Celebrating National Quilting Day: 9 ways

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Happy National Quilting Day!
We’ve gone quilting! We’re gathering with quilting friends, visiting local quilt shops, and starting, finishing, or simply spending time with our projects. It’s so nice to have an excuse!

And what about you—what are you doing to commemorate National Quilting Day? If you haven’t decided just yet, below are nine ideas for infusing your Saturday with quilting fun. Go big or go small—but go on and celebrate!

Celebrate National Quilting Day1. Start a new project. Got a charm pack that needs unwrapping? How about an overcrowded scrap bin, ready for play? Or perhaps you have new yardage to unfold. Find a pattern to turn that fabric into a beautiful quilt—our ePatterns are only $1 each (yep, one dollar) through this weekend! Browse ePatterns now.

2. Finish an old project. Do your hear that? We do. It’s that quilt again—the one that keeps saying, “Finish me, finish me!” Today’s a perfect day to grant its wish. For help with borders, making a quilt sandwich, binding, and more, download the free eBooklets from our How to Quilt page. Resolve to get it done!

7 Summits Strip-Quilt Challenge3. Join the Jelly Roll race! Many quilt shops are bringing the “7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge” to your hometown. Quilters are meeting at shops across the country to make strip quilts; then they’ll measure those strips to see how high they go! Measurements will be tallied and reported here.

4. Join the “Quilt Nation.” Watch a free episode of Why Quilts Matter, the groundbreaking documentary we told you about in August. The free episode, “Quilt Nation—20,000,000 and Counting!,” shares surprising news about the state of quilting today. Watch the episode free, in its entirety, through March 31st.

Why Quilts Matter, Episode 8: “Quilt Nation—20,000,000 and Counting!”

5. Try a new technique. Been wanting to try paper piecing? Hand appliqué? Wonky blocks? Machine quilting? Search the Stitch This! blog for a technique you’d like to learn more about. Simply type your keywords into the search box at left, or browse our “quilting tutorials” category. Use the day to broaden your repertoire!

Rocky Road Snack Cake recipe6. Plan a quilting party. You may not be attending a quilting party today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan your own quilty get-together soon. Find ideas for three quilter-friendly theme parties—plus free printable invites, cheat sheets, games, and even a dessert recipe (for “Rocky Road Snack Cake,” right)—in this post.

7. Get inspired by lots and lots (and lots) of quilts. We ♥ Pinterest! Visit our Pinterest page and start searching for your next project—or simply browse our boards and dream.

Organize your scraps8. Organize your scraps. Spending a quiet day at home surrounded by color, texture, and pattern? Sounds good to us! Take a walk down fabric-memory lane; then systematize your scraps with these foolproof ideas.

9. Call a quilting friend. What better way to spend National Quilting Day than in the company of other quilters? Make a dinner date and swap stitching stories, visit your local quilt shop together, or simply meet and start sewing. Go on, pick up your phone—you know she (or he) would love an invitation to quilt!

Try one of the ideas above today, or make a list and try them all year through. After all, isn’t every day a special day when you make time to quilt?

How are you celebrating National Quilting Day? Share your story in the comments!

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