1. Wish List Day! BIG toppers, cottage style, fun and done (+ giveaway!)

    It’s Wish List Day—our favorite day of the month—so get ready to start 2017 with a big BANG of creativity! Check out the new Martingale books coming to a shop near you in January; tell us your favorite book and you could win it!

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    The Big Book of Table ToppersThe Big Book of Table Toppers
    Compiled by Karen M. Burns

    It’s the 13th book in our “Big Book” series—and everyone who owns it is going to feel lucky! Choose from 56 topper projects (only 50 cents per pattern) to create for tables, walls, chairs, gifts . . . they’re so quick and fun and so easy to display. The book is divided into two sections—toppers and runners—and choices for sizes, styles, and techniques are through the roof. And then there’s the name-drop designer power! All of your favorites: Kim Diehl, Country Threads, Jo Morton, Me and My Sister Designs, Amy Ellis, and many more. Even better? Each design is featured in beautiful styled photography, a perk that’ll inspire you to sew, display, and decorate to your heart’s content.

    Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more sneak peeks from the book; we’re counting down the days until the book’s release, starting today!

    Projects from
    The Big Book of Table Toppers

    See more from our latest "Big Book" >

    Cottage-Style CharmCottage-Style Charm: Simply Sweet Designs to Quilt and Embroider
    Natalie Bird

    We went gaga over Natalie Bird’s designs when they arrived in our office. So charming, so whimsical, so sweet! Natalie’s captured the soft, fanciful look that Aussie designers create so effortlessly—and she’s done it all in romantic reds. Simple patchwork and appliqué blend with stitcheries and sayings that will tug at your heartstrings. What better way to kick off 2017 than with a new sewing project to make you smile? Easy embroidery stitches take just a few minutes to learn, and the tiny details that make Natalie’s work so endearing will delight you. They enchanted us!

    Projects from
    Cottage-Style Charm: how cute would that little bird pouch be as an earbud cozy?

    See more tiny treasures from Cottage-Style Charm >

    Simple, Fun and Quickly DoneSimple, Fun & Quickly Done: 18 Easy-to-Sew Table Runners, Bags, Pillows, and More
    Terry Atkinson

    When it comes to sewing, Terry has a philosophy we can all relate to: no one needs a hobby that adds more stress to life! That’s the spirit that guides her simple-to-sew designs, from toppers and pillows to quilts and bags. Both fun and functional, you’ll enjoy every minute of your sewing time with Terry’s expert instruction and can-do attitude. She’ll inspire you to master the zipper, the tote, and other dimensional projects—with her easygoing approach to learning, you can’t go wrong. When you want to have some sewing fun, make a beeline for this book: you’ll find yourself sewing just for the joy of it.

    Projects from
    Simple, Fun & Quickly Done

    Don’t miss the Bacon-and-Eggs Hot Pad (zero calories!) >

    Which new book would make your January joyful? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of your favorite book in eBook form when it’s released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.







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  2. 🚫No Christmas UFOs: the 1 skill you need to machine quilt at home (+ sale!)


    With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to put the (machine) pedal to the metal! For many quilters, that means machine quilting is in your very-near future.

    If you feel like your machine-quilting skills aren’t what they could be, if you’re stuck on what and where to quilt, or if you’re terrified about even trying machine quilting, today’s post is for you.

    Machine Quilting with Style author Christa Watson is a champion of machine quilting your quilts at home, on the machine you have right now. In her book, Christa reveals the single most important tool you need for machine-quilting success:

    Christa Watson“The concern I hear most often in my quilting classes is, ‘I don’t have a fancy machine. How can I quilt my own quilt?’ My answer is that the most important tool you need for successful machine quilting is a can-do attitude. Often it’s my students with the least expensive machines that have the most success. What these students lacked in bells-and-whistles features they made up for in determination and creativity. It’s taken me nearly 20 years to afford the machine of my dreams (a Bernina 710), yet if I’d waited until I had the perfect machine, I would never have gained the experience I needed to write Machine Quilting with Style.”

    Just like most anything in life, right? With a positive attitude from the get-go, much can be accomplished. Moving beyond fear and doubt is key.

    So let’s breathe in, breathe out, and state the mantra of all machine quilters, beginner to pro:

    I can do it!

    For instance, have you ever stitched in the ditch? Then you’ve already got the basic skills to master Christa’s eight walking-foot motifs. Try straight and wavy lines, spirals, and even decorative stitches on your machine. You’ll be surprised at the texture, movement, and beauty you can add to your patchwork with a walking foot. At home!

