1. Got precuts? Click for 13 yummy precut patterns (+ flash sale!)

    Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns, Dessert Rolls…have we whetted your appetite?

    From A Baker's Dozen
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    What you’re hungry for are tempting fabric precuts! Lucky for you, the staff at Martingale has cooked up a batch of 13 scrumptious precut sewing patterns. A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Quilts from Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and More from the Staff at That Patchwork Place® is filled with easy Jelly Roll quilts, quilt patterns using Layer Cakes, and—as icing on the cake—a surprise fat-quarter bonus project.
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    A Baker's Dozen flash sale!

    Savor the eye-candy—there’s something in this baker’s dozen of projects to suit everyone’s taste. Dig into sweet scrappy quilts, nosh-worthy Nine Patch blocks, appetizing appliqué stars, and savory strip piecing. You can load your plate of quilting projects as full as you like—the only fat you have to worry about is in the quarters!

    A Baker’s Dozen is your recipe for successful precut quilting. And as a special treat, you can download the eBook now for just $6.

    Let’s browse the bakery aisle…

    Slushie Jelly Roll quilt
    Slushie from A Baker’s Dozen (uses one Jelly Roll)
    spacer 10px deep

    Winterberry quilt
    Winterberry from A Baker’s Dozen (uses two Jelly Rolls)
    spacer 10px deep

    Tutti Frutti for Mishayla quilt
    Tutti Frutti for Mishayla from A Baker’s Dozen (uses one Honey Bun and one Layer Cake)
    spacer 10px deep

    My Scrappy Challenge quilt
    My Scrappy Challenge from A Baker’s Dozen (uses one Jelly Roll and one Layer Cake)

    Which precut do you consistently crave: fat quarters, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes or…? Tell us in the comments!

    A Baker's Dozen flash sale!

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  2. Inspired by antique quilts? How to re-stitch the past (+ fabric giveaway!)

    If you’re inspired by antique quilts, you’ll find an instant connection with author Julie Hendricksen. As the owner of J. J. Stitches Quilt Shop in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Julie’s been collecting antique quilts for more than 30 years. Her favorite period? The late nineteenth century. (Raise your hand if you concur!)

    Petite Stars quilts
    Old and new: “Petite Stars” from
    Remembering the Past

    Over the years, Julie’s customers have had the pleasure of seeing reproduction quilts and the antique quilts that inspired them on display together. In her new book Remembering the Past, Julie lets you see what only her customers have seen until now. Plus, she’ll show you how to re-create her quilts of yesteryear so perfectly, people will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between the old and the new!
    spacer 10px deep

    Bordered Stars quilt
    “Bordered Stars” from
    Remembering the Past. Can you tell the original from the reproduction?

    Julie even includes close-ups and commentary about individual blocks in her antique quilts, as in this example of the antique “Bordered Stars” quilt:

    Close-ups of antique quilt blocks

    Gather your reproduction fabrics, shirtings, and plaids; then give yourself ample time to browse this gorgeously photographed book, featuring photos of authentic antique quilts and their modern-day remakes.

    Today Julie is a guest writer at Stitch This! to tell us more about Remembering the Past. Welcome, Julie!

    FABRIC GIVEAWAY ALERT! Julie has given us a whopping 45 fat eighths from “Threads of Time,” her latest fabric line with Windham Fabrics, to give to one lucky winner!

    Threads of Time fabric giveaway

    Learn how you can win the fabric plus a copy of Remembering the Past at the bottom of this post.

    Julie HendricksenI’ve been collecting antique quilts for over 30 years. Most of the quilts I collect are scrap quilts from the late nineteenth century, with more than 50 different fabrics in each quilt. Studying these individual fabrics and wishing they were available in today’s quilt world led to a new adventure for me: designing reproduction prints for Windham Fabrics.

    I also own J. J. Stitches, a quilt shop in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, that specializes in reproduction fabrics, from the Civil War through the 1930s. As fabrics arrive in the store, I keep an eye out for any that I could use to reproduce one of my antique quilts. Going for an overall look, instead of matching individual fabrics, makes it easy to pick the variety of fabrics needed for each quilt.

    Ninepatch Road quilt
    This super-scrappy “Ninepatch Road” quilt provides an easy introduction to working with reproduction fabrics.
    spacer 10px deep

    Flying North quilt
    Julie purchased the antique version of “Flying North” (folded on table) as an unquilted quilt top.

