1. Serve up pretty patchwork at the kitchen table (+ sale!)


    Table runners remind us of Hershey’s Kisses, Milk Duds, Junior Mints, and Skittles . . . Each piece is its own tiny treasure. And try as you might, you can’t stop at one!
    spacer 10px deep

    Fluttering By from
    Table Toppers

    The seasons and reasons may change, but there’s always a place to show off a little quilt you’ve made. You can play with different shapes and sizes—for instance, set a square topper in a diamond shape, let longer runners drape over table edges, or group a set of three small, square toppers together. And of course, the table isn’t the only place that you can show off smaller quilts. Hang them on walls, drape them over chairs, toss ’em over a cabinet door, line a basket . . . the possibilities are practically endless.

    When you whip up a quilt from one of our sale books this week you’ll save 20%, get FREE shipping in the US and Canada, and be on your way to stitching a stack of happy little quilts to grace your table all year long.

    If you like VARIETY, you’ll love
    Table Toppers: Quilted Projects from Fons and Porter

    Short, long, square, skinny, classic, contemporary—these table-runner treats from Fons and Porter will inspire you every which way. Experiment with a new color palette, learn a helpful technique, show off your quilting . . . with this diverse collection, you’ll have fun trying it all.
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    Projects from
    Table Toppers

    Don’t miss the watermelon runner—perfect for summer >
    $19.99 $15.99 + FREE shipping
    eBook-only $11.99

    If you like a MODERN VIBE, you’ll love
    Set the Table: 11 Designer Patterns for Table Runners

    For a new challenge, a speedy gift, or a stress-free sewing spree, these runners from popular designers make great go-to projects. Turn out one of these pretty quilts in a weekend or less!
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    Quilts from
    Set the Table

    Can you find the runner that’s an ode to the cocktail shaker? >
    $16.99 $13.59 + FREE shipping
    eBook-only $9.59

    If you like SEASONAL SENTIMENTS, you’ll love
    Stitch on the Double: Easy Quilt Projects to Sew on the Go
    by Kathleen Brown

    If you can do a running stitch, you know the basics of the Double Stitch technique. Follow this easy hand-piecing method to get the warm, textured look of hand quilting as you sew. You’ll be amazed at how much sewing you can complete in as little as 10 or 15 minutes!
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    Quilts from
    Stitch on the Double

    See the sweet tulip topper featuring its own buzzing bees >
    $24.99 $19.99 + FREE shipping
    eBook-only $13.59

    If you like . . . PICTURE-PERFECT PATCHWORK, you’ll love
    A Year of Paper Piecing: 12 Sensational Seasonal Designs
    by Beverly Maxvill

    What better way to practice your paper piecing than on a dozen small, quick-to-complete quilts? By the time you finish December’s Cardinal in Wreath quilt, you’ll be a pro—and you’ll have a year’s worth of pictorial quilts to prove it.
    spacer 10px deep

    Quilts from
    A Year of Paper Piecing (Don’t forget the papers!)

    A guide to paper piecing will help you along the way >
    $26.95 $21.56 + FREE shipping
    eBook-only $15.16

    What’s decorating your table right now: a quilt, a candlescape, a bowl of fruit…your sewing machine? Tell us in the comments!

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  2. 🎄Make your next Christmas a Kim Diehl Christmas🎄(+ fabric giveaway!)

    Kim Diehl fans, we’ve been waiting sooooo long for this moment! And today it’s finally here—the moment when we get to raise our glasses of eggnog from ’round a toasty holiday hearth and say:

    Merry Christmas from Kim Diehl!


    Kim’s first-ever book dedicated to the holiday season—destined to be her 10th bestseller—will have you dreaming of December and wishing for snow. Ask us how we know . . . we’ve been dreaming and wishing since we saw Kim’s Christmas projects arrive in the office!

    Seriously, are you itching to stitch these Scrap-Basket Stockings as much as we are?
    spacer 10px deep


    Sew delightful!