    Walking-foot designs from
    Machine Quilting with Style

    Ready to take your free-motion foot for a spin? Christa’s 10 free-motion quilting designs start simple—no marking needed. Try easy loops, boxes, and triangles on practice pieces to feel the rhythm of the motifs; then give it a go on that Christmas quilt.

    Free-motion quilting designs from Machine Quilting with Style

    If you choose, you can combine walking-foot and free-motion designs in a single quilt too. Christa’s anchoring technique in the book works wonders.

    With easy-does-it motifs, tips, and advice every step of the way, you can do it—and you can do it all on your home sewing machine.

    Christa’s been celebrating the one-year anniversary of Machine Quilting with Style on her blog by reimagining every quilt featured in the book. The transformations are fascinating.

    Broken V (original at left; alternate colorways at right)

    Color Crystals (original at left; alternate colorways at right)

    Ripples (original at left; alternate colorways and layouts at right)

    You’ll find more of her fun switcheroos on her blog. They’ll inspire you to think of your quilts in new ways too!

    Machine Quilting with StyleSave 20% on Machine Quilting with Style this week only—we’ll even pay your shipping in the US and Canada. And when you buy the book, you’ll get to download the eBook version immediately! Christa’s quickest quilting motifs will help you sail through your holiday gifts, and her skill-building lessons will help you improve through 2017 and beyond.

    What level of machine quilting would you say you’re at: a true beginner, a just-the-basics quilter—or do you love that you’ve made the leap from quilting by check to quilting at home? Tell us in the comments!





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  3. 366 different knit stitches at your fingertips: oh, the possibilities! (+ giveaway)

    What’s the secret to feeling more freedom, building more skills, and having more fun with your knitting?

    Get a really BIG book chock-full of different knit stitches—your creativity will be limitless!


    Whether you’re a knitting pro or a total newbie, The Big Book of Knit Stitches is a companion you can count on. From learning new stitches to giving a pattern your own special swagger—or even designing a pattern from scratch—this 192-page volume is packed with possibilities.

    Table of Contents
    Table of Contents from
    The Big Book of Knit Stitches

    From simple knit-and-purl textures to cables, lace, bobbles, and knots, you’ll never tire of experimenting with hundreds of stitch options you can use to make scarves, hats, sweaters, afghans, and more. In short, it’s an idea goldmine.

    A full-color photo and complete how-to instructions are included for every stitch in the book. Stitches are conveniently organized by type to make it easy to find the kind of stitch you want. Each stitch pattern also includes instructions for a stitch repeat, so it’s simple to customize a stitch to whatever you’re working on.

    From the "Knit & Purl Textures" chapter

    From the "Cables, Crosses & Twists" chapter

    What you won’t find in The Big Book of Knit Stitches is any reference to gauge. And that’s where your knitting freedom can take flight—you can use any kind of yarn and any size needle to create a stitch—just knit up a quick swatch to see how it looks in your favorite yarn/needle combo.

    Know someone who loves knitting? The Big Book of Knit Stitches makes a perfect holiday gift too. Add a skein of yarn and some shiny new needles and you’ve got a gift that says, “I love you—and I love that you knit!”


    The-Big-Book-of-Knit-StitchesWhich stitches in The Big Book of Knit Stitches would you try first?

    a) Knits and purls—I’m new to knitting.
    b) Lace and openwork—for the romantic in me.
    c) Cables and twists—I’m ready to up my game.
    d) Bobbles, knots, slip stitches, and more—let’s see what my needles can really do!

    Share your answer in the comments and you could win a copy of The Big Book of Knit Stitches in instantly downloadable eBook form! We’ll choose one random winner a week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Virginia, who says:

    “Definitely cables and twists.  I like to call myself a knit novice and I am drawn to cables.  They look so beautiful and there are so many different ways to combine them in a pattern.  Thank you so much for the giveaway.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Virginia—congratulations!



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  4. 5″ scraps or 5″ precuts? Take your pick in Sew Charming (+ giveaway!)

    Do you need new inspiration for your charm squares, or new inspiration for your scraps?

    Say hooray—the new book Sew Charming has you covered both ways!


    From Country Threads—the best-selling authors of the “Charm School” and Civil War quilts series—comes a fresh approach to making quilts with 5″ squares. You’ll find the freedom to sew with whatever fabric you have on hand. Every quilt is made two ways—once with a charm pack, once with scraps—and you’ll be surprised at the dramatic differences that result. You’ll discover lots of ideas inside for decorating with small quilts too.

    Left: Square in a Square quilt made with scraps. Right: Rose Pink Squares made with a charm pack.

