“BBQ” quilt-along – final round (+ giveaway!)

BBQ Round Robin--round 4

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!Today we reveal the final rounds of our BBQ round robin project! If you haven’t been following along as we’ve added our round robin quilt borders using the book Blocks, Borders, Quilts! (“BBQ” for short), you can catch up by checking out these previous posts:

We had an in-between round that was the easiest and fastest—a simple 1″ border. This was our opportunity to play with color with less design effort. Most of us used a simple one-fabric border, which succeeded in bringing out color from the center of the quilts. Others used the opportunity to do something a little different. Watch for the 1″ border in the final unveil below to see how it helped define each quilt.

Our last round was the most exciting because we finally had the opportunity to see our finished 40″ quilt tops. We had fun at the final reveal!

BBQ group 2 BBQ group 3
BBQ group

Without further ado, here are the quilts, along with comments from the owner of each one.

The Robinettes: Tracy, Cornelia, Claudia, and Abbi each sewed a round on these quilts:

Tracy's final BBQ quilt
Quilt name: “Anticipation”

“I had a hard time naming my quilt. I was stuck on some kind of bloom or flower, but then I got to thinking about the experience of the project and the main thing was the anticipation. It was so much fun to watch each month as I saw the quilt coming together. And as soon as I saw it and enjoyed what had been done, I would immediately start to wonder what would happen next! And I couldn’t wait for the next meeting to see not only my quilt but all the others. It was so fun to see what border was put on and how it changed the look of the quilt. And each time it seemed that the person had picked the perfect next step—they all look amazing. I’m thrilled with mine!”

Cornelia's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Mango Margarita”

“I have a lot going on in my life right now, and I was afraid that it would be a problem for me to get my rounds done on time. But I just can’t miss a party! I decided to ‘just do it’ and I’m so glad I did. Having the measurements done in advance was a huge help. Even though I modified some of my rounds, it was helpful to have a starting place.

The most valuable thing I learned from this experience: It’s okay to have large areas of background fabric, and less really can be more. I was always afraid that my round would be boring, so I think that some of the rounds I made were busier than they needed to be.

Thanks so much to the Robinettes for creating such a fabulous quilt for me! I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.”

Claudia's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Happy Fish”

“One of the things I really like about round  or row robins is the design challenge. It causes me to stretch a bit, and I work on ‘letting go.’ I remember in my college graphic-design classes being concerned about someone else coming up with the same design solution. It never happened.

There are endless possibilities, and that is part of the challenge. Usually I brainstorm, doodle, replicate what I am exploring on my design wall, photograph it, let it gel overnight, and eliminate designs for one reason or another. Sometimes I go back full circle and pick up a design I had discarded earlier. It’s such a good exercise; I highly recommend it.

For my ‘Happy Fish’ block, I had only about ½ yard of the focus batik fabric, and I requested it be used as much as possible. Tiny scraps are all that is left. Each round built on the previous additions, and it is a colorful tribute to the group effort. I’m very pleased with it and intend to hang it in my home.”

Abbi's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Jungle Babies”

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how my quilt turned out. I had no preconceived notions of how it should look at the end, so each new addition was a pleasant surprise. I’ve now taken the quilt to a friend who does long-arm machine quilting. We chose a digitized design of tropical leaves done in a gold-green thread. We considered using a really cute whimsical animal design, but I decided that I wanted the quilting to complement the busy jungle fabric, not compete with it.

This has been another successful group quilting experience for me. In fact, I would rate it as one of the most successful I’ve participated in. I attribute this to having the BBQ book’s coordinated templates available and the great care each participant took in choosing the pattern and stitching for her round. I think all the projects look great, and I found the beautiful additions to the quilts at each reveal really exciting. I’m looking forward to making more projects using this amazing book and will call upon my quilting friends to join me so we can do the new projects as round robins too.”

BBQ Chippies: Linda, Leanne, Karen B., and Cathy each contributed a round to these quilts:

Linda's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “All around the Christmas Tree”

“I loved the round robin. It was my first experience doing one. At first I was a little afraid of not knowing what to do on someone else’s quilt and then messing it up. But once the quilts came to me and I looked at the possibilities in the book, I knew just what I wanted to do. I learned how to make new borders, and I loved the way they all turned out. In fact, I’ve made three others of my own:

Linda's BBQ baby quilt
"This one was a baby quilt that turned out so adorable and just the right size."

Leanne's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Fiesta for a Fish”

“My BBQ started with an off-centered, wonky block that I had made some years before and then stashed. When I delayed making a center block for this exchange, I went back to my stash and dug this out. That is what stashes are all about, right?

I went again to my stash and dug out a pile of bright and fun fabrics to send on with the block. Then I specified that I wanted my quilt to be fun and easy and happy! Charming and whimsical! I think my fellow group members came through very well—don’t you?”

Karen B's final BBQ quilt
Karen B.

Quilt name: “My Egg Plant Quilt”

“My BBQ started off with the Egg Plant block from 200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine. I had owl fabrics, and I fussy cut the owls to fit in the eggs of the plant. The plant is in a basket, which is all appliquéd on my 12½" block. I included all the fabrics for the other people in my group to use for the additional rows. I think the biggest challenge for any round robin is just letting go. I let my little 12½" block go, and it came back a beautiful quilt that will hang in my office. The rows on my finished quilt included regular piecing (the Friendship stars with fussy-cut owl centers) and paper piecing (rows 2 and 5). I love them all.”

