Favorites of 2015: a yarn lover’s pick of the year


After receiving a sizeable stash of sock yarn for my birthday this year (best birthday EVER!), I’ve been eyeing all the projects in Sock-Yarn Accessories.

First project on my list: the Rockport Fingerless Gloves.
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Rockport Fingerless Gloves

They’re light and lacy and look good with just about any outfit. They’re like knitted jewelry—pretty bracelets that keep you warm!

Once the weather gets colder, I’ll have to whip up a pair of Run Around Mittens. These mittens are super-cute and not at all bulky, so they’re perfect for a quick snowball fight (yes, we really do get the occasional dusting of snow in Seattle!).
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Run Around Mittens

Then it’s on to making ALL the scarves!
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See all 20 projects in Sock-Yarn Accessories >

What accessory do you knit or crochet most: gloves, mittens, hats, scarves? Tell us in the comments!

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