    In Simple Christmas Tidings, Kim celebrates the magic of the holidays as only she can. Her rich, scrappy color palette will warm your home and charm your guests. From classic to whimsical, Kim’s got lots of treats for you this Christmas—and they’re not only of the fabric variety. She’ll share her holiday decorating ideas, tried-and-true recipes, and treasured traditions with you too!
    spacer 10px deep

    Hospitality Door Hanger

    Today we’re thrilled to have Kim here as a guest writer to give you a peek inside her latest book. Welcome back, Kim!

    But first…

    FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our friends at Henry Glass have given us this beautiful bundle of 16 fat eighths from Kim’s “Winter Blessings” line to give away to you!


    Learn how you can win this pretty collection plus a copy of Simple Christmas Tidings at the bottom of this post. And be sure to visit the Henry Glass blog today; they’re having a Kim Diehl celebration and giveaway too!

    Kim-DiehlChristmas in May? Absolutely! If you’re a quiltmaker and you’d like to wrap yourself (and your family) in a little handmade goodness when the snow begins to fly, now is the PERFECT time to start planning, dreaming, and stitching for the holidays.

    Simple Christmas Tidings is such a labor of love and so very special to me, because it gave me the opportunity to design and stitch a huge variety of quilts and projects using blocks and motifs loved by generations of quilters. And what an honor to share some of my favorite holiday recipes, decorating tips, and ideas that make my home sparkle during the chilliest of winter days, as well as traditions I’ve enjoyed with my family through the years.
    spacer 10px deep

    Winter Delight Candle Mat

    My very favorite holiday quilts and projects are those that don’t scream “Christmas!,” because I’m able to use and display them for the entire season (or even longer), not just for the holidays. With this in mind, you’ll find tons of classic patchwork and appliqué designs, richly hued colors in both cotton prints and wooly fabrics, and a huge variety of projects from big to small that use lots of easy techniques.
    spacer 10px deep

    Snowman Shenanigans Wall Hanging

    My mother used to tell me that good things come in small packages, and she was so right! It feels incredibly good to start AND finish quick little projects, and Christmas Baubles are just the thing for a dose of instant gratification. Quick-to-stitch wooly snowmen and penny ornaments, a sprinkling of fabric yo-yos, and patchwork stars can be whipped up in a jiffy. Best of all, they can be tied onto doorknobs and handles for a dollop of holiday cheer all through the house, or they can be shared with special people in your life when you tie them onto gift bags and packages. Everyone loves receiving a little homemade cheer!
    spacer 10px deep

    Christmas Baubles

    Thanks so much for letting me share Simple Christmas Tidings with you. I hope you’ll take a few moments to break out your favorite holiday music, sip on a yummy beverage, and curl up in your favorite chair with the book as you dream about Christmas!
    spacer 10px deep

    Twinkle Trees Table Topper

    Simple-Christmas-TidingsThanks for sharing your holiday cheer with us, Kim!

    What is your holiday home in need of: a new table topper for your Christmas feast, new stockings to stuff with treats, new ornaments to decorate the tree? Tell us in the comments and you could win the beautiful bundle of Kim’s “Winter Blessings” fabric from Henry Glass PLUS a copy of Simple Christmas Tidings. We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck—and happy holidays!

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Win 🙂 who says:

    “I have made so many Christmas items for our home – but although I’ve made stockings for children and grandchild, I never made any for husband and me! There is a need to be filled.”

    Win, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!


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  3. De-stash in a flash ⚡ play with your yarn today (+ giveaway!)

    Best-selling author Jen Lucas is back with a new book—and we can’t wait to share her BIG idea with you!
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    Jen’s big idea is inspired by her BIG stash of yarns. Those hanks, balls, and skeins of yarn all have one thing in common: they’re greater in weight than the delicate sock yarns she designed with in her first three books.