    We asked you (via Facebook) what you’d like to ask this celebrated quiltmaking team about their history, their designing process, and their new book. Here’s how Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene of Country Threads answered your questions.

    Mary-and-ConnieFrom Cheryl: How did the two of you meet, and how did that meeting lead to your quilt shop, your books, and your following?

    Connie and I were introduced by a mutual friend after we both moved to Garner, Iowa, in 1979. Connie was sewing gift items for a shop, and I was teaching beginning quilting in my home. We soon put our heads together to design quilt patterns. We worked around the dining-room table and used my address, because at that time it was Rural Route 2—a good fit for our name, Country Threads.

    Vintage Hourglass and Four Patch, made with a charm pack

    We started with four patterns and sent handwritten and hand-drawn brochures to any quilt-shop address we could find. A distributor ordered 24 of one of our patterns; then they ordered 12 dozen patterns after showing them at the Shamrock Hilton during Quilt Market 1982. From that moment on, the inquiries poured in. We were in the wholesale pattern business.

    Double Four Patch, made with a charm pack

    Several years later, we started purchasing a few supplies that we needed and decided to open a small shop to sell the excess that we couldn’t use. When we started, we worked in my home upstairs on our acreage west of Garner, Iowa, but we moved to a renovated chicken house when we needed more room. We began to produce dozens of patterns each year and soon decided to try our hand at self-publishing. Our first book was called On Behalf of Chickens—I had chickens on the farm and our customers liked to watch them when they came to the shop.

    Framed Double Four Patch, made with scraps

    After publishing a number of books and expanding our retail and wholesale business, Martingale approached us about writing a book as part of their Quilt Shop Series of books. We were chosen as one of the first three quilt shops to be featured in the series, and with that book came our followers. They found us in the country west of Garner, and they arrived carrying their books to be signed while they were here. It was an exciting time for us—we became well known in the quilt world after that book was published.

    From Janet: How did you come up with the idea for the book Sew Charming? I love the idea of showing one quilt made with a charm pack and one made with scraps.

    We ran a monthly club called Charm School in our shop for over five years. Each month we designed for our members a new quilt with a charm pack. Some of these quilts were simple and some were more challenging, but they all had two things in common: they were small, and they each started with forty-two 5″ squares.

    Bitty Churn Dash, made with scraps (left) and with charm squares (right).

    Each month after designing a charm quilt, my mind would wander to my scraps. I would imagine how that same small quilt would look in a different color palette. Of course there was never time to play around with fabric and make it again, so this book was our chance to do that. Each quilt has been made a second time without the constraints of a charm pack.

    From Carol: How does designing work between the two of you? Does one design and the other sew, or do you switch things around?

    We rarely sew together, but we often see each other in person to go over ideas. We each sew in our own homes, and then we meet to lay out our progress and get constructive criticism from the other. When we start a big project like a book, we throw lots of ideas out for discussion and divide them up, depending on which one of us has a better idea for a particular project. In 2016 it’s easy to send a photo back and forth, but when we started in 1979, that wasn’t the case. This will date us—we started before rotary cutters! After working together all these years, we just know how the other thinks, works, and designs.

    Soaring Triangles made with charm squares (left) and with scraps (right).

    From June: Do you have any tips for using or designing with charm squares?

    Charms are the perfect way to build a fabric collection for scrap quilts. Looking at antique quilts will inspire you to use many different fabrics in your scrap quilts, and what better way to increase your stash than by using charm packs? No need to purchase yardage when you just want to add one small piece. Building a fabric collection can be overwhelming if you’re a beginner, but charm packs and other precuts will really help stretch your budget and your collection.

    From Alicia: What’s next for Country Threads?

    We’re both enjoying retirement from designated working hours and deadlines. We both sew every day and enjoy sewing for fun, as well as for charity. Our blog, Country Threads Chicken Scratch, is where we love keeping in touch with our customers online. Martingale has suggested that we might want to write another book soon, but we’ll definitely have to work harder than we are right now. Retirement is wonderful!

    See more from Sew Charming >

    Sew-CharmingSo, what kind of Country Threads quilter are you?

    a) I’m a scrappy soul. I’m swimming in them!

    b) I’m a precut person—straight to sewing for me.

    c) I can go either way: I just love it all.

    Tell us your answer in the comments and you could win a copy of the Sew Charming eBook! We’ll choose one random winner a week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Ready to start “charming” quilts out of your stash right now? Buy the book and instantly download the eBook—it’s free with your print-book purchase!

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Joanie, who says:

    “I am swimming in scraps. I inherit a lot of scraps and use them for various quilt pattern and donate the. To the VA hospital in Mexico MO or a Women’s crisis center.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Joanie—congratulations!








