1. What’s your knit style? Take our quiz to find out!

    Martingale's Knit & Crochet Friday

    What's your fall knitting style?

    What’s your fall knitting style? Take our knitting-styles quiz to find out which fall knit trends you’ll love! Check out the pattern suggestions with each result—then bookmark them for your fall knitting to-do list. Bonus: give this quiz to your friends and family to curate gift ideas.

    1.    Your ideal palette is:

    a.    A blend of earthy tones and pastels
    b.    Anything with classic neutrals or jewel tones
    c.    Dark metallic paired with sophisticated prints

    2.    Your go-to weekend outfit is:

    a.    Yoga pants and a lightweight floral tee
    b.    Dark wash jeans and a cute cardigan
    c.    Silk blouse and a statement necklace

    3.    Your favorite details are:

    a.    A little lace here, a floral print there
    b.    Unique details like a one-of-a-kind button or contrasting lining
    c.    Metallic flecks or studs

    4.    Your vintage style icon is:

    a.    Joni Mitchell
    b.    Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
    c.    Joan Jett

    From Knitting by Nature If you answered mostly A, you’re bohemian chic:

    You gravitate toward earthy, bohemian style knits inspired by nature. You’ll love the knitted shawl and scarf patterns in Knitting by Nature by Sheryl Thies.
    From Dolce Handknits If you answered mostly B, you’re classic posh:

    You’re all about structured knits with sophisticated details. You’ll love the sweater knitting patterns in Dolce Handknits by Kim Dolce.
    From Knitting Pleats If you answered mostly C, you’re edgy couture:

    You’re daring and confident in your knitwear choices. You’ll love the knitted wrap, sweater, and accessory patterns in Knitting Pleats by Olga Pobedinskaya.

    What were your results? Tell us in the comments!

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  2. 52 new ways to sew a hexagon quilt (+ giveaway!)

    Who knew there were so many possibilities hidden inside a hexagon?

    Blocks from The New Hexagon
    English-paper-piecing blocks from
    The New Hexagon

    Quilt-shop owner Katja Marek has been English paper piecing since the 1990s—back when the technique didn’t differ much from the method invented in the 1800s. But thanks to modern techniques, Katja became inspired to play with the hexagon shape in new ways. Fifty-two new ways, to be exact!

    In her book The New Hexagon, Katja slices and dices the space inside the hexagon shape, resulting in 52 mesmerizing quilt blocks. And she’s learned a lot about efficiency and accuracy along the way. Today Katja shares the story behind those 52 beauties. All you need is a needle, thread, fabric, paper, and one secret ingredient: glue. (Yep—it’ll save you tons of basting time.)

    Welcome, Katja!

    Katja MarekHi! I’m Katja and I’m the author of The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece. I am so excited about this book. It seems like forever since Martingale sent me the contract to write it and now I can finally share it with you!

    I developed an obsession with hexagons a few years back. My Pinterest board, Hexagons Have Put a Hex On Me, has over 1000 images of hexagons. I dreamt of designing inside a hexagon and using it like a quilt block, so I started pattern drafting. Soon I had 52 blocks ready to present as a block-of-the-week program through my store, Katja’s Quilt Shoppe, in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

    Now those blocks are available in The New Hexagon. With 52 blocks and seven projects—ranging from a single-block candle mat to a full-sized bed quilt—plus information about glue-basted English paper piecing, this book is a great value.

    Projects from The New Hexagon
    Projects from
    The New Hexagon

    Portable kit for EPPSome years ago when I was quilt-guild president, we had a workshop on English paper piecing. At the time, I questioned why we’d choose this method over machine piecing. Well, I’ll tell you what I figured out. It’s soothing, relaxing, rewarding handwork; it’s extremely portable (see kit, right) and can go from little-league games to doctor appointments, on holidays and beyond; and it yields very precise results!

    Since then, I discovered that modern tools and notions make English paper piecing much faster than ever before. I glue baste all my pieces, and I share the technique in The New Hexagon. Glue basting is a real timesaver, and it allows precise placement of the paper templates so you can create magnificent kaleidoscope effects in the blocks. Here are a few examples:

    English paper piecing blocks from The New Hexagon
    The beautiful fabrics featured are from “Terrain” by Kate Spain for Moda and Bella Solids by Moda.

