Bed quilts for busy quilters (+ sale)

We make lap quilts. We make wall quilts. We make table runners, baby quilts, and other little layers of happiness to drape, display, and enjoy.

So what’s the big deal about a bed quilt?

Vintage Memories quilt
“Vintage Memories” from
Bed and Breakfast Quilts

Exactly, right? They’re BIG!

Sure, the sheer big-ness of a bed quilt can be daunting. It’s kind of like making Thanksgiving dinner for a full house. How do you handle the enormity of that feast?

You start with ideas.
You turn ideas into a plan.
You do prep work to stay organized.
You work assembly-line style to be efficient.
You work the plan.

The same steps apply to making a bed quilt. Luckily, it won’t have to be served up to a hungry crowd in November!

Today we’re featuring beautiful bed quilts designed for both beauty and ease. Repeat blocks, simplified fabric choices, and streamlined cutting and sewing will help make your first bed quilt—or your 15th—a fun, successful experience.

But first things first: what’s the one thing you need to do before starting a bed quilt? Measure. Here’s a quick way to measure a bed to make sure your quilt fits perfectly.

Quick tip: measuring bed quilts
If you’ve been dreaming of making a bed quilt for yourself or someone special, now’s the time to get started. Find inspiration in the photos below, gather your supplies, and work that plan!


Quilts from Big 'n Easy
Go with Big ’n Easy quilts if you want to:

Get instruction from a master of quick rotary-cut blocks
Make just a few fabric choices per quilt
Use repeat blocks in classic quilts
Choose from 14 triangle-free projects
Bonus: includes patterns for making plain and cuffed pillowcases and pillow shams

See all 20 quilts from Big ’n Easy: Supersized Quilts for Queen Beds >


Quilts from Paper-Pieced Bed Quilts
Go with Paper-Pieced Bed Quilts if you want to:

Polish your paper-piecing skills
Achieve near-perfect accuracy in every block
Try a fun flower or bird theme
Simplify shapes that can be a challenge with traditional piecing

See more projects from Paper-Pieced Bed Quilts >

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Papers for Foundation Piecing

PLAN #3: BIG BLOCKS + APPLIQUÉ (just a touch!)

Quilts from Bed and Breakfast Quilts
Go with Bed and Breakfast Quilts if you want to:

Make big blocks (which means fewer blocks)
Incorporate a bit of appliqué into pieced designs
Sew blocks that are assembly-line friendly
Try 12 bed-and-breakfast-worthy recipes (yum!)
BONUS: includes instructions for making queen-size pillow shams, pillow cases, throw pillows, and bed skirts

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Quilts from Scrap Frenzy
Go with Scrap Frenzy if you want to:

Revisit old fabric friends—and discover new ones
Learn to cut and store your scraps for instant use in any quilt
Discover scrap-friendly piecing techniques
BONUS: get Sally’s expert guidance for varying value, variety, and pattern to create scrap quilts that sparkle

See all 13 quilts from Scrap Frenzy >

Scrap Quilts Fit for a QueenMORE BED-QUILT BOOKS!

Want more scrap-friendly bed-quilt patterns? Create 10 gorgeous traditional quilts with scrap master Sally Schneider. Each pattern in Scrap Quilts Fit for a Queen comes with instructions for making it in multiple sizes, from lap to king. Let your scraps shine with Sally’s three strategies for making scrappy blocks, including her liberating “brown-bag” method.

Make Your BedOr…run with a bed runner instead!

No time for a bed quilt now, but still want a quick and beautiful way to decorate a bedroom? Choose from nine quick, reversible bed runners in Make Your Bed, along with patterns for coordinating pillows, shams, and embellished sheets. Which style suits you best? See the projects.

What’s your advice for getting a bed quilt to the finish line? Share your tips in the comments!

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