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  5. 🎅Oh no – you forgot someone on your gift list. We’ve got just the thing🎁

    Don’t panic . . . but we think you may have forgotten someone on your holiday gift list. A generous, kind-hearted, deserving person. Remember now?

    It’s YOU!

    There are no gift police saying you can’t treat yourself to something special while you’re choosing gifts for everyone else on your list. And we’ve got the perfect go-to gift for all the quilters, makers, and creative risk takers you know. And for you too.

    A Common Thread

    A Common Thread is a breathtaking coffee-table-style book celebrating the work of quilt artist Gwen Marston—and we guarantee it will inspire you for as long as you create.

    Pages from A Common Thread

    Little-Baskets-quiltYou might think that Gwen’s been a modern quilter all her life. But what’s so captivating about Gwen’s story is her humble, and very traditional, beginning. She was introduced to quiltmaking by a group of Mennonite women in Oregon, who taught her to hand quilt and answered all her questions. She then studied with Mary Schafer—an unassuming quilt collector, historian, and scholar—who shared with Gwen her antique quilt collection. And that opened up a whole new world of creativity:

    Gwen-Marston“Characteristics I saw in antique quilts were unpredictability, spontaneity, and playfulness, all of which I find particularly appealing. Random color placement, pieced patches, color substitution, asymmetry, blocks turned different ways, no corner resolutions, and less concern about precision all combined to make these quilts unstudied, unpretentious, and more interesting, not to mention less stressful and more fun to make.

    I have seen a wealth of evidence that earlier quiltmakers were figuring things out for themselves. For me, that seemed like a good path to follow and has always been part of the fun of making a new quilt.”

    —Gwen Marston, A Common Thread

    In A Common Thread, you’ll get up close and personal with Gwen’s quilts—from her earliest experiments in traditional patchwork and appliqué to her liberated-patchwork, string-pieced, and abstract quilts. But what will captivate you most is her creative journey. And the journey in A Common Thread is unique: Gwen herself chose the 65 examples from her vast collection to share with you.

    Pages from a Common Thread

    Liberated-Log-Cabin-with-Purple-BorderGwen recently shared with us a little-known story about two of her quilts—one of which is in A Common Thread:

    “I’ve made two quilts from the scraps my students left behind. The quilt in A Common Thread is called Liberated Log Cabin with Purple Border (right). Both quilts were made with students’ scraps from a five-day class, during which I picked up bits of fabric off the floor and casually went through the wastebaskets in the classroom. In five days you can pick up a lot of little pieces.

    I collected the pieces and sewed them together on my own time after the class was over. I wouldn’t want you to think I was sewing while I was teaching. When I’m teaching, I’m only teaching!”

    Here’s what quilters like you are saying about A Common Thread on our website, ShopMartingale.com:

    Five-stars“Not only do you see the history of quilts in this latest book by Gwen Marston, I believe you see the future too. Her humble approach, wicked way with color, reverence for quiltmaking history, and attention to details are all on magnificent display.” –Hillary

    Five-stars“I am enjoying every page of Gwen’s outstanding new book. She has shared her creative and innovative quilts with the world of quilters for years. It’s wonderful that Martingale has recognized her unique contribution to the world of quilting.” –Carol

     Pages from A Common Thread

    Five-stars“I’ve taken classes from Gwen for over 25 years, but was still blown away by this book by page 7. By the time I got to the last page I had dozens of inspirations for my next dozen quilts. Thank you Martingale for this wonderful book, recognizing a wonderful quilter and extraordinary person. Thank you Gwen!” –Cindy

    Five-stars“What a treat to see up-close the work of Gwen Marston, a contemporary quilting legend!” –Patricia

    At 144 pages—encased in a beautiful, hardcover format—A Common Thread is a thoughtful, lavish gift you can bestow on your creative family and friends without breaking the bank. But a gift this rich in inspiration should be shared! So when you purchase two or more copies of A Common Thread, we’ll pick up the shipping costs in the US and Canada.

    One for them, one for you. Sounds like a glorious Christmas morning to look forward to!

    A Common Thread

    Who might you give a copy of A Common Thread to this Christmas: a creative family member, a curious friend, your closest quiltmaking cohort—meaning you? Tell us in the comments.

    And for further inspiration from Gwen: pinnable quotes!











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  6. Super-quick Christmas gifts to sew for the ones you 💕 (+ sale!)