    In Cozy Stash-Busting Knits, you’ll find beautiful accessories to knit up quick—and they’re quick in part because they rely on heavier-weight yarns. Think DK, worsted, and Aran-weight yarns, plus bulky and super-bulky weights too. That’s a lot of yarn types covered. So whether your yarn stash is BIG or small, you can bet that Jen will have the perfect project for you in her latest book!
    spacer 10px deep

    Cheyenne knitted shawl

    Jen’s all about texture and touchability, and her work shows it. But if you’re on the beginning arc of the knitting continuum, Jen’s already picked out the perfect projects from Cozy Stash-Busting Knits for you—see below. Welcome, Jen!

    Jen-LucasI’ve written a lot of books about sock yarn. I love the stuff. When it came time to write my next book, however, I was ready for something bigger. I used up a lot of my sock-yarn stash over the last few years while working on Sock-Yarn Shawls, Sock-Yarn Shawls II, and Sock-Yarn Accessories, and what it left was a sizeable stash of thicker yarn. I loved the idea of challenging myself to design patterns in bulkier yarns. That’s how Cozy Stash-Busting Knits was born.

    The book contains a wide variety of patterns. You’ll find shawls (of course), as well as cowls, scarves, hats, and more. With 22 projects in the book, there’s sure to be a few projects heading to your knitting needles. Here are some of my favorites:

    Damsel, the shawl featured on the cover of the book, is at the top of my favorites list. The intriguing stitch pattern combined with the ultra-squishy Tosh DK from Madelinetosh makes for a lovely shawl. It doesn’t hurt that the shawl also features a knitted-on lace border—one of my favorite shawl techniques.
    spacer 10px deep

    The body of Damsel contains an allover stitch pattern. The same stitch is slightly modified and used in the border.

    Merope is a great fingerless-mitts pattern, perfect for experimenting with variegated yarns in your yarn stash. Slipped stitches and small cables create texture and help break up color blocks in the yarn.
    spacer 10px deep

    These fingerless mitts are worked as mirror images of each other, keeping the knitting interesting so you’ll have no problem starting (and finishing) the second one!

    There are lots of hats in the book, but I think my favorite has to be Norfolk. The stitch pattern, which would typically be seen on a fisherman’s sweater, adds interest to an otherwise plain hat. The combination of a simple hat with a textured Guernsey pattern makes for quick and fun knitting!
    spacer 10px deep

    The charming diamond motif on this hat is created by a simple knit-and-purl stitch pattern.

    Hopefully you’ll find a few new favorite patterns in Cozy Stash-Busting Knits too!

    Cozy Stash-Busting KnitsThanks for giving us a peek into your new book, Jen!

    When it comes to yarn are you a) a certified stasher, b) a use-it-as-you-buy-it knitter, or c) a knitting newcomer? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of Cozy Stash-Busting Knits in eBook form! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Want to start making a dent in your yarn stash ASAP? Buy Cozy Stash-Busting Knits at our website—get the print book (with free eBook) or just the eBook—download instantly and start knitting just minutes from now.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Karen, who says:

    “I’m a certified stasher – the yarn has its own closet!”

    Karen, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!


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  4. Moda All-Stars All in a Row: replacement copies available

    Posted by on May 10, 2016, in quilting & sewing, ,



    Martingale let you down, which is the last thing we would ever want to do. We can appreciate how frustrating this situation might be for you. For that, we are very sorry.

    The final file of Moda All-Stars All In a Row that was sent to the printer was a prior uncorrected version. Because of this, mistakes were printed in Moda All-Stars All In a Row. Though the book was carefully edited per our usual style, the edits were not reflected in the file used to print the book. It was Martingale’s error and we take full responsibility. The mistake was due to human error that should never have happened.

    We regret this error and hope you will accept Martingale’s sincerest apologies. FREE REPLACEMENT COPIES ARE NOW AVAILABLE with final corrections reflected. Details on how to get your replacement copy are provided at this link: http://www.shopmartingale.com/moda-all-stars-all-in-a-row-replacement.html

    Questions? Give us a call at 800-426-3126 and we’ll do our best to help. Again, many apologies for the error.

