Churn Dash: a fresh face, a mod makeover, and a GIANT twist (+15 giveaways!)

Along with the celebrated Nine Patch and Log Cabin, Churn Dash is a beloved quilt block that tops many quilters’ lists as an all-time favorite. What’s the allure? Perhaps you love its versatility, its simplicity, or its history. We can honestly say that we’ve never seen a Churn Dash quilt we didn’t like!

Whether you show off Churn Dash in a pretty repeat-block quilt:

Summer Dash by April Rosenthal

Like the idea of mixing things up with different sizes and colors:

Churn Dash Daze by Amy Ellis

Or think you might fall for a solo GIANT Churn Dash:

In Reverse and Solid Churn Dash by Kate Henderson

This famous quilt block is one that gets lots of love. ❤💗❤

In the new book I Love Churn Dashes—the third book in Martingale’s Block-Buster Quilts series—there’s lots more love to go around!

Now, we all know that quilters love to party—if it’s a block party, that is. 😉 We shot a little video to show you how easy a basic Churn Dash block comes together:

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Party on!

When 15 popular designers tweak, turn, and try new ways of playing with Churn Dash, you see why the block has enjoyed such a long and happy life (and lots of parties).

Churn Dash Slide by Christa Watson

Butterscotch and Blue by Jo Morton

Sweet Cream by Kimberly Jolly

Churn-Dash-by-Christa-WatsonDid you know? The Churn Dash block’s name is a clue to its long history. The term comes from the design’s resemblance to the staff or pole (referred to as the dash) that’s used in a traditional wooden butter churn. While Churn Dash is the most common name for this block, you might also hear it called a Monkey Wrench, Double Wrench, Hole in the Barn Door, or Lincoln’s Platform, among others. As is the case with many traditional blocks, different names for the same basic design tend to pop up over time, depending on the era or region.

Block-Buster Quilts: I Love Churn DashesHave you made Churn Dash blocks before? Tell us in the comments and you could win one of 15 copies of I Love Churn Dashes (one for each designer!) in instantly downloadable eBook form! We’ll choose random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck—and happy (block) partying!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winners are:

Vicki, who says, “Yes I am currently working on a Pinwheel in a Churn Dash quilt. A very interesting looking book which I would love to have in my library!”

Gloria, who says, “Churn dash blocks were one of the first blocks I learned to make as a quilter and I still love them to this day!”

Tiffanee, who says, “NO I HAVE NOT made a CHRN DASH block before but you’re post sure has me EXCITED 😊 to expand my abilities… Never knew such a simple piecing technique could look sooooooooooo FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.”

Jamie, who says, “I made a churn dash block as part of a beginner quilting class, and it was a challenge. I love the block though! I want to make a churn dash quilt, and these are some great quilts in the book.”

Billie, who says, “Churn Dash is my "go-to" block.  I have used it in Christmas quilts, Halloween blocks and for birthday blocks.  It always is a success.”

Lori, who says, “I have made a churn dash quilt as a block exchange with several quilt friends.  The blocks were tiny and scrappy in pinks and browns with shirtings.  One of my favorite quilts.  Thanks for the drawing!”

Madeline, who says, “I have made a churn dash block in a sampler quilt, but that is all.”

June, who says, “I have made Churn Dash Blocks & love them in all settings!”

Katherine, who says, “I made a large quilt for our bed using a kit that my husband gave me for Christmas several years ago.  The churn dash blocks were homespun plaids.  Hope to make another churn dash soon.”

Karen, who says, “I have done 2 churn dash quilts. I really like all the variations you have shown from the book. There are a few I would love to try.”

Nancy, who says, “I’ve never made a churn dash quilt but hope to in the coming few years. I would enjoy this book."

Shirley, who says, “This is one block I would love to make. Haven’t yet, believe it or not it’s on my bucket list of quilts to make. Scrappy would be the way I would do it.”

Kathy, who says, “I have made churn dashes as part of sampler quilts, but never as the whole quilt…and these are making me itch to stitch!  I would love to win a copy of the book!”

Jill, who says, “I have made Churn Dash blocks and love then.  It was one of my first quilts to make.  They look great scrappy or matchy with any setting.”

Terry, who says, “Churn Dash was one of the first blocks I made when I first started quilting.  It’s still one of my favorite blocks.”

We’ll email you about your prize, winners—congratulations!






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