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Shades of Colorwash from Best Wall QuiltsEvery now and then, we partner with our friends over at McCall’s Quilting and create a book together. Wonderful things happen when we do!

My office walls are covered in wall quilts that I’ve made for myself, as are many of the rooms in my home. I change them with the seasons, or with my mood. It seems I never run out of wall space! What I love about this new book, Best Wall Quilts from McCall’s Quilting, is the variety of quilt patterns for wall hangings. There’s something for everyone: easy, complex, modern, country. My personal favorite is “Shades of Colorwash” by Cindi Edgerton (right), because it feels Amish gone contemporary.

There are so many wonderful reasons to make wall quilts—and the editors at McCall’s Quilting are expert curators. What do they have to say about wall quilts? Let’s find out in this excerpt from Best Wall Quilts.

Best Wall Quilts from McCall's Quilting

Although there’s nothing like a lap or bed quilt for comfort and utility, quilters who want their homes to reflect their sewing passion have long relied on wall hangings to showcase their work. McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quilts magazines have published many wall quilt patterns through the years, and our editorial team has established what we consider to be distinguishing characteristics of successful wall quilts. A successful wall hanging includes one or more of the following attributes:

A wall quilt should be visually exciting, drawing the viewer in for a closer look. Lap and bed quilts may rely on long user exposure in order to exert their charm. But a wall quilt needs to make an impact quickly, as the viewer is walking past it or scanning a room.

Lantern Light quilt from Best Wall Quilts
“Lantern Light” by Laurie Bevan, author of Lickety-Split Quilts and Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones

Wall quilts can be seasonal or strongly related to a particular decorating style, since quilters often prefer to change wall hangings on a regular basis to refresh their decor.

Iris and Friends quilt from Best Wall Quilts
“Iris and Friends” by Cheryl Almgren Taylor, author of
Inspirational Appliqué and Deck the Halls

A quilted wall hanging is a great place to try an unusual or challenging technique. The limited size of such a project makes these fun methods appealing and achievable, even for beginning or time-challenged quilters.

Welcome quilt from Best Wall Quilts
“Welcome” by Cindy Lammon, author of
Flowers All Around, Gathered from the Garden, and Flower Pots

Nature themes are particular favorites among quilters for wall decor. After all, what room isn’t improved by a vase (or a little quilt) full of lovely flowers?

Daisy Power quilt from Best Wall Quilts
“Daisy Power” by Kathy Brown, author of
Strip-Smart Quilts, Take 5, and More Take 5 Quilts

Wall hangings make wonderful gift quilts, and quilters love to create for family and friends.

A Thoroughly Modern Mary quilt from Best Wall Quilts
“A Thoroughly Modern Mary” by Jan Carlson

In other words, a wall quilt is the perfect place to try out new designs, styles, and skills, packing a lot of quilting fun into a limited amount of time. Whether your decorating style is traditional or contemporary, elegant or homey, neutral or aglow with color, there are projects in this book perfect for brightening any room in the house at any season of the year.

Sounds like an excellent time to show you more eye candy! See the rest of the quilts from Best Wall Quilts from McCall’s Quilting at the bottom of this post.

How do you decorate with quilts? Is there an empty wall in your home waiting for a new project? Share your decorating story in the comments and you could win a copy of the Best Wall Quilts from McCall’s Quilting eBook! A winner will be chosen one week from today and notified by email. (You can also purchase the book here, and if you do, you can download the eBook for free right away.) Good luck!

Shimmering Squares

“Shimmering Squares”

Asian Elegance

“Asian Elegance”

Apple Blossom Time

“Apple Blossom Time”

Black, White, and Red All Around

“Black, White, and Red All Around”

Tulip Parade

“Tulip Parade”

Yuletide Classic

“Yuletide Classic”

Spring Fling

“Spring Fling”

Art Affair

“Art Affair”

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