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  5. Baby quilts for summer arrivals (+ sale!)

    Save 40% on select eBooks this week!

    Babies! Oh, how we love them. Those chubby cheeks, their itty-bitty toes, and that special baby smell are just the best thing ever. I sure wish my kids were as ready to have kids as I am to be an Oma. I will just have to be patient for a few more years. In the meantime, I’ll have to be content to snuggle my friends’ grandbabies.

    It seems like late summer is prime time for baby arrivals. It’s so easy to get caught up in summer activities only to find yourself scrambling to get that gift done, so we thought we’d help you out by putting a few of our baby quilt books on sale NOW. Take a look:

    Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones
    Lickety-Split Quilts for Little Ones by Laurie Bevan

    Sewing on a deadline? Large blocks + cute fabrics = Lickety-Split quilts!

    Wish on a Star quilt from
    Lickety-Split Quilt for Little Ones

    Baby Elephant quilt from
    Lickety-Split Quilt for Little Ones

    Baby's First Quilts
    Baby’s First Quilts by Nancy J. Martin

    New to quiltmaking? The patterns in Baby’s First Quilts are not only cute enough to be baby’s first quilts to snuggle, but many of them are simple enough to be Grandma’s and Auntie’s first quilts to stitch, too!

    Nana’s First Quilt and This and That from
    Baby’s First Quilts

    More Quilts for Baby
    More Quilts for Baby by Ursula Reikes

    Need a pattern for a novelty print? More Quilts for Baby is another great book for simple, quick-to-stitch designs. Choose a fabulous focus fabric, pull a few colors out of it, and then sit back and wait for the accolades at the baby shower.

    Lunchtime! and Bundle of Joy from
    More Quilts for Baby

    Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts
    Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts by Mary Hickey

    When it comes to Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts, the title says it all. Adorable quilts feature themes to suit every taste: sailboats, hearts, baskets, airplanes, and more!

    Family Hearts and Sunny Sailors from Sweet and Simple Baby Quilts

    Who are YOU sewing for this summer? Tell us in the comments!


    A quick reminder: our friends at Sew News want to know what makes you tick! Their Sewing in America survey is now live, so head on over and share a little about your sewing life – you’ll get a free digital pattern AND be entered to win a $500 gift certificate when you’re done! Start the survey here.

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  6. 3 quick-to-make quilts for dads and grads

    Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19, and graduation ceremonies will be popping up everywhere soon. When it comes to gifts for dads AND grads, there’s always a wonderful way to say


    What way is that? Why, with a quilt of course!

    Today we’ve rounded up three quilts that will easily pull double duty. From one pattern comes two gifts—one for the dad, one for the grad!

    Pick up the print or eBook versions of the books below now and you’ll have plenty of time to raid your stash (or shop ’til you drop) to create a cool pair of quilts. What could be easier than making two at a time? When you see how simple and fun the quilts are, you’ll understand what we mean.

    Quick dad/grad quilt #1: Strip-pieced simplicity


    This scrappy Moroccan Tile quilt from Amy Smart’s bestseller Fabulously Fast Quilts would pop in any colorway, from minimalist neutrals to showy brights. The blocks are insanely quick to make—strip piecing to the rescue!—and with a Jelly Roll, you can skip a cutting step. There’s just one question you’ll need to answer: what are Dad or grad’s favorite colors?

    Quick dad/grad quilt #2: Fat-quarter fusion for the win


    This goes-with-everything neutral quilt from All About Strips gets its pop from dots, florals, and a toile print. Comb your fabric stash for 18 fat quarters in cream, gray, and black to make the quilt as shown; or showcase Dad or grad’s signature color. Or make one in neutrals and one in colors!