    We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend filled with fun, family, tasty food, and maybe even some time to stitch. Perhaps there’s a piece of pumpkin pie left over to dig into this afternoon! Now that we’re just a few days away from December, the countdown to Christmas has begun. Do you have a lot of gift sewing left to do? Before you start to stress, today Martingale is having a sale on four super-handy books filled with quick and easy gifts for everyone on your “nice” list!

    Sew Many GiftsSew Many Gifts: 19 Handmade Delights to Give or Keep

    In Sew Many Gifts, you’ll find 19 fun and gifty projects that you can sew in a snap. Want to make something special for your quilting buddies? These pincushions designed by Adrienne Smitke are both practical and adorable. You can use the Four Corner or Star blocks that Adrienne suggests, or customize it by using the recipient’s favorite block and favorite colors.

    Biscournu pincushion
    Biscornu Pincushions from Sew Many Gifts

    Are there any little ones you need to sew for? I designed these super-soft fleece Kitty Pals specifically with speediness in mind. If you set up your supplies assembly-line style, you could make a Pal for several grandkids or nieces and nephews in just one weekend.

    Kitty Pals
    Kitty Pals from Sew Many Gifts

    101 Fabulous Small Quilts101 Fabulous Small Quilts

    With only a few short weeks before the 25th, there might not be enough time to make a big quilt for someone, but you have the perfect amount of time to make a small one! It’s likely you might even have all the supplies you need already on hand. 101 Fabulous Small Quilts is an amazing bargain with so many patterns at such a great price. The sweet doll quilt Scrap Squares by Kathleen Tracy is so fast that you could whip up several to give as gifts—and maybe even keep one for yourself.

    Scrap Squares from
    101 Fabulous Small Quilts

    If you have a bit more time to spare, the festive Little Forest quilt by Mary Hickey would be a joy for a loved one to display at the holidays for years to come.

    Little Forest from
    101 Fabulous Small Quilts

    Sew Gifts!Sew Gifts! 25 Handmade Gift Ideas from Top Designers

    Sew Gifts! has 25 lovely gift patterns to choose from. One of the ideas I’ll definitely be using for my sisters (spoiler alert!) is this little Card and Key Wallet by Cinzia Allocca—it’s so fast to stitch up, and you could also include a little treat of some kind in the pocket. Sometimes giving a gift card or cash seems a bit impersonal, so this will help add a thoughtful touch.

    Card and Key Wallet
    Card and Key Wallet from Sew Gifts!

    If you have any knitters to sew for, make them this handy Triangular Knitting Needle Case by Josée Carrier to help keep their supplies in order.

    Triangular Knitting Needle Case
    Triangular Knitting Needle Case from Sew Gifts!

    Patchwork Loves EmbroideryPatchwork Loves Embroidery: Hand Stitches, Pretty Projects

    Best-selling author Gail Pan’s book Patchwork Loves Embroidery includes a delightful array of gift options. The embroidery designs are charming and unique, but also simple enough that you could complete them in a few cozy evenings. The Garden Delight needle book featured on the cover is another great idea for a sewing friend, or the Secrets and Dreams folder is the perfect place to stow letters, recipes, and other treasures.

    Secrets and Dreams folder
    Secrets and Dreams folder from Patchwork Loves Embroidery

    What’s your go-to quick gift to sew? Tell us in the comments!





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  7. Learn to machine quilt with Pat Sloan (once and for all): mega-big blog tour!

    Shop-SmallA note about Black Friday: We’re once again passing up the opportunity to host our own Black Friday sale this year. Instead, we’ll cheer on the thousands of independent quilt and yarn shops hosting special sales, including Small Business Saturday, this weekend. Why not give your local shop a call and find out what they’re offering? They likely carry the newest book from the fabulously fantastic Pat Sloan—and that’s who we’re celebrating today!

    We’re thrilled to be participating in Pat Sloan’s blog tour for her latest book, Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt. With a quilting celebrity like Pat, you know her tour is going to be filled with fun—there are a whopping 41 stops on the tour!—so stop by the blogs, get to know someone new, and discover how Pat’s new book is influencing the quilting influencers.

    Pat Sloan's Teach Me to Machine Quilt

    You know it wouldn’t be a Pat Sloan event without lots of fun surprises along the way, including giveaways, freebies, and a whole lotta good quilting karma. In fact, you can head on over to Pat’s blog and enter her big giveaway right now (and we’ve got a giveaway of our own at the end of this post 👍).

    The third book in Pat’s “Teach Me” series is an all-inclusive guide to machine quilting: you get a reference guide + a project book + exclusive video tips, all with Pat’s smart, no-stress approach to learning. She covers everything you need to know, and she’ll cheer you on from first to last stitch. We’re convinced—everyone who quilts needs Pat’s new book!


