Flash sale! Pick 5 fat quarters and . . .

We’re starting out with a little quilting math today, a story problem. (It’s a snap, promise—we’ll even give you the answer.)

Jane chose 5 fat quarters from her stash; then she chose 1 background fabric to coordinate. How many different quilts will Jane make using the same formula again and again?

The answer: 15.

Why? Because that’s how many beautiful, simple-to-sew quilts are waiting for her (and you) in Take 5 Fat Quarters from best-selling author Kathy Brown!

Today we have a weekend-only offer for our Stitch This! readers:

Take 5 Fat Quarters flash sale!

Download the Take 5 Fat Quarters eBook for only six bucks through Sunday!

In Kathy’s fun book, you take five minutes to choose five fat quarters. By minute six, you’re off on a new quilting adventure. Take a look at some of the pretty—and pretty quick!—quilts you can create:

Staying Focused fat quarter quilt
Staying Focused

Swimming the Sidestroke fat quarter quilt
Swimming the Sidestroke

Crisscross Applesauce fat quarter quilt
Crisscross Applesauce

See more from Take 5 Fat Quarters >

fat quarter cutting plansYou’ll love Kathy’s approach to stacking and cutting all your fat quarters at once so you can get right to sewing. And if you’re a scrap saver or a no-waste kind of quilter, you’ll find cutting plans like this one (right) for every quilt in the book. See how her plan lets you keep bigger pieces of fabric intact? Kathy knows you want to be frugal with your precious fat quarters!

And don’t forget another fun part about Kathy’s books—the stories. If you’re familiar with Kathy’s previous titles, you know she always shares a special story about each quilt she designs.

Click here to see all the quilts you can start making with just five fat quarters each. Perhaps you can whip one up for someone on your holiday gift list (yes, the holidays will be here before you know it). How about another quilt for a birthday or housewarming present? Hey, how about a quilt just for you? “Take 5” and then take your pick!

This offer ends Sunday, July 23, so don’t delay—download your copy of Take 5 Fat Quarters today!

How do you collect fat quarters—in bundles or one by one? Tell us in the comments!

Take 5 Fat Quarters flash sale!




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