Cathy's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Pretty ’n Pink”

“I love gray! I know that sounds gloomy, but I am not talking ‘dreary Seattle’ gray. I love light shimmery gray, blue gray, deep dark slate gray. So I paired light shimmery gray with bright-pink and green prints. Every time a row was revealed, the quilt made me happier and happier.

The BBQ round robin gave me a wonderful quilt as well as the fun of using lots of different fabrics and techniques while working on friends’ quilts.”

The BBQ Babes: Virginia, Mary B., Karen S., Chris, and Karen J. (me!) each worked on these quilts:

Virginia's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Think Pink”

“I named my quilt ‘Think Pink’ because my vision was to create a quilt for a baby girl.

I thought the quilt turned out beautifully and I am excited to do some fun hand quilting on it. I found working with the BBQ quilt book very easy. There were plenty of ideas to choose from, and I never had any problem getting my borders to fit on any of the quilts I worked on. Having everyone include fabric and some sort of vision was helpful. I will most definitely be doing more quilts from this book and would love to see a second book with even more patterns to choose from.”

Mary's final BBQ quilt
Mary B.

Quilt name: “Folklorico Fun”

“I really enjoyed our round robin! It’s always so challenging to work on someone else’s quilt using their fabrics, but the BBQ book made it easier by giving so many different patterns. Sometimes it was a difficult choice between one or two options; other times the quilt just decided for me. I’d done paper-foundation piecing a long time ago, and so needed a refresher. This was the first time I’d made foundations using Papers for Foundation Piecing, and it was so much easier to tear off, which was my least favorite part back in the old days. The best part of doing a round robin is seeing your quilt grow each month, and how creative everyone is. I love how mine turned out!”

Karen S's final BBQ quilt
Karen S.

Quilt name: “Sapphire Marquise”

“I started this project simply as a way to help show quilters just how versatile Blocks, Borders, Quilts! can be. It was both fun and challenging each month to work on someone else’s quilt and make decisions about it. And it was exciting to see how my quilt turned out, because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have looked exactly like this if I had done it all on my own!

Blue-and-white is a classic color scheme, and I love marquise-shaped stones, thus the name for this project. It’s great how everyone added some pointy-points along the way, making this a cohesive design even though five different hands worked on it individually.”

Chris's final BBQ quilt
Quilt name:  Friendship Garden Memories

“When I began this round robin project, I thought I would end up with a nice wall hanging that featured the gorgeous floral fabric I used as the focus of my 12″ block. But when Karen J. so cleverly fussy cut the friendship quotes from a companion fabric that I had included within her first border addition, I knew the quilt was going to mean something completely different to me.

As each round was added, I could see that each of my group members took great pains in what they chose to add to enhance the design. Their pride and craftsmanship in what they chose to execute made each new round reveal a thrill to see. So, not only is my final project a beautiful work of art, it will always evoke fun times with the friends who so carefully crafted ‘Friendship Garden Memories’ for me. For my part, I tried to do the same on each round I contributed to each of their projects. I hope they too will have fond memories of our creative journey inspired by Blocks, Borders, Quilts!

Karen J's final BBQ quilt
Karen J. (mine!)

Quilt name: “Orbiting the BBQ”

“I had only one goal in mind when we started this project—to have a new quilt to hang in my office. Woohoo! Goal met! I was giggly with excitement as each round was unveiled, and I was never disappointed. With the help of Blocks, Borders, Quilts!, my friends did an incredible job enhancing my original center block. I think this quilt is stunning! I’m especially taken with the simplest round, the 1″ border, where Karen S. added a very thin bright pink SILK flange to a plain black round. You can’t see it well in the photo, but it adds texture, sheen, and depth to the quilt. I’ll be adding a few more circles to the outer borders to complete the ‘orbiting’ theme.”

Finally, Jenny, who works remotely from a different state, participated in her own quilt-along. Here’s her finished quilt:

Jenny's final BBQ quilt

Quilt name: “Picnic, Anyone?”

“I’ve been wanting to try a quilt using repurposed denim—simply because I have a massive stash—but I needed simply stitched blocks so sewing didn’t get too tricky and seams didn’t get too bulky. Sunny’s book has so many design options, I had no trouble finding borders that fit my personal challenge. I love the boxy look of all the squares and rectangles in the quilt. I plan to enlarge it with at least two more borders so my family can use it as a cool, long-lasting picnic/park/river quilt. No matter where we go, we’ve got a quilt in tow!”

I’m simply wowed by the results of this fun project. Every quilt turned out completely different, reflecting the personality of its owner, while giving friends a chance to get creative. Sunny’s workbook made it all very easy, providing a ton of inspiration and all the math.

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!Giveaway time—and this month, anyone who’s been following our progress has one last chance to win! Tell us in the comments if you’ve participated in a round- or row-robin group before, and let us know how it went. We’ll do a random drawing from all the comments one week from today, and the winner will receive the Blocks, Borders, Quilts! eBook.

Are you working on your own BBQ quilt? We’d love to see your finished quilts so we can post them on our BBQ board on Pinterest. Whether you’ve already joined us or are just starting out, you can upload photos of your finished quilt using this handy form.

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Kathy, who writes:

“Do you remember ‘Prodigy’? It was the way before AOL. We had a quilt group that often held swaps. My first was a round robin. I chose an appliqué of Santa to send off around the USA. He came back with wonderful borders and charms. The second was a 4″ block swap using paper piecing. I foolishly had the names on the back of the blocks and they were hidden when the quilt was put together. I learned a little lesson there!”

Kathy, we’ll email you about your free eBook. Congratulations!


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