    Pat will guide you through both walking-foot quilting and free-motion quilting, step by step:

    From the walking-foot chapter

    From the free-motion chapter

    Real-machine-quilting-handsGot tension troubles? Stitching-speed woes? Not sure what quilting designs to use? Pat’s got your questions covered (with close-up photos of techniques, see right). And when you buy the book, you’ll gain instant access to bonus video tutorials starring Pat herself. You’ll be proud of all the machine quilting you can do right at home!

    Here’s a peek at one of the helpful videos you’ll get access to when you purchase the book:

    Reading this post in email? View the video here.

    And then there are all the pretty projects inside:


    See what we mean by gotta have it? Pat’s thought of everything you need to know and she shares it all in Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt!

    SUBSCRIBE-to-Stitch-ThisNow, if you’re a first-time visitor here at Martingale’s Stitch This! blog, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep in touch. You can even get our blog posts sent directly to your email. Let’s be quilty friends!

    If you already know us well, you know what you need to do for a chance to win our giveaway—a copy of Pat Sloan’s Teach Me to Machine Quilt in instantly downloadable eBook form! Just answer the following question:

    How long has it been since you started dreaming of machine quilting your own quilts?

    a) I’m a quilting newbie, so not too long.
    b) For a while, now that I’ve honed my piecing skills.
    c) For as looooong as I can remember.

    Tell us your answer in the comments—we’ll choose one lucky winner one week from today and contact you by email if you win.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Anna, who says:

    “i have always quilted my own quilts I am no expert mostly stitch in ditch and meander.right now i am trying cross hatch. i am eager to branch out I watch as much videos as possible. i do this on a machine with less than 9 inch throat.  i have quilted a queen on that machine.  always love to see new techniques.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Anna—congratulations!

    Here are links to everyone participating in Pat’s blog tour—thanks for stopping by, and have fun!

    Pat’s Mega Fun Book Tour! 

    November 18

    Bonnie Hunter quiltville.blogspot.com

    Pam Vieira-McGinnis pamkittymorning.blogspot.com

    Alyce Blyth www.blossomheartquilts.com

    Kimberly Einmo www.kimberlyeinmo.com/blog

    November 19

    American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine www.allpeoplequilt.com/blog

    Mathew Boudreaux misterdomestic.net

    Moda Fabrics with Carrie Nelson blog.modafabrics.com

    November 20

    Amy Smart www.diaryofaquilter.com

    Katja Marek www.katjasquiltshoppe.com

    November 21

    Lee Monroe www.maychappell.com

    Jacquelynne Steves jacquelynnesteves.com/blog

    Stephanie Palmer latenightquilter.com

    Mary Abreu instagram.com/thatcraftaddict

    November 22

    Sarah Maxwell www.homesteadhearth.com

    Debby Brown higheredhands.blogspot.com

    Jane Davidson quiltjane.com

    Linda Thielfoldt lindathielfoldtthequiltedgoose.blogspot.com

    Janet Clare janetclare.co.uk/blog

    Baby Lock www.facebook.com/babylocksewing and instagram.com/babylocksewing

    November 23

    Cheryl Brickey meadowmistdesigns.blogspot.com

    Helen Stubbings hugsnkisses.typepad.com

    Kimberly Jolly fatquartershop.blogspot.com

    November 25

    Sherri McConnell www.aquiltinglife.com

    Julie Karasek of fabricjules.blogspot.com

    Ebony Love lovebugstudios.com/blog

    Martingale blog.shopmartingale.com (that’s us!)

    November 26 (everybody go wish Pat a happy birthday!!!)

    Scott Hansen bluenickelstudios.com

    Victoria Findlay Wolfe bumblebeansinc.blogspot.com

    November 28

    Amy Friend www.duringquiettime.com

    Heather Valentine thesewingloftblog.com

    Melissa Corry www.happyquiltingmelissa.com

    Amy Ellis www.amyscreativeside.com

    November 29

    Aurifil’s Erin Sampson auribuzz.wordpress.com

    Christa Watson christaquilts.com

    Nancy Zieman www.nancyzieman.com/blog

    Amanda Niederhauser www.jedicraftgirl.com

    November 30

    Kim Niedzwiecki www.gogokim.com

    Karen Miller karensquiltscrowscardinals.blogspot.com

    Wendy Sheppard ivoryspring.wordpress.com

    Brenda M. Ratliff of Pink Castle Fabrics visit www.pinkcastleblog.com













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  8. 🍂 This Thanksgiving, we thank you – with a Kim Diehl flash sale ⏰

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. As we finish our tasks and tidy up our desks for the long holiday weekend ahead, we want to say thank you—for sharing your stories, staying in touch, inspiring our work, and supporting our mission. We’re counting our blessings as this holiday season arrives, and you are a special blessing to all of us at Martingale!