    Quick dad/grad quilt #3: Sew a speedy stashbuster


    It doesn’t get much quicker than this clever construction technique from Sew, Slice, Spin, and Sash, and Jelly Rolls are perfect for this patchwork. Go with a variety of 2½"-wide strips ranging from dark to light for sophistication, or punch up the pattern with colors in a more random placement. It’ll be loads of sewing fun—and you can easily get two quilts done.

    Who will you make a (quick) quilt for this year: a dad or a grad? Tell us in the comments!


    A quick note: our friends at Sew News want to know what makes you tick! Their Sewing in America survey is now live, so head on over and share a little about your sewing life – you’ll get a free digital pattern AND be entered to win a $500 gift certificate when you’re done! Start the survey here.

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  7. Garden stitches, modern classics, baby bliss: new book sneak peek! (+ giveaway)

    SUBSCRIBE-to-Stitch-ThisWelcome to Wish List Day: June 2016 edition! Get your monthly sneak peek at new Martingale books making their way to your local shop. Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always get a first look at new books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and much more.

    Enter to win your favorite June 2016 release at the bottom of this post!


    Stitches from the GardenStitches from the Garden: Hand Embroidery Inspired by Nature
    Kathy Schmitz


    Moda fabric designer Kathy Schmitz calls her much-anticipated book “an embroiderer’s sketchbook of garden stitches.” Sprinkled among Kathy’s spectacularly embroidered nature scenes are her charming, hand-drawn sketches and watercolors—each page is as inspiring as the projects you can create. The New Day pillow on the cover is our most-liked Instagram post to date!
    spacer 10px deep

    ❤ these magnetic needle keepers that hold your needle safe while you gather your floss or clip your threads. So cute and clever! That’s Kathy’s project sketch on the right.

    See more from Stitches from the Garden >

    Modern Heritage QuiltsModern Heritage Quilts: New Classics for Every Generation
    Amy Ellis


    Let popular author Amy Ellis introduce you to her favorite traditional quilt blocks; then watch as she transitions them into made-for-today treasures, ensuring that the next generation will learn to be quilt lovers too! If you know Amy from her previous books, you know that creating tomorrow’s heirloom quilts will be precise, stress free, and fun.
    spacer 10px deep

    The Comfort Quilt is just one of a dozen fresh designs you’ll find in
    Modern Heritage Quilts.

    See more from Modern Heritage Quilts >

    Baby BlissBaby Bliss: Adorable Gifts, Quilts, and Wearables for Wee Ones
    Kim Diehl and Pat Wys


    What happens when two best-selling quilt-book authors—and proud grandmothers—team up for a book about sewing for Baby? Adorableness! The projects that Kim Diehl and Pat Wys dreamed up for Baby Bliss are sweet, simple, and quick to create—choose from clothing, bibs, quilts, and more. Look to this book whenever you hear a baby’s on the way!
    spacer 10px deep

    This Stardust baby quilt is just one of 19 sweet things in
    Baby Bliss to sew for a baby you know.

    See more from Baby Bliss >

    Knit BeaniesKnit Beanies: Easy to Make, Fun to Wear
    Compiled by Karen M. Burns


    Let top knitting designers help you top off any look with a fashion-forward beanie! From basic stitches to colorwork, cables, ribs, and lace, you’ll have a blast knitting up a hat for everyone you know—and busting through your yarn stash to boot. All you need is a skein of yarn, knitting needles, and Knit Beanies to warm the heads (and hearts!) of those you love.
    spacer 10px deep

    Babies, kids, women, and men—everyone you know will find a hat they love in
    Knit Beanies.

    See more from Knit Beanies >

    Which new release would make your summer sensational? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of it in eBook form! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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  8. Why English paper piecing patterns are so hot 🔥 (+ sale)

    Save 20% on select books this week + free shipping

    English paper piecing (aka EPP) has been a hot topic for awhile—and it’s showing no signs of stopping. So what’s the secret of EPP’s slow-sewing staying power? Ask any EPP enthusiast and she or he will likely agree on three things:

    EPP is easy (view this quick tutorial for proof).

