Christmas sewing projects for YOUR style (+ flash sale!)

This week, we’re making a list of all the Christmas sewing projects we want to tackle before the snow flies and all the great Christmas gifts (handmade, of course) that we want to give.

For some much-needed inspiration, we’re poring over Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch: Warm and Cozy, Merry and Bright by Heather Willms and her daughter, Elissa Willms. Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch is really two books in one, with each project shown two ways. Double the inspiration, double the fun!


Heather’s holiday style can best be described as “Warm and Cozy,” with earthy shades and primitive highlights. Elissa’s style, on the other hand, is “Merry and Bright,” with bold colors and contemporary accents.

Right now, you can download the eBook for just $6.


Not sure whether you’re a “Warm and Cozy” stitcher or a “Merry and Bright” decorating diva? Take a look at just a few of the fun projects from Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch and see which style strikes your fancy.


Warm and cozy Christmas stockings
Warm and Cozy: “Primitive Stockings”
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Merry and bright Christmas stockings
Merry and Bright: “Bright Stockings”

Christmas tree quilt

Warm and cozy Christmas quilt
Warm and Cozy: “Woodland Winter Lap Quilt”
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Merry and bright Christmas quilt
Merry and Bright: “Winter Whimsy Lap Quilt”

Tree skirt

Warm and cozy tree skirt
Warm and Cozy: “Folksy Tree Skirt”
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Merry and bright tree skirt
Merry and Bright: “Snowman Tree Skirt”

Advent calendar

Warm and cozy Advent calendar
Warm and Cozy: “Country Advent Calendar”
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Merry and bright advent calendar
Merry and Bright: “Jolly Advent Calendar”
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Which is your holiday style: “Warm and Cozy” or “Merry and Bright?” Tell us in the comments!


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