line” from
A Modern Twist

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COMPOSITION. You want your quilt to be balanced. You also want some surprises, but how do you keep your quilt from becoming a chaotic jumble? See how Natalie uses one accent color in the center of her blocks to give some order to this otherwise scrappy table runner:

Ranch String table runner
“Ranch String” from
A Modern Twist

In the quilt below, Natalie makes nine identical blocks. By rotating a few of them, she creates a random-looking design that still makes sense:

Circle Shuffle quilt
“Circle Shuffle” from
A Modern Twist

A Modern TwistWant more of Natalie’s creative tips about the three Cs?

Pick up your copy of A Modern Twist at your local quilt shop or at

Print book: $24.99 (with free eBook)

eBook: $16.99

Which of the three Cs do you struggle with most: color, contrast, or composition? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the A Modern Twist pdf eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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