    Autumn Pennies quilt from
    Simple Seasons by Kim Diehl

    We wondered what we could do to help you start your holiday weekend with some stitching cheer. And we think we came up with just the thing. Because YOU made Kim Diehl our #1 best-selling author, we’ve got a special sewing treat for your Thanksgiving weekend:


    From now until Monday, you can download Kim Diehl’s best-seller Simple Seasons in eBook form for only six bucks!

    In Simple Seasons, you’ll find Kim creating her signature color palettes, dreaming up darling appliqué motifs, and designing spectacular seasonal quilts—many of which you can display the whole year through.

    Taffy Pull from
    Simple Seasons

    From spotting the first buds of springtime:

    Tulips and Tossed Greens

    To enjoying the first summer picnic:

    Summertime Scatter Garden

    To first autumn leaves crunching under your feet:

    Duck, Duck, Goose

    To that first frosty snowflake:

    Christmas Magic

    Kim will inspire you to create beautiful quilts that celebrate every season.


    Bonus: Simple Seasons includes a dozen simple recipes that spotlight Kim’s homestyle approach to cooking—find seasonal salads, soups, and breads, plus nom-nom tasty yet easy-to-prepare desserts for your indulgent side. YUM!


    See more from Simple Seasons >

    Kim Diehl's Best Applique Freezer PaperDon’t forget Kim’s appliqué papers!

    Kim Diehl’s Best Appliqué Freezer Paper contains convenient 8½" x 11″ sheets that are easy to draw on, trace on, cut up, and run through an ink-jet printer. And no more hassling with coiling rolls of freezer paper from the grocery store—Kim’s handy sheets lie flat! Kim’s papers (30 per pack) come with a free pattern too. Get Kim’s appliqué papers here.

    What’s your favorite season to re-create in needle and thread? Tell us in the comments—and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!








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  9. 🎁 Spoil someone special (maybe it’s you): Sue Spargo sale 🎁

    Today is a special day at Stitch This! It’s a day filled with Sue Spargo savings—just in time for the holidays!

    Take Sue’s one-of-a-kind book:

    Stitches to Savor: A Celebration of Designs by Sue Spargo

    Add her one-of-a-kind calendar:

    Stitches to Savor 2017: Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo

    And give a one-of-a-kind gift of inspiration and creativity this Christmas to a quilting friend, a sewing buddy, an artistic soul—or all of the above! (Or maybe even yourself.)


    We’re so excited to be able to offer at a 20% discount, this week only: Sue’s coffee-table style beauty book, Stitches to Savor, and her Stitches to Savor 2017: Wall-Art Calendar of Designs by Sue Spargo. Talk about a lavish gift that keeps on giving! We’ll even pay for your shipping* when you buy both. Take a peek inside and you’ll see why this special sale is nothing short of a steal:

    The book: 144 pages bursting with zoomed-in photos of Sue’s work that are so crisp and clear, people instinctively reach out and touch the pages.

    Stitches-to-Savor-2017-Calendar butterflies
    The calendar: a dozen of Sue’s stitcheries captured in dazzling photography—it’ll be hard to wait until month’s end to flip to the next page!

    Enjoy brilliantly photographed works with details that are so close up, you can pore over every artful stitch.

    Stitches to Savor

    From the Stitches to Savor 2017 calendar

    You—oops, we mean the people you’re choosing gifts for—will love being immersed in Sue’s astonishing works of art. Picture it: a comfy chair, a cozy quilt, the perfect bev to sip on, and so many stiches to savor.

    Stitches to Savor

    Here’s a quick look inside the 2017 calendar—which month will you (oops, we mean your giftees!) love the most?

    Reading this post in email? Watch the video here.

    What a delight it will be for you—darn it, we mean your gift recipients 😉—to enjoy this gorgeous calendar every day, all year long!

    Check out the five-star reviews for Sue Spargo’s book and calendar, written by stitchers like you:

    Stitches-to-Savor-setupReviews for Stitches to Savor:

    Five-stars“This is a beautiful hardcover book filled with amazing fiber art. The book showcases intricate pieces in both full images of the complete quilt and extreme close-ups . . . You will gain a deep appreciation for this art and I bet it will inspire you to create a bit of your own.”