    EPP is fun.
    (Check out Martingale staffers, back when we were EPP newbies!)

    EPP results in spectacular quilts.

    Cabin Flowers quilt from
    English Paper Piecing by Vicki Bellino

    From Martingale author Katja Marek’s 9600+ strong quilt-along to Liza Lucy’s Glorious Hexagons group, EPP is here to stay. (See our latest EPP release at the end of this post, coming to a quilt shop near you this July.)

    Whether you’ve done lots of EPP, a little EPP, or no EPP at all, you’ll learn loads of tips and tricks for making beautiful quilts and more from our sale books this week. Choose your favorite method and get stitching—as you’ll see, there are several ways to enjoy the craze!

    English-Paper-Piecing-I-and-IICLASSIC EPP BY HAND
    English Paper Piecing and English Paper Piecing II
    Vicki Bellino

    Transform happy handwork into hexagons, diamonds, Dresdens, scallops, and more—and take them along anywhere you go. All shapes rely on the same basic technique, one that whips up perfect little pieces that you can sew together with ease. Start small or go big; Vicki’s got scads of stunning projects to choose from in her two best-selling books.

    Just Judie quilt from
    English Paper Piecing; you’ll find a smaller version, called Just Judie Goes Miniature, in English Paper Piecing II.

    Quilts from Grandmother's GardenEPP WITH APPLIQUÉ
    Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden by Jaynette Huff

    Bring these fabric floral arrangements—inspired by classic Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilts—to life! Construction goes more quickly than with quilts comprised of only hexagons. In these projects you simply appliqué smaller pieced units to a background fabric. Start with a simple place mat to learn the ropes; then start tending to your fabulous fabric garden.

    Friendship Basket of Buttons and Blooms from
    Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden

    Hexagons Made EasyEPP BY MACHINE
    Hexagons Made Easy by Jen Eskridge

    Love the EPP look, but not hip to handwork? No problem. You can get the same look by machine! You’ll love this speedy alternative to making hexagons, all with no Y-seams or hand sewing. Learn the quick facing technique Jen uses—try a pot holder, a pillow, or a table runner for practice, and then move on to larger projects.

    Lap Coverlet from
    Hexagons Made Easy

    The-New-HexagonWant more EPP?

    The EPP craze continues in The New Hexagon by Katja Marek—and in July 2016, Katja returns with The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar, featuring an astounding 365 more hexagon blocks to inspire your creativity. Follow Katja on Facebook so you don’t miss her current or upcoming quilt-alongs.

    What’s your favorite way to EPP—piecing by hand, appliquéing by hand, or taking it all to the machine? Tell us in the comments!

    Save 20% on select books this week + free shipping

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  9. Your fabulous fabric stash: 2 tips for using it to its full potential

    Fabric-stashSome people just don’t understand.

    Building a fabric stash requires thorough contemplation and careful consideration.

    Shop to shop, show to show, online store to online store, you’ve curated a collection of fabric that’s so very . . . you.

    But are you using your fabric stash to its fullest potential?

    Designer Tonya Alexander understands us stash builders—depending on the day, our stashes can cast either sunshine or shadows on our quilting life! Tonya’s book Stash Lab is an ode to her relationship with her stash, and in her book you’ll discover that she has the same hopes for her stash as you do for yours: to experiment with new ideas, to incorporate a wide variety of fabrics into projects, and to use up beloved fabric and move it out—to make room for more.

    In Stash Lab, Tonya reveals two ways that she quickly (and happily) depletes her stash: scrappy backings and bindings. Heed Tonya’s advice below when choosing stash fabrics for your quilt backs and bindings—after all, she has “lab”-tested results!