    The New HexagonIn The New Hexagon I explain how you can print your own paper-piecing shapes and even change block sizes by enlarging or shrinking the templates provided. But if you’d prefer, PaperPieces.com offers “The New Hexagon Complete Block-Piecing Pack.” The pack contains a copy of the book, plus papers to make every block in the book.

    Like every book or pattern, this is just a starting point. You can create your own blocks by adding a line here or eliminating a line there. Suddenly you’ll have many new blocks to add to your English-paper-pieced projects!

    In January 2015 I’m launching The New Hexagon Millefiore Quilt-Along on my website. I’d love to have you join me and share your creations. So pick up your copy of The New Hexagon today.

    Katja, thanks for sharing the story behind your new book!

    We’ve already started playing with Katja’s designs in the office; here’s senior account manager Kara’s first block, with plans to make many more:

    Kara's English paper piecing

    Rate your “EPP” skills: EPP major, EPP minor, or haven’t enrolled yet? Tell us in the comments and you could win an eBook copy of The New Hexagon! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Vicki, who says:

    “I currently have no EPP skills. I would love to enroll.”

    Vicki, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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  3. Skip triangle math with strips: try Twosey Foursey

    If you’ve been around the quilt block a few times, you know about mathematical formulas for figuring seam allowances. They go like this:

    Seam allowances for quilts with triangles

    The more you cut, the more math you have to do. It can get downright complicated!

    Author Cathy Wierzbicki isn’t a fan of mind-numbing math. She’s such an anti-fan, in fact, that she wrote an entire quilt book about skipping that kind of math altogether. In Twosey-Foursey Quilts you’ll need to remember only two numbers: 2½" and 4½".

    The two numbers refer to fabric-strip widths. And in 20 versatile quilt patterns, you’ll learn to cut every shape you need—triangles included—from those two sizes of strips.

    Prairie Stars quilt
    “Prairie Stars” from
    Twosey-Foursey Quilts

    Choose from three different ways to turn your fabric strips into beautiful quilts:

    1. Use the All-in-One Ruler (Cathy’s preferred method), an all-purpose ruler that will help you simplify any quilt pattern.

    All-in-One Ruler

    2. Make templates that duplicate what the All-in-One Ruler does. (You’ll need only two templates to make all 20 quilts.)

    3. Go with traditional rotary-cutting formulas. (Charts are included if you are so inclined!)

    Once you choose a method, you can make a variety of quilts featuring half-square and quarter-square triangles, all made easier with Cathy’s strip-savvy techniques.

    Projects from Twosey-Foursey Quilts
    Classic beauties: “Whisker Burns” and “Bridging the Gap”

    Projects from Twosey-Foursey Quilts
    More classics: “Blueberry Buckle” and “Amish Sparklers”

    Projects from Twosey-Foursey Quilts
    Seasons and holidays: “Retreat to the Lake” and “Feathered Foursome”

    Splash Dance frog quilt
    Just for fun! “Splash Dance”

    And if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to dress up your Thanksgiving table, Cathy’s got you covered:

    Leaf Chain Table Topper
    Make-in-a-Day “Leaf Chain” table topper (two rectangular versions are also included)

    Start with strips to make classic blocks in a whole new way—the Twosey Foursey way!

    Twosey-Foursey QuiltsDownload Twosey-Foursey Quilts:

    Great Designs from 2-Inch and 4-Inch Units
    by Cathy Wierzbicki

    Only $18.95 for the eBook



    Curious about more cutting tasks the All-in-One Ruler can take on? Get a demonstration from Cathy in the video below:.

    Reading this in email? See the “All-in-One Ruler from Martingale” video at the Stitch This! blog or watch it on YouTube.

    How do you rate your quilt-math skills: professor, pupil, or preschooler? Tell us in the comments!

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  4. How to sew borders on quilts: free how-to download

    How to quilt: borders

    Some of my quilting friends think I’m a little odd because I love to put the binding on a quilt but absolutely HATE adding the borders. Isn’t that a little backward, they’ll ask? I’ll even offer to trade—I’ll sew the binding on someone’s quilt, including the hand stitching, if they’ll do my borders.  Maybe you think I’m crazy too. Or maybe you’ve struggled with some of the same issues I have (wavy edges, anyone?) and understand completely how I feel.

    From American Jane's Quilts for All Seasons
    Multiple strips, scrappy piecing, AND miters in the borders! Yes, you can do it all with our border how-to help. (“Star Diamond” quilt pattern from American Jane’s Quilts for All Seasons.)