    Five-stars“Such a gorgeous book full of beautiful photography. I enjoyed each image in detail and the intricate stitching really caught my eye . . . great book to cuddle up with by the fire on a chilly day!”

    Stitches-to-Savor-2017-calendarReviews for the Stitches to Savor 2017 calendar:

    Five-stars“This is a big, bold calendar that devotes virtually all the space to lovely images of the quilt art of Sue Spargo . . . if you are looking for a monthly dose of quilt art, this calendar will deliver!”

    Five-stars“This calendar is like a coffee table book for your wall.”

    Save 20%, earn free shipping*, and indulge in gorgeous inspiration that will last the whole year through—and beyond. Buy both the book and calendar now and spoil someone special this Christmas!

    Who would you give this pair of Sue Spargo gifts to?

    1. An artistic family member
    2. A stitching and sewing friend
    3. Myself—I deserve it!

    Tell us in the comments!

    *Free shipping in the US and Canada when your purchase totals $40.00 or more.





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  10. Grab a 12-pack ✂ let’s make some fun fat-quarter quilts! (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Got a dozen fat quarters? Got a dozen times that many fat quarters? Got fat-quarter bundles?

    Whether you’re a collector, a connoisseur, or an unapologetic hoarder of those yummy fabric cuts, the new book 12-Pack Quilts is the perfect quilting companion for you!


    Me and My Sister Designs12-fat-quarters—authors of the best-seller Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister Designs—are back to share their bright and happy style, along with their trademark easy color combos and super-quick patchwork.

    But why 12-Pack Quilts? Because you can start every beautiful lap- to twin-sized quilt in the book with just 12 fat quarters—watch them fly together!

    Sisters Barb and Mary include a special Q&A with Julie Karasek, a quilt-shop owner who’s a pro at bundling 12-packs for her customers (she’s bundled more than 5,000 fat-quarter 12-packs in the past few years!) In the book, Julie reveals her expert tips for avoiding rookie mistakes when choosing fat quarters for a project.

    A special note for fat-quarter fanatics: these fun, easy quilts will eat up your fat quarters a dozen at a time so that you can make room for more. Use bundles or singles—choose 12 and off you go!

    We’re thrilled to have Barbara Groves—one half of the fabulous sisters—back at Stitch This! as a guest writer. Tell us all about your latest book with Mary, Barb!

    But first…

    FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our pals at Moda Fabrics sent us a beauty of a bundle from Me and My Sister Designs’ latest fabric line, Rainy Day—and you could win it!


    Find out how you can win the bundle plus a copy of 12-Pack Quilts at the end of this post.

    Barb and MaryWe are so excited that our newest book is now available. It’s called 12-Pack Quilts!

    Mary and I have always loved making simple quilts with fabrics we love.

    Although we love going to the local quilt show and seeing stunning, showstopping quilts, we always revert back to our simple style and designs.

    I don’t know about you, but I love the hunt for fabric. That’s usually the best part of the project for me. And I love collecting fat quarters!

    Wherever our busy teaching schedule takes us, we always find time to pick up a fat quarter or two as a souvenir. We also pick them up at our local quilt shops. If we can’t have the six yards we really want, we can at least have a fat quarter. Sometimes when a new fabric collection comes into a store, we pick up a few favorites for no reason at all.

    From 12-Pack Quilts

    The beauty of using fat quarters is that you can mix and match them. Anyone can put together 12 fat quarters!

    Some of the quilts in this book are scrappy and will shrink your stash:

    Heart’s Desire

    Some focus on a single fabric collection:

    Buzz Cut

    And other projects use a combination of both:

    The Village

    The projects in 12-Pack Quilts are all easy to make and designed for confident beginners and beyond.

    So if you’re looking for that next project and you love collecting fat quarters, this book is written for you! Happy quilting!

    See all the quilts from 12-Pack Quilts >

    12-Pack-QuiltsThanks for sharing your new book with us, sisters!

    So, what kind of power do fat quarters have over you?

    a) I like them, but I can walk away if I don’t need them for a specific project.
    b) I swear I hear them calling my name as I walk by.
    c) All the power—they’re all in my stash!

    Share your answer in the comments and you could win the beautiful fabric bundle from Moda Fabrics plus your very own print copy of 12-Pack Quilts! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Ready to create some fat-quarter fun with the sisters this weekend? Buy 12-Pack Quilts now and you can instantly download the eBook for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Lou, who says:

    “I LOVE/ LIVE for fat quarters, but it’s hard to cut them up. Books for FQ are so helpful and I can always make a baby quilt with a few of them!! Love to have these- simply beautiful.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Lou—congratulations!







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