    So many of us quilt because we love all of the fabrics and books available to us. I hope Remembering the Past will inspire you to pull out your stash and start your own collection of “vintage” quilts for your home and family.

    Madder reds, chrome yellows, poison greens?
    Learn nineteenth-century color lingo in Remembering the Past >

    Remembering the PastThanks for telling us more about your new book, Julie!

    Antique quilts: own some, want to own some, or want to remake some? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Remembering the Past eBook plus the 45 fat eighths from Julie’s “Threads of Time” line with Windham Fabrics! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

    Can’t wait to start quilting? Buy Remembering the Past at ShopMartingale.com and instantly download the eBook for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Bev, who says:

    “I love reproducing antique quilts and sharing them. I also love to know the stories behind them. I would love to win a copy of the book.”

    Bev, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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  3. Back to school? Don’t forget your bag!

    Knit and Crochet at Stitch This!
    From trying on new duds to picking out school supplies, preparing for class is an exercise in self-expression. While you’re busy planning lunches and checking off supply lists, don’t forget a standout book bag! Check out this roundup of unique crochet backpack patterns for all grade levels.

    From Boho Crochet

    Bright and fresh backpack from Boho Crochet. Find more happy, colorful patterns in the book.

    For Preschool Kids

    Send little ones to their first day with a bag that doubles as a fun friend. Find these and more patterns for school including crocheted pencil pouches, apple cozies with animal faces, and more character tote bags in Amigurumi on the Go.

    From Amigurumi on the Go
    From Amigurumi on the Go

    For Grade School

    Send kids back to class with homework and library books in this cute crocheted messenger bag. Find more character and animal-themed bags in Amigurumi on the Go.

    From Amigurumi on the Go
    Amigurumi on the Go

    For Junior High and High School

    A felted messenger bag is sturdy enough for carrying supplies and books between classes. Find instructions for crocheting and felting this bag and more in Crocheted Pursenalities.

    From Crocheted Pursenalities
    From Crocheted Pursenalities

    For College and University

    A big boho bag with a leather strap is perfect for college students, and goes great with a crocheted tablet cover and cell phone case to protect electronics. Find these and more colorful crocheted patterns in Boho Crochet.

    Boho Crochet From Boho Crochet
    Boho Crochet

    Are you on Pinterest? Follow us for more crochet inspiration!

    Which do you prefer: a backpack or a messenger bag? Tell us in the comments!

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  4. Bird quilts fly with free-motion appliqué (+ giveaway!)

    Marti< Have you met the little birdy who’s ever-perched on our logo?

    Her name is Marti. She’s a creative, confident little bird. We love her spirit and her spunk. (It’s all in how she carries her tail).

    Usually, Marti doesn’t say much. But today, she’s singing the praises of her new favorite book. She’s chirping, cheeping, and tweeting the news to all the birdies on the block: If you love to make cute quilts that are as quick to finish as a bird can fly, you’ll adore the new book Sweet Tweets!

    Birds Holding a Quilt
    “Birds Holding a Quilt” from Sweet Tweets

    Take it from Marti: with author Erin Cox’s liberating “free-motion appliqué” technique, you can stitch these heartwarming bird scenes in the time it takes to shake a tail feather.

    One of the fine birds in our office, senior account manager Kara, let us film her trying out the technique:

    Sweet Tweets Instagram video

    Kara says, “The free-motion technique is really easy and fun! Since you’re trying for a somewhat scribbled result, it takes the fear out of trying free motion. Besides, all the designs are adorable. Who wouldn’t want one of these cute little birdies decorating their home?”

    Ready to let your creativity—and your sewing machine—fly to new heights? Erin is a guest writer at Stitch This! today to tell you more about Sweet Tweets. Welcome, Erin!

    Erin CoxI’m so happy to be posting on Martingale’s Stitch This! blog today, talking about my new book Sweet Tweets: Simple Stitches, Whimsical Birds.

    Since I began making little bird quilts I’ve had many requests to make them into patterns. I wrote Sweet Tweets as a way of honoring that request, as well as hopefully sparking a quilting interest in someone who may be put off by a larger, more time-consuming quilt. That’s really my dream, for the whole world to quilt. Can you imagine how lovely that would be?!

    Lovebirds quilt
    “Lovebirds” quilt

    Sweet Tweets is great for letting your hair down and playing with your fabric to create fun and personalized projects. It’s not unusual to finish one of them within a few hours! Free-motion appliqué is used to make the appliqué pieces—birds, in this case—look illustrated, as though they were sketched or drawn. The method is simple and is also very forgiving.

