Flash sale! Cut and piece with precision (instead of frustration)

No matter your skill level, no matter your style: every quilter needs a foundation of sewing skills that clear the way for creativity and inspiration, not frustration. So today we’ve got a step-by-step guide to developing piecing perfection—and you can get it for a super-sweet deal!

Flash sale!

Download Quiltmaking Essentials 1 by Donna Lynn Thomas for only $6 this weekend! In the eBook, you’ll learn time-tested techniques for rotary cutting, pressing, and machine piecing—the trio of techniques that lead to well-behaved quilt blocks.

Make Me Smile quilt
Donna’s perfect piecing: Make Me Smile quilt (get the pattern in Donna’s book
On-Point Patchworkonly $6 this weekend too!)

Here’s what you’ll get when you download Quiltmaking Essentials 1:

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts. From fabric choices to thread selections, you’ll discover all of Donna’s favorite picks (and why she picked them).

Rotary cuttersChapter 2: Rotary Cutting. Cutters, mats, and rulers, oh my! How do you know what you truly need? Donna walks you through the necessities, and then shares her time-tested rotary-cutting techniques (including her secret to cutting strips through multiple layers while keeping them stick straight).

Chapter 3: Pressing. Press to one side or press seam allowances open? The way you press can make or break your quilt blocks. Learn Donna’s pressing tricks plus the one skill every quilter wants in her tool belt: how to develop a pressing plan so your block units fit together like puzzle pieces.

Pressing tools
What are Donna’s top picks for pressing tools? Find out in
Quiltmaking Essentials 1!

Chapter 4: Block Construction. Understanding block-construction basics makes the entire piecing process clearer from start to finish. Learn how Four Patch, Nine Patch, Five Patch, circular, diagonal, and eccentric blocks go together. You’ll be ready to stitch most any quilt block quickly!

Chapter 5: Machine Piecing. This is where many quilters lose precision—and we all know how sewing just a few threads off the mark can multiply across a quilt, making blocks nearly impossible to piece together. Donna’s blue-ribbon skills will improve your accuracy (and your blood pressure).

Candy Dots quilt
Donna’s Candy Dots quilt (find the pattern in
Patchwork Paletteonly $6 this weekend too!)

Chapter 6: Special Sewing Techniques. Every quilter runs into it—a technique she’s curious about but is afraid to try. Let Donna ease you into on-point piecing, folded corners, set-in seams, partial seams, curved piecing—even six- and eight-pointed stars and centers. When you have these skills at the ready, you can sew most any block with ease.

Gems quilt
Donna’s Gems quilt (find the pattern in Patchwork Paletteonly $6 this weekend too!)

So what are you waiting for? Keep Donna’s eBook on your computer or tablet for any time you need a little brush up on your skills—you’ll be glad you did and your quilt blocks will show it! But hurry: our flash sale ends Monday, May 1 at noon (PT).

Quiltmaking Essentials IILove Donna’s essentials? Pick up Quiltmaking Essentials II and learn the basics of settings, sashing, borders, backing, and binding. Easy-to-implement tips and techniques will help you achieve the most accurately pieced quilts you’ve ever made!

What quiltmaking skill do you struggle with the most: cutting, pressing, or piecing? Tell us in the comments!






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