    To be honest, I’m not quite as averse to quilt borders as I used to be; after all, I’ve been in this business a long time now, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. For example, I no longer struggle with borders that don’t fit because I’ve learned how to measure and cut accurately.

    How to sew borders on quiltsDo you have border issues? Would you like to learn from an expert how to sew a border on a quilt? We can help! Our free eBooklet download How to Sew Borders on Quilts guides you step-by-step through the process of measuring, cutting, and sewing a variety of border styles. You’ll find tips on working with plain borders, borders with corner squares, multiple borders—even mitered borders, which add such a beautiful finish but seem so difficult to achieve. But guess what: with the right instructions, they’re really not!

    Here’s one great tip from the eBooklet:

    If you’re using a directional print, you may want to cut the borders so that the print faces one direction in the side borders and the other direction in the top and bottom borders. That can take a lot of fabric, but it might be worth it! Look at what a difference the direction of the border print makes.

    Using directional prints in quilt borders

    I still dislike the wrestling match that ensues when I attempt to sew a border on a queen-size quilt. But at least I know that when I finally get it on, it will be just right. Download How to Sew Borders on Quilts and you’ll have perfect borders too!

    Got a quilt that needs a special border? Find creative border ideas in these books from Martingale:

    The Border Workbook Blocks, Borders, Quilts! Just around the Corner

    Are you a border woman or a binding woman? Tell us in the comments!

    Select eBooks only $6 each this week

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  5. Six-buck eBooks all October! This week: out-of-the-box quilts

    Posted by on October 13, 2014, in quilting & sewing, , ,

    $6 eBooks this week only!


    Stock your computer, laptop, or tablet with unique quilt patterns from Martingale quilt books that will stretch your creativity—and your dollar! Download eBooks instantly and start stitching just minutes from now. Only $6 each with new choices every week.

    Sale on select eBooks below ends at midnight on Sunday, October 19.

    Fresh and Fabulous Quilts
    by Cheryl Brown
    $16.95 $6.00

    Projects from Fresh and Fabulous Quilts

    Amazon review: “There’s a joy that comes from these quilts that’s like the start of spring—so colorful, so cheerful. So refreshing!”

    Take classic quilting motifs on a whimsical ride >

    Quilting Your Style:
    Make-It-Unique Embellishing Techniques

    by Leah Fehr
    $18.99 $6.00

    From Quilting Your Style

    Amazon review: “Leah’s instructions were so easy to follow and the techniques were fun to try. My wall hanging went together quickly.”

    Demystify embellishing, beading, yo-yos, couching, ruching, and more >

    Simple Chenille Quilts:
    Block by Block

    by Amy Whalen Helmkamp
    $16.95 $6.00

    Projects from Simple Chenille Quilts

     Amazon review: “I made one of the baby quilts for my new niece. It came out beautiful even though this was my first attempt at chenille.”

    Sew blocks together and you’re done—no quilting required >

    Meadowbrook Quilts:
    12 Projects Inspired by Nature

    by Jean Van Bockel
    $16.95 $6.00

    Projects from Meadowbrook Quilts

    Get inspired to create a quilt for every season >

    Double Take:
    Quilts with That Hopscotch Twist

    by Heather Willms and Elissa Willms
    $16.99 $6.00

    Quilts from Double Take
    Same block—completely different quilts

     Amazon review: “Begins with a fun premise and leads to some very creative quilts…truly shows how color and design choices impact a finished quilt.”

    Classic elegance and contemporary chic: double your quilting fun >

    Out of the Box:
    Unleash Your Creativity through Quilts

    by Mary Lou Weidman
    $14.99 $6.00

    From Out of the Box

     Amazon review: “Mary Lou encourages you to step beyond what you think you can do…no rules, no quilt police. Her method of teaching is so liberating…I highly recommend this book for everyone as not only a book to teach you new quilting skills, but new ways of approaching life in general.”

    Needed: fabric, a sewing machine, a story to tell, and your imagination >

    Dazzling Quilts:
    Easy Glitz and Instant Glamour

    by Pamela Mostek
    $16.95 $6.00

    Projects from Dazzling Quilts

     Amazon review: “I keep this book on top of my pile of books because just looking at it gets me inspired to get busy and make art quilts with lots of bling.”