    Erin's sketched birds
    Erin’s sketched birds

    I have such a fun time making these bird quilts. I often make them in between larger, more time-consuming quilts for a bit of instant gratification. And I often give my quilts  personal, meaningful touches. For example, I choose different elements to represent my children, such as the number of birds or eggs used.

    Mama Bird and Her Nest quilt
    Four children, four eggs! “Mama Bird and Her Nest” from Sweet Tweets

    The projects in Sweet Tweets are also great to make as gifts for holidays or special occasions, and they can easily be personalized for the recipient. You are limited only by your imagination. I hope you learn new skills from the book, and then have fun creating things in colors and fabrics you love!

    Rainy Day Bird Coaster
    “Rainy Day Bird Coaster”

    See more whimsical birdies fly in free-motion >

    I’m a big Elvis fan, so you know I had to make him into a bird on a quilt! It’s one of my favorites and you can find it on my blog.

    I think you’ll love Sweet Tweets. When you make your bird quilt or project, please let me know via my blog, Instagram, or email. Tag your projects with #sweettweets. I love seeing your versions of the bird quilts.

    Happy Sewing!

    Sweet TweetsWe—Marti included—thank you for telling us more about your adorable new book, Erin!

    Free-motion sewing: ever tried it to appliqué or to quilt? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Sweet Tweets eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Can’t wait to make your machine fly? Buy Sweet Tweets today at ShopMartingale.com and instantly download the eBook for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Béatrice, who says:

    “Yes I have free-motion quilted before, love the designs in this book.”

    Béatrice, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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  5. Terrific quilting techniques for your tool belt (+ sale!)

    Posted by on August 17, 2015, in quilting & sewing, , ,

    Terrific quilting techniques for your tool belt

    Ok, I admit it…I can’t resist a new and fun quilting technique. I will try anything, but rarely do I do the same thing twice. I call it Quilter’s ADD. The fact that I work here at Martingale is, well, not helping me with this problem.

    Seriously, though, isn’t it great to have a few special techniques in your tool belt that you can use in almost any quilt to give it that extra little bit of “oomph”? Our sale books this week have some great ideas for you.

    Save 40% on select eBooks this week!

    Prairie Points

    I hear you: “Uh, Cornelia, there’s nothing new or exiting about prairie points!” Those cute little fabric squares that have been folded into triangles have long been used to add dimension and interest to the outside edges of quilts. In Prairie-Point Pizzazz, author Karen Sievert shows you how to use them in the body of the quilt to give your quilts extra dimension and sparkle. They can be used to add subtle layers of color as seen here:

    Blooming Tree of Life quilt
    “Blooming Tree of Life” + detail
    spacer 10px deep

    Or, used to create an extra “pop” of color:

    Bear's Paw table runner
    “Bear’s Paw Table Runner” + detail
    spacer 10px deep

    Karen illustrates just how simple her prairie-point technique is in this video:

    Reading this in email? See the “Prairie Points & 3D Flying Geese Borders” video at the Stitch This! blog or watch it on YouTube.

    See more projects from Prairie-Point Pizzazz >

    Folded-Corner Technique—expanded

    Chances are you’ve run across the concept of folded corners. Sew a smaller square of fabric to the corner of a larger square or rectangle, and then fold it over to make a triangle on the corner.

    Folded-corner technique

    In Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts, Donna Lynn Thomas has taken that simple idea and expanded it to make striped units.

    Folded-corner units
    Example of striped units from
    Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts

    Donna’s versatile units will add excitement and visual complexity to your projects.

    From Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts
    “Blackford Blue” and “Flames”

    See more projects from Flip Your Way to Fabulous Quilts >

    Strip-Pieced Triangles (“Twin Peaks”)

    Half-square triangles are a main component of so many block designs. By taking one side of that unit and using two fabrics instead of one, you get double the design possibilities! Who knew that you could improve on that basic unit? After all, if one fabric is good, two are better, right?

    Take a look at this classic Ohio Star—see how those side triangles use two fabrics instead of one? Best of all, the triangles are strip pieced so you don’t have to worry about those pesky middle seams!

    Ohio Star quilt block variation

    In Twin Peaks, Gayle Bong shows you how quickly and easily you can add this technique to your tool box.

