Choosing baby quilts? Let mom and dad be your guide

Quilt from Cuddle Me QuickFun facts: according to the National Center for Health Statistics, more babies are born in the month of August than during any other month of the year. (Hmm. Counting backward nine months… that’s December. Who’da guessed?) And if you’ve ever wondered about the most popular baby names of all time, check out the Social Security Administration’s records that date back to 1912:

#1 James and Mary
#2 John and Patricia
#3 Robert and Elizabeth
#4 Michael and Jennifer
#5 William and Linda

We all know someone named, well, all of the above, don’t we? (A note about #4: I’m a Jenny, not a Jennifer, but I once worked at a college bookstore that employed no less than seven Jennifers. I asked everyone to please call me Maria.)

Anyhoo, back to babies. Does it really matter when they arrive or what they’re named? If you know one’s on the way, you simply want to meet them. As soon as possible, please. And once you do, it’s a wonderful feeling to welcome them with a handmade, heartfelt quilt.

With all the adorable baby-quilt designs out there, how do you choose the perfect quilt for someone you’ve never met? Why, study the personalities of their parents, of course! We’ve gathered up some of our best patterns for baby quilts to help you choose a design that’ll fit right into the family.

For early-bird parents whooo’ll soon be pulling the night shift: “Whoo’s Your Baby” from Jelly Babies.

For pacifist parents: “Binky Squares.”

For the parents of the girl who’s dancing in utero: “Baby Bows and Twinkle Toes.”

For parents brushing up on their nursery rhymes: “Over the Moon” from Baby Wraps.

For parents who might be feeling jumpy (at first): “Flying Frogs.”

For parents who go wherever the wind takes them, baby in tow: “Spinners” from Jelly Babies.

For parents stocking up on SPF 70 sunscreen: “Beach Balls.”

For parents who live a most-colorful life: “Over the Rainbow.”

For parents mesmerized by ten little toes: “Ten Little Piggies.”

For parents who invited you to the baby shower at the very last minute: “Basket Weave” from Even More Quilts for Baby.

For parents who salute the red, white, and blue: “Foursquare.”

For parents who’ll color their child’s thumb green: “Wiggle Flowers” from Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts.

For parents who are having a baby in August: “Baby’s First Christmas Quilt.”

For parents who wished upon a star: “Cobblestones” from Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts.

See more baby-quilt patterns.

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