Efficient quilt techniques for remaking antiques (+ sale)


Authentic antique quilts inspire us—and they inspire many of our authors too! With help from our authors, you can remake vintage quilts into your own heirlooms. Simply follow the streamlined techniques of the popular authors we’re highlighting this week. Their eBooks are 40% off through Sunday, April 17. Take a look at the gorgeous quilts below—which will you leave as your legacy?

Small Blocks, Stunning QuiltsSmall Blocks, Stunning Quilts
Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms

These quilts are simply jaw dropping—but how do Mary and Biz get to the finish line with all those small pieces? Cue their batchwork patchwork approach—cutting, assembling, and putting quilt tops together in manageable “chunks” or “batches”—which comes in handy when making a quilt with lots of pieces. Inside Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts, you’ll also enjoy a sampling of the quilts the authors have collected over years of antiquing. Amazing!
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Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts
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For added efficiency, Mary and Biz use one-layer tackle boxes with dividers to organize and store small pieces. The boxes also make for easy transport. (Leave a cubby for chocolate!)

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$18.95 $11.37

Link to the '30sLink to the ’30s: Making the Quilts We Didn’t Inherit
Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine

Kay and Karen hunted for quilt patterns from the 1930s in search of extraordinary designs that hadn’t been made in decades. The quilts they chose to remake for their first book, Link to the ’30s, are nothing short of spectacular.

So, what time-saving tricks do they have up their sleeves? In their own words: “We hold the old quilters in high esteem, but we’ll use any tools or modern techniques that facilitate the process. The methodology of the 1930s is important in the quest to replicate the look and feel of the original quilts, but we are not gluttons for punishment!” Get that vintage look without the vintage techniques.
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Close-ups of quilts from
Link to the ’30s

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$18.99 $11.39

Prairie Children and Their QuiltsPrairie Children and Their Quilts: 14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit
Kathleen Tracy

If you’ve ever wondered what life was like for pioneers on the western frontier, Kathleen Tracy will immerse you in the period with authentic photos and stories from nineteenth-century America. As you read about living on the prairie, you’ll create small, simple-to-sew quilts featuring block designs that were popular during the era. Projects include a game-board quilt, a schoolhouse quilt, a prairie-doll apron, and a schoolgirl sampler. Take a peek inside the book with this video introduction.
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Projects from
Prairie Children and Their Quilts

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$16.99 $10.19

Applique Quilt RevivalAppliqué Quilt Revival: Updated Patterns from the ’30s
Nancy Mahoney

Quilt patterns appeared in dozens of newspapers in the 1930s. Thrifty quilters collected, traded, shared, tried, and loved them. Nancy Mahoney amassed a ’30s pattern collection of her own and shares her favorites in Appliqué Quilt Revival, substituting her updated appliqué and piecing techniques. Perfect for your stash of ’30s repro prints—scraps and all!
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A peek at a few sweet motifs from
Appliqué Quilt Revival

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$16.99 $10.19

Which era speaks to you most when it comes to quilts: the 19th century or the 1930s? Tell us in the comments!


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