    From Twin Peaks
    “Get Dizzy” and “Queen for a Day”

    See more projects from Twin Peaks >

    I hope we’ve given you some great new technique ideas for your tool box! What are your favorites? Tell us in the comments!

    Save 40% on select eBooks this week!

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  6. Do these easy quilt patterns catch your eye? (+ flash sale!)

    As quiltmakers, it’s often hard to decide which we love more: the dramatic look of a dynamic block layout or the flair of a fantastically vibrant fabric.

    From Eye-Catching Quilts
    Eye-Catching Quilts

    In Eye-Catching Quilts: 16 Designs from the Experts at Quiltmaker Magazine you’ll get the best of both: a veritable beauty pageant of elegantly arrayed blocks paired with artful fabric choices.

    Right now, you can download the eBook for just $6.

    Eye-Catching Quilts flash-sale!

    Prepare to be dazzled by lively ikats and batiks, hand-dyed solids, and nostalgic reproduction prints, while Dresden Plates and Log Cabins vie with curving vines, baskets of raspberry truffles, and wool appliqué petals for your attention.

    Aspen leaves and red maple leaves cascade across a creamy ecru field.

    Falling Leaves quilt
    “Falling Leaves” by Erin Wilcoxon
    spacer 10px deep

    The scrappy look meets a dignified English Ivy design.

    Perennial Petals quilt
    “Perennial Petals” by Caroline Reardon
    spacer 10px deep

    Double your fabric choices with double the Dresden Plates.

    All Drezzed Up quilt
    “All Drezzed Up” by Diane Harris
    spacer 10px deep

    Log Cabin blocks are transformed by cool blues and greens into a perfect midsummer night’s cruise.

    Smooth Sailing quilt
    “Smooth Sailing” by Carolyn Beam
    spacer 10px deep

    Eye-Catching QuiltsDownload your copy of Eye-Catching Quilts right now—this $6 flash sale ends Monday, Aug. 17, at noon (PT).

    What typically catches your eye: bold blocks or festive fabrics? Tell us in the comments!
    spacer 10px deep

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  7. Organizing fabric, simplified (+ free printable!)

    Stockpile. Hoard. Huge teetering piles of unsorted fabric. Whatever you call your stash, there’s one thing every quilter needs: fabric organization ideas.

    We understand—we’re charter members of “Stashaholics Anonymous” ourselves!

    Organizing fabric is so much easier when you’ve got a system to help you keep track of all your treasures, whether neatly folded in your sewing room or crammed in boxes in one of your closets (but which boxes? And which closet?). That’s why we created these handy printable stash labels. They’re just what you need to bring order out of your cloth chaos.

    Free printable fabric-stash labels
    Download your free printable stash labels now

    Print the labels on adhesive-backed sheets and press them onto shelves and containers (they’re compatible with the Avery 8161 label template). Or simply print, cut apart, and tape to your fabric bins.

    What will you find as you dive into the task of sorting your stash? A bevy of batiks? Loads of Layer Cakes? Scads of solids? A lone half-yard of reindeer novelty print just right for that Christmas quilt you’ve been aching to stitch?

    We’ve got labels for them all, along with Civil War and 1930s reproduction fabric, dots and spots, flannel and wool, all the colors of the rainbow, and of course the all-important backing fabric. There are also plenty of blank labels you can customize for those mystery fabrics that just don’t fit a predefined category. (I’m looking at you, strange black-and-white newsprint fabric featuring fairy tale characters!)

    Download your free printable stash labels and get organized!

    Once your stash is under control, deploy it to create these fantastic stash-busting quilts:

    Quilts from Scrap-Basket Sensations
    “Summer Daze,” “Scrap-Basket Paddle Wheel,” and “Tipsy Baskets” from Scrap-Basket Sensations

    Quilts from Vintage Vibe
    “Scrap Jars,” “Rainy Day Table Runner,” and “Big Baby” from Vintage Vibe

    From Easy Weekend Quilts
    “Four-Patch Shift,” “Knotted Squares,” and “Modern V” from Easy Weekend Quilts

    Your beloved stash: neat and tidy or beautiful chaos? Tell us in the comments! And if you dare, “flash your stash” by posting a photo of it on Pinterest or Facebook.

    Get 20% off plus free shipping on select books!

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  8. How to host a stitchin’ picnic

    Knit and Crochet at Stitch This!
    Picnic basket embellishmentAugust is National Picnic Month! If you missed World Wide Knit in Public Day, now’s your chance to get out and get to knitting (or crocheting) in the sunshine while there’s still some summer left.

