4 favorite quilt-color tips from popular authors (+ sale)


Fabric-color-wheelStruggle with quilt-color choices? Lots of quilters do. But there’s no need to shy away from color or copy a designer’s palette hue by hue. With the right know-how to guide you, you’ll become more color confident with each color choice you make!

Get hip to four of our favorite tips from color-savvy eBooks below. Click a book cover to get to know each book better; then choose a how-to guide to color today. They’re all on sale for 40% off—this week only!
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Color for the Terrified Quilter Color for the Terrified Quilter: Plain Talk, Simple Lessons, 11 Projects
Ionne McCauley and Sharon Pederson

Ionne and Sharon will prove to you that color choices don’t have to be intuitive, instinctive, or inborn—there is a step-by-step way to choose color for quilts. With the help of a color wheel, mock-up blocks, and fun exercises, you’ll be ready for any quilt-color challenge.
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From Amazon.com
Five-stars“Offers a step-by-step formula for choosing color for quilts . . . packed with fine project ideas which teach the foundations of color.”

OUR FAVORITE TIP: Make a fabric color wheel that sorts your stash at the same time.


Still terrified of color? You need this guide! See more >
$18.95 $11.37

Patchwork PalettePatchwork Palette: No-Fail Color Plans for
Captivating Quilts

Donna Lynn Thomas

Create dazzling scrap quilts every time when you learn three simple methods for choosing colors: the Rainbow, Color Family, and Mixed methods. Make 13 color-packed quilts with Donna’s eye-opening ideas—you’ll use her advice again and again.
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From Amazon.com
Five-stars“I own every book written by Donna Lynn Thomas. That should say it all. But in this book, she shows you how to choose a color palette, which is hard for some quilters. Even if choosing colors isn’t hard for you, the designs in this book are beautiful.”

OUR FAVORITE TIP: Assign a small set of blocks a fixed color palette. Donna shares a bit more about her methods in the video below:


Feature your unique scraps—and get the color choices right! See more >
$18.99 $11.39

Scrappy DuosScrappy Duos: Color Recipes for Quilt Blocks
Donna Lynn Thomas

Donna’s prequel to Patchwork Palette is based on a simple strategy: assemble only two blocks at a time, choosing a different set of scrap fabrics for each pair. Picking fabrics for two blocks at a time instead of 20, 40, or more? Now that’s “duo”-ble! Includes 20 block patterns and sample quilt plans.
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From Amazon.com
Five-stars“One of the very best books about scrap quilts . . . the author’s approach to fabric selection assures us of quilts in which the colors stand out and the quilt design flows beautifully from block to block.”

OUR FAVORITE TIP: Instead of choosing colors for an entire quilt at the beginning of a project, choose colors as you go, on an as-needed basis. (Immediately takes the pressure off!)

I made this quilt from
Scrappy Duos for my sister. The two-block approach made it easy to use a lot of different fabrics without getting lost.

Try the two-at-at-time approach—it’s sew easy! See more >
$16.99 $10.19

Double Take: Quilts with That Hopscotch Twist
Heather Willms and Elissa Willms

Mom loves muted colors, daughter loves brights. When they get together to write a book about quilts, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds! See how color choices can take a project in dramatically different directions in 16 quilts, totes, place mats, and more. We guarantee you’ll do a “double take!”
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From Amazon.com
Five-stars“Projects truly show how color and design choices impact finished quilts . . . it was amazing to see ‘Pinwheel Pizzazz’ on the front cover and ‘A Taste of Turquoise’ on the back cover and realize that it was the same block.”

OUR FAVORITE TIP: More is more! Heather and Elissa say: “If a color or print doesn’t coordinate with the 3 or 4 fabrics you’re working with, it will be noticed. But if that same fabric is combined with 20 other fabrics, it will blend in.

Bright and muted
Double Take quilts (the two quilts above are scrap, stash, and precut friendly)

Each quilt two ways: see the terrific transformations >
$16.99 $10.19

Which color have you barred from your quilts—or are all the colors of the rainbow welcome? Tell us in the comments!

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