    Create jaw-dropping sparkle—with an emphasis on easy >

    Mosaic Picture Quilts:
    Turn Favorite Photos into Stunning Quilts

    by Pat Durbin
    $16.95 $6.00

    Projects from Mosaic Picture Quilts

     Amazon review: “If you have always dreamed of turning your favorite photo into a fabric keepsake, this book will walk you through just how to do it.”

    What memory will you capture in your next quilt? >

    Scatter Garden Quilts
    by Pamela Mostek
    $16.99 $6.00

    Projects from Scatter Garden Quilts
    White outlines in each photo lead to more detailed information about making each quilt.

     Amazon review: “Mostek has given us a way to get to a colorful, contemporary interpretation of the concept of the ‘blended quilt’ with some simple, yet amazing, methods.”

    Enjoy floral-print stash depletion, creative license, stunning results >

    Quilt Challenge:
    “What If” Ideas for Color and Design

    by Sharyn Craig and Pamela Mostek
    $13.99 $6.00

    Churn Dash projects from Quilt Challenge
    “Churn It Up” challenge

     Amazon review: “This is the kind of book that gets my creative juices flowing.”

    Challenge yourself with purple, plaids, pastels, and more >

    Subscribe to Stitch This!P.S. Sale ends at midnight on Sunday, October 19. Don’t miss another assortment of $6 eBooks on sale October 20! SUBSCRIBE to Stitch This! emails so you’re alerted to each $6 eBook sale in October. We’ll feature a different theme each week.

    Own one of these out-of-the-box books? Share your review in the comments!

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  6. 5 ways to celebrate I Love Yarn Day + stash tip

    Posted by on October 10, 2014, in crochet & knitting, , , ,

    Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday

    I Love Yarn Day 2014

    Each year the Craft Yarn Council sponsors I Love Yarn Day—an entire day honoring the love of our favorite fabulous fiber. Today is that day! Wondering how you should celebrate? Read on for 5 terrific ways to celebrate yarn today, plus a quick tip for stash knitting.

    Visit your local yarn shop1. Visit your local yarn shop

    Your local yarn shop is most likely packed from floor to ceiling with luscious yarn. Make a visit, drool over the yarn selection, and let them know how much you appreciate them for supporting your yarn habit!
    spacer 10px deep

    2. Take a dive into your stash yarn

    Have enough yarn to tide you over for (ahem) many, many years? Pull out those storage bins and celebrate by spending some quality time with your stash yarns.

    Check out The Yarn Stash Workbook eBook for more stash-knitting techniques. It has dozens of tips, ideas, and projects to help you get the most out of your stash. Here’s a quick tip from the book for when you don’t have quite enough yarn for the project you want to make:

    Quick Tip for yarn stashes
    Find more detailed design tips plus 22 patterns that will use up your stash yarns in The Yarn Stash Workbook by Laura Militzer Bryant.

    3. Share your yarn passion

    Call a friend and plan a time to teach them to knit or crochet. There’s no better way to celebrate the love of yarn than by passing on the passion.

    4. Make a repeat appointment with UFOs

    Let’s face it: life is busy, and it can be difficult to find time for even the most enjoyable of hobbies. Set aside an hour or two—weekly, daily, whatever works for you—specifically for working on projects. Consider this your unapologetic “me” time!

    5. Give a handmade gift

    Spend I Love Yarn Day beginning or finishing a gift for a friend or family member. Giving a handmade gift is a rewarding way to celebrate your love of yarn.

    Have a suggestion for how to celebrate I Love Yarn Day? Tell us in the comments!

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  7. Free quilt-pattern roundup: our top 5 freebies

    Detail of Peppermint Candy Table RunnerAre you in need of some handmade-holiday inspiration? With Christmas marching toward us (let’s put it in perspective: 77 days and counting), we’re all starting to think about gifts—and how much time we have left to make them.

    Start your gift-giving idea search right now by browsing our top-five free patterns below. These patterns aren’t only quick to make; they’re also free to download! Plus, the list is ranked according to how many times each pattern has been downloaded by Stitch This! readers. How’s that for an instant stamp of approval?

    Match up a free quilt pattern with a name on your gift list; then sign in or register at our site to download any—or all!—of these quilt patterns for free.

    Buttercream Twist free quilt pattern #5: “Buttercream Twist”

    From Homestyle Quilts: Simple Patterns and Savory Recipes by Kim Diehl and Laurie Baker

    Strip piece checkerboard blocks that twist and turn, basket-weave style. Use leftover scraps in a coordinating table topper—a make-in-a-day design that’s perfect for a quick gift.