    (Right: Picnic basket embellishment from Contemporary Crochet.)

    Here’s a list of things you’ll need for planning your stitchin’ picnic:
    spacer 10px deep
    Friends! Invite your fellow yarn enthusiasts, or invite a few beginners.

    Food—it’s not a picnic without potato salad, a refreshing beverage, and a sweet treat.

    Free printable potluck sign-up sheet
    Download our FREE printable potluck sign-up sheet for your picnic.
    spacer 10px deep

    A picnic blanket. A blanket can work as an impromptu tablecloth for picnic tables. In the absence of tables, you can lounge on the grass in style!

    From 20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws
    Find more beautiful blankets in 20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws.
    spacer 10px deep

    A tote bag for your knitting or crochet supplies. What’s a stitchin’ picnic without projects to stitch?

    From Pursenality Plus
    Find this functional felted tote, and more cute bags, in Pursenality Plus. For crocheted bags, check out Crocheted Pursenalities.
    spacer 10px deep

    A picnic basket or casserole carrier. Carry your potluck contribution with ease!

    From Kitchen Stitches
    Quilted casserole cozy from Kitchen Stitches.
    spacer 10px deep

    A small and portable project to work on! Don’t forget your yarn—peruse the patterns in these books for easy-to-tote knitting and crochet ideas:

    50 Yards of Fun Paintbox Knits Boho Crochet Cozy Toes for Baby

    What will you contribute to YOUR picnic: a yummy main dish or side, or a delectable dessert or drink? Tell us in the comments!

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  9. Go team quilts! Winning projects for sports fans (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Huddle up—it’s time to cuddle up!

    From Team Spirit
    Team Spirit

    Score big points with the sports fans in your life—create quilts that celebrate the games and pastimes they love! In the new book Team Spirit, you can spotlight team and individual sports in big blocks that are specially designed for novelty prints. Take a look at just a few of the themes you can feature:

    Team Spirit quilt ideas

    In fact, the patterns in Team Spirit are perfect for showing off any novelty print you bring to the cutting table!

    If you’re a sports fan, know and love sports fans, or have a stash of novelty prints waiting for just the right quilt, Team Spirit will get you in the quilting game. Author Suzzie Schuyler is here as a guest writer today to tell you more about her fun new book. Welcome, Suzzie!

    FABRIC GIVEAWAY! Our friends at Timeless Treasures sent us three cuts of sporty fabric to give away in baseball, gymnastics, and football themes—two yards each!

    Timeless Treasures fabric giveaway!

    Learn how you can win one of these fun cuts of fabric, plus an eBook copy of Team Spirit, at the bottom of this post.

    Suzzie SchuylerIn Team Spirit you’ll find quilt patterns that will help you showcase licensed sports-team logo fabrics as well as many other novelty prints. Got more than one print for the same team or theme? No problem. You can use all of them! These easy quilt designs allow for multiple prints.

    The concept for Team Spirit came from experiences with my students and quilting sisters, none of whom were satisfied with the patterns they found for theme fabrics. I was known for changing and creating my own patterns to fit images printed on fabric, which often don’t work with traditional blocks. I submitted some of the patterns I created to Martingale, and they liked my idea.
    spacer 10px deep

    Quilt blocks from Team Spirit
    Quilt blocks featured in
    Team Spirit

    One useful technique you’ll learn in Team Spirit is fussy cutting. It’s a way of cutting images out of a piece of fabric so they’ll be centered in a quilt block. I use several different methods to fussy cut my fabrics, and you’ll learn them all in Team Spirit. You’ll even learn how to fussy cut motifs on the diagonal so you can feature them in on-point blocks.
    spacer 10px deep

    Fussy cutting fabrics
    Learn to use a ruler or template to fussy cut motifs in 
    Team Spirit

    One thing some quilters find tricky is working with theme prints where the size of the motifs or the distance between them varies from the fabrics I’ve used. Sometimes you may need a bit more yardage depending on the print you choose, but don’t worry. I cover that in the book too!
    spacer 10px deep

    Season Tickets quilt
    “Season Tickets” quilt with alternate soccer block

    I’ve created a variety of quilts that will let you use sports-logo fabrics or any novelty print to their best advantage. And I’ll share one secret with you: using tone-on-tone prints for coordinating fabrics is the key to showcasing sports fabrics. Depending on the quilt pattern you’re making, you’ll need two or three of these fabrics for background. They read as solid from a distance, but add a quiet dimension and a bit more interest than ordinary solids.
    spacer 10px deep

    The Winning Strategy quilt
    “The Winning Strategy” quilt with alternate fishing block

    See more “team spirit” quilts that’ll up your game >

    I believe you’ll find my ideas inspiring for the sports fans in your life. My hope is to get your creative juices going!