    Using your fabric stash: pretty and practical backings and bindings
    Excerpted from Stash Lab by Tonya Alexander

    Tonya AlexanderStash fabrics aren’t just for quilt tops. You can put them to good use in other ways. Take, for instance, pieced backs. Wide backing fabrics are nice, but the back of your quilt is also an ideal place to use up your stash. Fabrics don’t even have to be used in a quilt top. It’s an opportunity to creatively piece odd, random fabrics together for a unique and interesting backing. Here are my suggestions for piecing your quilt backs from stash fabrics.
    spacer 10px deep

    1. Make sure the seams on the back do not land on what will become fold lines of the quilt. I tend to fold things the same way, whether it’s towels, quilts, or bed sheets, so I try not to have backing seams directly on the fold lines. Think about how you fold your quilts, whether they’re on a shelf, in a drawer, or on the back of the couch.

    This pieced backing (right) is on the back of Tonya’s Leaf Pile quilt in
    Stash Lab.

    2. Consider how the project will be quilted. For hand quilting or special quilting motifs that you want to show up well on the back, choose solids or subtle prints with light patterning. Conversely, when practicing free-motion designs, prints with a busy pattern or design will hide a world of imperfect stitches.

    3. Think about thread color. For machine quilting, it’s best to match the bobbin thread to the top thread, so choose fabrics that will blend well with the thread. Matching top and bottom threads will help disguise any tension issues.

    Scrappy bindings. A scrappy binding can add the perfect finishing touch to a scrappy quilt. I prefer binding cut from 2½"-wide strips. This is a standard size (and the width of Jelly Rolls), so I always have plenty to choose from.

    Tonya used a scrappy binding on “Sunny Side Up,” another quilt pattern featured in
    Stash Lab.

    Stash-Lab-cheat-sheetOf course, Tonya doesn’t use her stash fabrics only behind and around her quilt tops: Stash Lab is chock-full of colorful, stash-friendly quilt tops too! Her three stash-sewing formulas (shown at right) will help you choose the perfect stash fabrics for each pattern, including these beauties:

    Kaffe’s Garden at Night

    The Big Spin

    Brown Can Be Bright

    See more scrap-happy quilts from Stash Lab >

    Calling all quilters: try this stash challenge!


    Have you ever wondered what a project would look like made with YOUR style of fabrics, from your very own fabric stash? Here’s your chance to get creative and make a project all your own! Join the #mystashmystyle contest for the chance to stretch your creative wings AND win fun prizes too. Visit the blogs of Tonya Alexander and Jenifer Gaston (author of Primitive Style) for details. Then join in the fun!

    What’s your stash style: casual country colors, fun pictorial fabrics, graphic modern prints? Tell us in the comments!

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  10. Your next quick quilt pattern: simple and sweet sewing treat!

    Sweet and Simple pattern series↑↑↑ That’s the mantra of our Sweet & Simple pattern series. If it’s your quilting mantra too, you’ll love our latest additions! Whether your taste is traditional or more modern, we’ve got you covered. Best of all? Sweet & Simple patterns are only $4.00 each!

    Quick: You’ll get started AND get to the finish line fast, loving every sweet-and-simple minute along the way.

    Easy: No fussy stuff here. Each Sweet & Simple pattern is carefully selected by our editorial staff for ease of construction.

    Fun: Reliable instructions mean you get to relax and enjoy the process. Choose patterns for precuts, scraps, reproduction prints, and more.

    Done: You’ll love having a completed project to show off in less time—give it or keep it for yourself!

    Where can you find Sweet & Simple patterns? They’re available exclusively at independent quilt shops. (An instant excuse to visit your favorite shop. You’re welcome.)
    spacer 10px deep

    NEW! “Playmates” by Mary Hickey, “Rainbow Stash Buster” by Megan Jimenez, and “Hour by Hour” by Country Threads
    spacer 10px deep

    “Dashing” by Amber Johnson, “Rainbow Rail Fence” by Me and My Sister Designs, and “Vintage Stars” by Kim Brackett

    The patterns above are just a few in the Sweet & Simple series—you’ll find many more choices at quilt shops. Visit a shop near you for these and more amazing and affordable patterns!

    What did you score during your last trip to your local quilt shop? Share your answer in the comments!

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