    Download the “Buttercream Twist” free quilt pattern now.
    Fat Quarter Bag free pattern #4: “Fat Quarter Bag”
    From Fat Quarter Quilts by M’Liss Rae Hawley

    Sew this pretty, practical bag using six fat quarters, plus yardage for the lining and handles. Whip up a retreat bag for a fellow quilter, a duffle for a gym junkie, or an overnight bag for your favorite kid.

    Download the “Fat Quarter Bag” free pattern now.
    Purple Haze free quilt pattern #3: “Purple Haze”
    From Quilt Batik! by Cheryl Brown

    Accumulated a few Jelly Rolls or Bali Pops along your quilting journey? Share them with someone you love by transforming them into this generously sized lap quilt—with enough snuggling room for two.

    Download the “Purple Haze” free quilt pattern now.
    Picnic Basket quilt free pattern #2: “Picnic Basket”

    From Quilting for Joy by Barbara Brandeburg and Teri Christopherson

    First time quilting for Christmas? This super-quick pattern for Jelly Rolls also doubles as an easy quilt for beginners. It doesn’t get much simpler than Four Patch blocks, Nine Patch blocks, and strips!

    Download the “Picnic Basket” free quilt pattern now.
    Peppermint Candy Table Runner free pattern #1:  “Peppermint Candy Table Runner”
    From Deck the Halls: Quilts to Celebrate Christmas by Cheryl Almgren Taylor

    This table-runner pattern is so simple, you can make it in multiples and check off lots of names on your gift list! Bonus instructions are included for making festive Pinwheel-block pillows too.

    Download the “Peppermint Candy Table Runner” free pattern now.

    Want more gift ideas? Browse our specialized gift-giving books! Find small, quick projects to make for most everyone on your gift list, from kids and grown-ups to that one person who seems to have it all.

    Sew Gifts! Sew Practical Sew the Perfect Gift

    Have you made a project from one of our free patterns? Tell us about it in the comments—then snap a photo of it and send it to us! We’d love to share it with our Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest followers.

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  8. Got 5 minutes + 5 fat quarters? (+ fabric giveaway!)

    How about a little quilting arithmetic to keep you on your toes today? (It’s easy, promise—we’ll even give you the answer.)

    5 fat quarters
    + 1 background fabric
    = More fast fat-quarter quilts from bestselling author Kathy Brown!

    Staying Focused quilt
    “Staying Focused” from
    Take 5 Fat Quarters

    Kathy’s first two “Take 5” books have inspired thousands of creative quilts. Her newest book, Take 5 Fat Quarters, puts a whole new spin on the “Take 5” concept. Instead of taking five minutes to choose five fabrics from yardage, you take five minutes to choose five fat quarters. By minute six, you’re off on a new quilting adventure.

    Red Rooster FabricsFABRIC GIVEAWAY ALERT! Our friends at Red Rooster Fabrics have generously donated two beautiful fat-quarter bundles from Kathy’s new “Sprinkles” fabric line to give to you! Learn how you can win one plus a copy of the Take 5 Fat Quarters eBook at the bottom of this post.

    Red Rooster fabric giveaway!

    Cutting layered fat quartersBeyond Kathy’s beautiful, simple quilts, you’ll love her approach to stacking and cutting all your fat quarters at once so you can get right to sewing. You’ll find cutting plans like this one (right) for every quilt in the book. See how her plan lets you keep bigger pieces of fabric intact? Kathy knows you want to be frugal with your precious fat quarters!

    Think of how easily you can start making the quilts below with just five fat quarters each. Perhaps you can whip one up for someone on your holiday gift list. How about another for a birthday or housewarming present? Hey, how about a quilt just for you? “Take 5” and then take your pick!

    Quilts from Take 5 Fat Quarters
    “Spring Fling” and “Drop Box”

    Quilts from Take 5 Fat Quarters
    “Criss-Cross Applesauce” and “Be It Ever So Humble”

    And don’t forget another fun part about Kathy’s books—the stories! If you’re familiar with Kathy’s previous titles, you know she always shares a special story about each quilt she designs. Here’s one of those stories from Take 5 Fat Quarters, about her quilt “Black-Tie Affair.”