    Team SpiritThanks for telling us more about Team Spirit, Suzzie!

    What sport would you feature in a Team Spirit quilt? Share your answer in the comments and you could win one of the fabric cuts from Timeless Treasures plus an eBook copy of Team Spirit! We’ll choose three random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Can’t wait to see if you’ve won? Buy Team Spirit right now at ShopMartingale.com and instantly download the eBook for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winners are:

    Debbie, who says: “I love the pink gymnastic cut, my eleven year old granddaughter is into dance and gymnastics.”

    Nancy, who says: “I would definitely feature and make a football quilt. My whole family is passionate about following both college and professional football teams.”

    And Marsha, who says: “I’d make a baseball quilt for my brother-in-law who has a learning disability. His favorite team is the Yankees and he listens to every game even though he’s never been to see them as he lives a couple of states away.”

    We’ll email you about your prizes. Congratulations!

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Back-to-school sewing (+ sale on 4 fun books!)

    Heading back to school, no matter if it’s to fifth grade or freshman year of college, is always both a bit exciting and a bit daunting. Give the kids in your life an extra special send-off by making them a gift that’s just as practical as it is heartfelt.

    Get 20% off plus free shipping on select books!

    To kick-off your back-to-school savings with style, we’re offering four books on sale this week—all loaded with great ideas for handmade back-to-school gifts that are fun and easy to make for grandkids, nieces, nephews, and friends as summer winds down.

    Big-City BagsBig-City Bags: Sew Handbags with Style, Sass, and Sophistication
    Sara Lawson

    If you need gift ideas for a college or high-school student, Big-City Bags has an excellent selection of bags that would come in very handy for school. The stylish "Miss Independent Bag" is the ideal size for folders and books, plus it has a matching padded and zippered laptop case. Sara Lawson includes lots of helpful tips for working with bag hardware and interfacing to get polished, professional results.
    spacer 10px deep

    Miss Independent bag
    “Miss Independent Bag” from
    Big-City Bags

    Sew PracticalSew Practical: 13 Fun-to-Sew Designs for You and Your Home

    Sew Practical includes 13 smart sewing project ideas by a variety of talented designers. Many of the projects would be perfect for soon-to-be students, including the easy-to-make "Literary Genius E-Reader Cover" to help them hit the books in style.
    spacer 10px deep

    Literary Genius eReader Cover
    “Literary Genius E-Reader Cover” from
    Sew Practical

    Uncommonly CorduroyUncommonly Corduroy: Quilt Patterns, Bag Patterns, and More
    Stephanie Dunphy

    With its warm and cozy feel, corduroy is a classic autumn and back-to-school fabric. Stephanie Dunphy shows how to incorporate corduroy into beautiful quilts, bags, and more in Uncommonly Corduroy. The quilt featured on the cover would make a wonderful back-to-school gift to cuddle up with.

    If you need a quicker project, this sweet “California Girl Set,” including a cute scarf and tote, is simple enough to whip up in no time. Make the scarf in the colors of the recipient’s alma mater for a personal touch!

    California Girl set
    “California Girl Set” from
    Uncommonly Corduroy

    Make It Sew ModernMake it Sew Modern: Gather, Twist, Pleat, Texture
    Vanessa Christenson

    Popular blogger Vanessa Christenson is a master of using fabric texture to create a look that’s both girly and modern. Make it Sew Modern has many fun projects that make excellent back-to-school gifts, including bags, quilts, and charming decor.

    Make a matching set of the pretty “Decorative Bed Pillow and Throw Pillow with Frosting” to help a first-time college student spruce up a drab dorm room. Customized, handmade touches like these always help a new space seem more like home.

    Decorative Bed Pillow and Throw Pillow with Frosting
    “Decorative Bed Pillow and Throw Pillow with Frosting” from Make it Sew Modern

    What’s your favorite gift to make for a student heading back to school? Something to wear, carry, or decorate their space? Tell us in the comments!

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