5 fun ideas for celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day (tomorrow!)

Worldwide Quilting Day is tomorrow!

Just think of all the quilters . . . all the fabric . . .  all the happily humming sewing machines! Tomorrow that humming will be heard ’round the world—we all need to make some noise, right?

We’ve been celebrating Worldwide Quilting Day on our blog for five years running, and we’ve shared some fun posts full of ideas for commemorating the day. This year, we’re rounding up those ideas for you. Choose one idea or choose them all—but be sure to share your love of quilting with the world tomorrow!

IDEA #1: Teach someone to quilt.

Quilting is fun, and it can be even more fun with a friend. If you don’t have a quilting friend to share the day with, why not create one from scratch—teach a beginner how to quilt! This cute Just Buttons quilt pattern is perfect for beginners (and it’s FREE). You can download basic how-to booklets from our How to Quilt page too.

Just Buttons quilt - free pattern
Just Buttons free quilt pattern by Susan Nelsen

IDEA #2: Give a little TLC to a WIP.

Got a work in progress that you’d love to get to the finish line? Set aside time tomorrow to give that project your full attention. We all know how glorious it feels to finally finish a quilt—you’ve got a great excuse to do just that this weekend!

From the book Quiltmaking Essentials I

IDEA #3: Go shopping!

It’s the perfect day to visit to your local quilt shop! Download our free printable shopping list for quilters to keep track of what you need, want, or can’t resist.

Free printable shopping list for quilters

IDEA #4: Host a patchwork party!

Download this free printable quilt-party invitation to send to your friends and put together a little patchwork party. A few snacks and drinks are all you really need, along with some portable projects to work on. If you want to up your party game, here are three fun quilt-party themes to try.

Quilt party invitations free printable

IDEA #5: Teach yourself a new trick.

Celebrate the day by giving yourself a challenge—try a new technique, sharpen your skills, or get your sewing space organized! Check out these 24 tutorials and these 52 tutorials to get inspired.

76 quilting tutorials

Speaking of learning new techniques—who better to learn with than best-selling author Pat Sloan?

Win all 3 of Pat's books in her "Teach Me" series!

How will you celebrate Worldwide Quilting Day?

a) I’m staying inside to quilt, quilt, quilt!

b) I’m heading out for some fabulous fabric shopping!

c) I’m connecting with quilty friends—we’ll be celebrating together!

Tell us your answer in the comments!

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