The original precut goes rogue (tour + giveaway)

Tequila Sunrise from Fat-Quarter QuickiesWhat are fat quarters? The original precut, that’s what! And more than any other precut, the fat quarter is by far the most versatile. Not only can you use it in its fundamental form—you can also cut it to create more precuts, like squares, rectangles, and strips.

Kathy Brown, author of a trio of bestselling books, admits to being an excellent candidate for an inaugural episode of “Fat-Quarter Hoarders,” as she’s amassed a mountain of the irresistible precuts. But as usual, a brilliant idea came to Kathy in a flash of inspiration. She invented a ruler to divvy up fat quarters into quilter-friendly pieces; then she designed easy quilt patterns using fat quarters and those quilter-friendly pieces too. A double whammy—Kathy’s genius strikes again!

Cutting plans for Carribean Cooler quilt
Example of fat-quarter cutting plans for “Caribbean Cooler”

If you’ve been following Kathy’s blog tour, you’ve been enjoying popular bloggers’ favorite quilts from Fat-Quarter Quickies. But since we’re lucky enough to partner with Kathy as her publisher, we’d like to share what Kathy has to say about her latest book—how it came to fruition, what she’s excited about, and why you’ll love her latest quilts (especially if you’re a fat-quarter hoarder yourself). So take a peek below at a few of Kathy’s musings from her book. If you’re drowning in fat quarters too—or if you’re ready to start a stash—Kathy’s here to share all the things you can do! (But note: you can make all of the quilts in Kathy’s new book with or without her Fat Quarter Cutter Ruler.)

Kathy BrownI have always loved fat quarters, and have collected them from the earliest stages of my quilting career. So I started a small stash: a fat quarter here, a fat quarter there, a pack of 5 here, a group of 10 there—whatever struck my fancy, I bought. And my stash grew.

Then one day, a new fat-quarter collection called a tower came onto the market—a whole-line-of-fabrics-cut-into-fat-quarters bundle of awesomeness. And my stash grew. The collecting became an obsession. Because it was so much fun, this obsession, I continued on with gusto! My stash grew more, and I began decorating with my fat-quarter bundles. The shelves in my studio were bursting at the seams with all the colorful wonders. I would look at them for hours on end, just dreaming of the scrappy quilts I could make.

Yet I didn’t make quilts with them. The fat quarters were so beautiful, all coordinated and tied up with pretty ribbon, that I just couldn’t bear to break into them and cut them up.

Cutoffs quilt from Fat-Quarter QuickiesMy fat quarters stayed put, beautiful and on display. The obsession continued, my stash grew, and a little nagging seed of guilt began to seep inside my fixation. Maybe this wasn’t just collecting. Maybe this obsession was a bad thing—not using what you have, just hoarding the loveliness. I pushed aside the guilt and tried to bury it deep. And yet, it surfaced again and again, every time I bought a bundle of beauty. I fought the nagging thought that I might be a prime target for the next episode of “Fat-Quarter Hoarders.”

Then one momentous day, a light bulb came on in my head: that spark of recognition, the moment of truth, that awe-inspiring flash of genius that makes you stand up and shout, “That’s it!” I had the answer to my obsession. No more guilt, no more nagging thoughts, no more watching through the window to see if the camera crews were arriving at my home to begin filming.

Cutting plans for Supponsibilities

I had a plan, a foolproof, honest-to-Gussie, can’t-fail-me-now plan. I gave the plan a trial run, and it worked. I ran it again, and it worked again. From my plan and my bundles of beauty emerged perfectly cut shapes, which turned into fabulous, gorgeous, scrappy quilts—quilts that I could love, use, share with others, and put into a book for everyone to make! I took my plan to the “experts.” They loved my plan and brought it to life in the form of the Fat Quarter Cutter ruler so that I could bring it to you. Now you, too, can take your fat quarters and make perfectly accurate precut shapes, turning them into fabulous quilts for you and yours.

How, you ask? Well, dear friends, I’ll tell you. It all starts with “A Girl, a Plan, and a Ruler.”

Fat-Quarter QuickiesWant to know what Kathy has to say next? Her story continues in Fat-Quarter Quickies! Thanks for letting us be a part of your blog tour, Kathy—and for your endless enthusiasm for super-quick and easy quilts.

How do you typically cut up your fat quarters? Share your ideas in the comments and you could win a copy of the Fat-Quarter Quickies eBook! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

Purchase the print-book version of Fat-Quarter Quickies now and you can download the eBook version instantly for free. At the affordable price of just $16.99, you get 11 patterns (that’s only $1.54 each). What a great deal for you—and for your fat-quarter collection!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Janet, who writes:

“Seems I’m collecting at this point, but Kathy has some great ideas in her book. Love “Sail Away” and I just might delve into a few FQs. Thanks for sponsoring this great giveaway.”

Janet, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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