    Black-Tie Affair quilt“Our family was big on traditions when I was growing up. One special and favorite tradition was grounded in teaching my two brothers and me how to behave in social situations when we were very young (aka, how not to embarrass your parents in a fancy restaurant). A couple times a year, we would get dressed in our Sunday best, pile into the Rambler station wagon, and head for an unfamiliar restaurant. There we would be faced with crystal goblets, china, and more cutlery than we knew what to do with. Getting to act like the grownups, we were allowed to order Shirley Temples (kid-friendly nonalcoholic drinks made of ginger ale or lemon-lime soda and grenadine or cherries) and whatever we wanted for dinner—a huge treat back in the day!

    When I happened across this grouping of black prints, I knew exactly what I wanted to make with them: a simple yet elegant quilt, one that is surely fitting for a ‘Black Tie Affair’ and a remembrance of those special family outings!”

    Take 5 Fat QuartersFind 15 of Kathy’s fun quilts—and more charming stories—in Take 5 Fat Quarters >

    Print book: $24.99 eBook: $16.99


    How do you collect fat quarters—in bundles or one by one? Tell us in the comments and you could win one of two “Sprinkles” fat-quarter bundles from our friends at Red Rooster Fabrics plus a copy of the Take 5 Fat Quarters eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winners are:

    Tabitha, who says: “I collect fat quarters any way they come! If I see a single one I like I get that one or in bunches of five. I buy the whole collection of something I like with a little more planning. Thanks for the giveaway!”

    Andrea, who says, “I usually buy the bundles. Like most quilters, I have an ongoing love affair with fabric. So, the more the merrier! On some rare occasions I have purchased singles, but those are used for specific purposes.”

    We’ll email you about your prizes. Congratulations!

    1,131 comments (read all)

  9. Quick quilt projects to show you care

    Quilt detail from A Fresh Look at Seasonal Quilts

    Do you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? It sometimes seems as though we’re bombarded with ads, articles, and stories about breast cancer. We hear it so often we almost become numb to it.

    But I for one am glad to hear those stories. We need a reminder, at least once a year, that hundreds of thousands of women (and men) are affectedand it could just as easily be you or me. Here are the latest statistics:

    Estimated new cases of breast cancer in the United States in 2014: 232,670 (female), 2,360 (male) — From the National Cancer Institute

    Three close friends of mine are breast-cancer survivors, and in 2006 I did the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk. That was an unforgettable experience, and it really made me feel like I was doing something to help. And that is a good feeling.

    Mary's three-day walk for breast cancer

    When someone we know and love is diagnosed with cancer, it’s not unusual to feel as though there’s nothing we can do to help. But while doctors are treating the illness, we can always take care of the person. You can show you care by making a gift that says “I’m thinking about you. Here’s a big hug.”

    Last spring, a friend of our Martingale family was diagnosed with breast cancer. We wanted to let her know we cared, especially since she lived far away and was to start her treatment very soon. We had several bundles of ultra-soft corduroy fabric we’d received from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. Many of the fabrics were pink and cheery, so I asked my co-workers to help make a quick quilt.

    We wanted a portable-sized comfort quilt that she could take with her to treatments and feel our big group hug. We sprung into action and had our “Plenty of Raindrops” quilt, from Stephanie Dunphy’s book Uncommonly Corduroy, ready in no time.

    Comfort quilt from Uncommonly Corduroy
    Stephanie’s quilt from Uncommonly Corduroy, left; our comfort quilt, right.

    Comfort quilt makers
    We took a photo of the Martingale staffers who worked on the comfort quilt, so that we could send it along with the quilt (that’s me in the purple and pink, third from the right).

    Mary's comfort scarfThe 21-wale corduroy fabrics were warm, supple, and soft—perfect for a comfort quilt. We had several blocks left over, so I put them together with the scraps and made a coordinating scarf (right), to keep our friend’s head warm if she started losing her hair.

    If you’re looking for quick quilting ideas for gifts to show you care, you might try a few of these from Uncommonly Corduroy. Along with quilts, it also has patterns for wonderful bags that would make great comfort gifts.

    Projects from Uncommonly Corduroy
    “California Girl Bag and Scarf” and “Ethel and MJ”

    Quilts from Uncommonly Corduroy
    “California Poppies” and “Scooter Bug”

    Bags from Uncommonly Corduroy
    “Abby on the Go” and “I Heart Dresdens”

    Another terrific source of quick quilting projects for giving is Quilts Made with Love by Rachel Griffith. In this “greeting-card assortment” of quilts, Rachel includes a chapter of eight comfort-quilt patterns. All the quilts can be put together quickly, in the traditional pink breast-cancer palette, in another color for cancer awareness, or in your recipient’s favorite color scheme.

