“BBQ” quilt-along – round three (+ giveaway!)

BBQ Quit-Along, Round Three

Blocks, Borders, Quilts!It’s month three and time to check in on our BBQ Round Robin progress. Can you believe it’s already been a month since our last round? Personally, I think this third round was the most fun to plan. This round features 6″-wide borders, the widest of the borders, and dramatically impacts what’s come before.

We’re working from the book Blocks, Borders, Quilts! by Sunny Steinkuhler. For this round, Sunny provides 36 block ideas plus 19 different border layout suggestions. The possible combinations to design a quilt are endless! To see my previous posts on this fun project, and to learn about our round robin quilt rules, click here to read about round one and round two.

Nearly all of us used Sunny’s block and border suggestions—fewer renegades this time. Well, except for me and Mary B. Oh, and Cornelia too. Read on for details.

Virginia's BBQ quilt
Virginia’s quilt:
Karen S. used the “Tyler Rose” block in the “My Corner of the Garden” border setting. Virginia intends this to be a baby quilt and told us lots of hand-quilting space would be good. This is going to be so darn cute!

Chris's BBQ quilt
Chris’ quilt:
Virginia used the “Rolling Stone” block and the “Full Side Placement” layout, giving the appearance of all blocks being on point—love it!

Tracy's BBQ quilt
Tracy’s quilt:
Claudia used the striking “Birds in the Spring” border, with half-square triangle blocks in the corners.

Karen J's BBQ quilt
MY quilt:
Ohhhhh, don’t you just love it? Inspired by a previous round, Mary B. used the 4″ “Robin’s Nest” blocks in the “North South East West” border setting, and added a solid border to bring the round to 6″. Clever AND beautiful.

Karen S's BBQ quilt
Karen S’s quilt:
Because Karen started with super pointy points, I wanted to keep that look going. I found a “Stars upon Stars” block from 200 Blocks from Quiltmaker Magazine. It’s a 12″ block comprised of four smaller paper-pieced sections. I split the block in half for each side and left the corners plain.

Cathy's BBQ quilt
Cathy’s quilt:
Another very sweet quilt in the making! Leanne used the “Tyler Rose” block, the “On Point” block, and the “Full Corner Placement” border setting. The light-gray background gives this quilt a modern flair.

Mary's BBQ quilt
Mary B’s quilt:
Chris used the “Split Rail” block in the “Full Side Placement” border setting. She was careful about her color placement so it finished with black in the corners, continuing the interesting lines running through this pretty quilt.

Karen B's BBQ quilt
Karen B’s quilt:
Since a Round Robin is really a product of friends, it’s quite appropriate that Linda used the “Friendship Star” block on Karen’s quilt. She alternated the colors in the “Checkerboard Placement” border setting, and she fussy cut all those adorable owls!

Linda's BBQ quilt
Linda’s quilt:
Look! Karen B. used the “Friendship Star” block in Linda’s quilt, just like Linda used it in Karen’s quilt. Great minds think alike! However, they ended up looking quite different, didn’t they? Karen used clever color placement to make each block look different, alternating with solid blocks to keep that holiday look going.

Abbi's BBQ quilt
Abbi’s quilt:
Abbi’s menagerie is growing! Cornelia used the “Cabin Window” block and a modified version of the “Checkerboard” block. She fussy cut the adorable animal print, alternating with solid blocks to keep the round from getting too busy.

Cornelia's BBQ quilt
Cornelia’s quilt:
Abbi also got creative! She used the “Log Cabin Four Patch” block in the corners, and then modified the “Birds in the Spring” border to create a very striking round. The colors of Cornelia’s quilt make me want a margarita. So festive and bright!

Leanne's BBQ quilt
Leanne’s quilt:
Cathy used the “On Point” block in the “Harlequin” border setting. I like how the black controls the wonky center, but the corner stripes keep it colorful.

Claudia's BBQ quilt
Claudia’s quilt:
Tracy cleverly used the “Wild Geese Flying” setting on just two sides and kept the bottom and top sides solid to allow the beautiful fish batik fabric from the center to tie together and shine.

Jenny's BBQ quilt
Jenny has been participating remotely from Utah. She used the “Pinstripe” border setting, modifying the corner blocks to fit her design. Jenny’s making her quilt entirely out of repurposed denim. She says it’s getting heavy!

Our quilts now measure 30 ½" square and we have two more rounds to go. We’re having so much fun with this project! Have you joined us yet? It’s not too late. If you’d like to create your own “BBQ” quilt, simply purchase your copy of Blocks, Borders, Quilts! and begin sewing, like Jenny. You’ll get the eBook for free with your purchase, so you can start right away. (See the bottom of the first “BBQ” post for ideas on starting your own Round Robin.)

Pages from Blocks, Borders, Quilts
Pages from Blocks, Borders, Quilts!

We love seeing your quilts progress—thanks to those of you who’ve sent in your photos so far. Whether you’ve already joined us or are just starting out, you can upload photos of your quilt’s progress using this handy form. Keep sending us photos as your quilt progresses. Once a month, we’ll draw a random winner from each of the photos entered. The prize? A $50 eGift certificate to use at ShopMartingale.com!

Remember, you can start up your BBQ quilt at any time, and submit a photo of your progress each month for a chance to win.

This month’s winner is Tammy. Here is her quilt in progress:

Tammy's BBQ block--round two winner

Tammy says of her quilt, “My mom and I are doing this together and swapping back and forth. I’m planning to donate my finished quilt to my kids’ Children of the American Revolution group for a silent auction.”

Congratulations Tammy, and thanks for quilting with us! You’ll receive information about your gift certificate by email.

We’ll choose our next random winner on Tuesday, October 23, so be sure to send us a photo of your quilt’s progress before then.

Follow our “BBQ” Round Robin board on Pinterest to see the latest updates from all the participants.

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