    From Quilts Made with Love
    “Farsighted” and “Second Wind”

    From Quilts Made with Love
    “Epilogue” and “Heartfelt”

    I hope I’ve inspired you to let a loved one know you care—and that you’ll want to head to your sewing room right away. But first, donate to a cancer-research charity online, and then get on the phone and schedule your mammogram!

    Have you ever made a gift for a cancer patient, or have you received one? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  10. Six-buck eBooks all October! This week: classic quilts

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    Six-buck eBooks this week only


    Stock your computer, laptop, or tablet with popular Martingale quilt books from some of our best-selling authors of all time! Download eBooks instantly and start stitching just minutes from now. Only $6 each this week only.

    Sale ends at midnight on Sunday, October 12.

    Nickel Quilts:
    Great Designs from 5-Inch Scraps

    by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode
    $19.99 $6.00

    Nickel Quilts

    Amazon review: “It’s now over a year later and I am still making quilts from this book.”

    Use just 8 units to make all 20 quilts >

    Color for the Terrified Quilter:
    Plain Talk, Simple Lessons, 11 Projects

    by Ionne McCauley and Sharon Pederson
    $18.95 $6.00

    Color for the Terrified Quilter

    Amazon review: “Whether you’re a beginner or further advanced, there’s lots to learn in this book.”

    There is a step-by-step way to choose colors; this fun book shows you how >

    The Joy of Quilting
    by Joan Hanson and Mary Hickey
    $19.99 $6.00

    The Joy of Quilting

    Amazon review: “I feel that my future in quilting is going to be made much easier.”

    Rely on this essential resource for as long as you quilt >

    Appliqué Takes Wing:
    Exquisite Designs for Birds, Butterflies, and More

    by Jane Townswick
    $19.99 $6.00

    Applique Takes Wing

    Amazon review: “You can truly create magic with your fabric, needle, thread, and the assistance of Jane’s wonderful book.”

    Achieve flawless appliqué with Jane’s guidance and 12 original block patterns >

    Clever Quarters:
    Quilts from Fat-Quarter Cuts

    by Susan Teegarden Dissmore
    $16.99 $6.00

    Clever Quarters

    Amazon review: “I bought this book to get the pattern for a table runner I had seen, but I found several other patterns that I would like to try.”

    No extra yardage needed; quilt tops are 100% fat-quarter friendly >

    Make Room for Christmas Quilts:
    Quilts and Decorating Ideas from Nancy J. Martin

    $19.99 $6.00

    Make Room for Christmas Quilts

    Amazon review: “No matter what time of the year, this book is simply delightful to look through…loaded with many inspiring ideas.”

    Find oodles of ways to showcase your Christmas quilts—everywhere! >

    Design Your Own Quilts
    by Judy Hopkins
    $15.95 $6.00

    Design Your Own Quilts

    Amazon review: “This is one of the greatest quilt books ever…even beginners can expect a great result.”

    Build one-of-a-kind quilts with 12 flexible “blueprints” >

    Folk Art Quilts:
    A Fresh Look

    by Sandy Bonsib
    $18.95 $6.00

    Folk-Art Quilts

    Amazon review: “Lots of charming ideas for all your scraps!”

    Discover dozens of tips for creating quilts with a folk-art look >

    Little Quilts All Through The House
    by Alice Berg, Mary Ellen Von Holt, and Sylvia Johnson
    $13.95 $6.00

    Little Quilts All Through the House

    Amazon review: “A timeless classic! I have made almost every quilt within its pages.”

    Learn to choose “magic” fabrics for an instant antique look >

    Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts
    by Lynn Roddy Brown
    $18.99 $6.00

    Simple Strategies for Block-Swap Quilts

    Amazon review: “Good even if you don’t swap. Just a really down-to-earth, scrap-busting book.”

    Start your own successful block swap! >

    Subscribe to Stitch This!P.S. Sale ends at midnight on Sunday, October 12—but there’ll be a new $6 eBook sale on October 13! SUBSCRIBE to Stitch This! emails so you’re alerted to each $6 eBook sale in October. We’ll feature a different theme each week.

    Own one of these classics? Share your review in the comments!

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