1. Your next quick quilt pattern: simple and sweet sewing treat!

    Sweet and Simple pattern series↑↑↑ That’s the mantra of our Sweet & Simple pattern series. If it’s your quilting mantra too, you’ll love our latest additions! Whether your taste is traditional or more modern, we’ve got you covered. Best of all? Sweet & Simple patterns are only $4.00 each!

    Quick: You’ll get started AND get to the finish line fast, loving every sweet-and-simple minute along the way.

    Easy: No fussy stuff here. Each Sweet & Simple pattern is carefully selected by our editorial staff for ease of construction.

    Fun: Reliable instructions mean you get to relax and enjoy the process. Choose patterns for precuts, scraps, reproduction prints, and more.

    Done: You’ll love having a completed project to show off in less time—give it or keep it for yourself!

    Where can you find Sweet & Simple patterns? They’re available exclusively at independent quilt shops. (An instant excuse to visit your favorite shop. You’re welcome.)
    spacer 10px deep

    NEW! “Playmates” by Mary Hickey, “Rainbow Stash Buster” by Megan Jimenez, and “Hour by Hour” by Country Threads
    spacer 10px deep

    “Dashing” by Amber Johnson, “Rainbow Rail Fence” by Me and My Sister Designs, and “Vintage Stars” by Kim Brackett

    The patterns above are just a few in the Sweet & Simple series—you’ll find many more choices at quilt shops. Visit a shop near you for these and more amazing and affordable patterns!

    What did you score during your last trip to your local quilt shop? Share your answer in the comments!

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  2. How to deal with that crazy mixed-up quilt stash (+ sale)


    I recently became an empty nester. (Yay! Or sniff!) Which means that my quilt stash, after years of living in my dining room (and other hiding places—shh!), is finally getting a room of its own. Touching every piece of fabric I own has been enlightening, to say the least. Why did I save this? Why did I buy THAT? And so on. Here are some eBooks (on sale!) I’m turning to for help with some of my stash problems. I’m sure they can help you too.

    PROBLEM: Random chunks of leftover novelty fabrics
    SOLUTION: Instant Bargello by Susan Kisro

    Instant Bargello

    These quick and easy Bargello-style wall hangings are perfect for gobbling up those miscellaneous pieces of novelty fabric.

    Harvest Hill from
    Instant Bargello

    Ghosts in the Graveyard from
    Instant Bargello

    PROBLEM: Scraps and leftover bits of blocks that you can’t bring yourself to throw out
    SOLUTION: Bits and Pieces by Karen Costello Soltys

    Bits and Pieces

    Petite patchwork patterns are a great way to use up those “bits and pieces.” Use the small quilts you make to decorate your home (bringing a dim corner to life, accenting a tabletop, or draping a cupboard door). Or give as gifts! They don’t take weeks or months to complete, and they’re perfect for fat quarters too.

    12-Karat Four Patch and Christmas Goose from
    Bits and Pieces

    PROBLEM: Lots of colorful pieces—how to make them work together?
    SOLUTION: Colorful Quilts by Cynthia LeBlanc Regone

    Colorful Quilts

    Cynthia will help you take all those colors and styles and unify them into a beautiful quilt!

    Birdhouses of Key West and Bali High from
    Colorful Quilts

    PROBLEM: I want to make a scrap quilt, but I’m kind of a control freak
    SOLUTION: Stash Magic by Jaynette Huff

    Stash Magic

    Use it up! Thoughtfully! Jaynette will show you how to gather fabrics for a successful scrap quilt. Thirteen quilt designs that use a variety of techniques provide plenty of inspiration.

    Floral View and Pinwheel Stars from
    Stash Magic

    What are your most pressing stash problems? Tell us in the comments!


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  3. Happy 🌎 Day! Half off eBooks and ePatterns now (but hurry)

    Posted by on April 22, 2016, in quilting & sewing, , , ,

    Every April 22 we celebrate Earth Day—a time to recommit to taking care of this big, beautiful rock we call home. We all know the many mantras for taking care of Mother Earth: reduce, reuse, recycle; choose local; and go digital. And when you go digital today at ShopMartingale.com, you can save BIG:


    That’s right: save 50% on 300+ eBooks and ALL ePatterns (more than 450 of those!) through Monday, April 25 at noon (PST).

    Skip the mailbox and the shipping costs. Simply choose, download, and commence creating. All in a matter of minutes!

    This offer doesn’t last long, so get your savings now—and stitch a salute to Mother Earth! Follow the links below to start shopping.


    Becoming a Confident Quilter Log Cabin Fever Feathers That Fly Holiday Cheer Quilts

    Quilting with Precuts and Shortcuts Square Dance Small Pieces Spectacular Quilts Stack a New Deck

    Browse more eBooks:
    Shop Now


    Amigurumi on the Go Crochet Baby Style Crocheted Snugglers Easy Crocheted Hats and Scarves

    Easy Knitting for Baby Knit Boutique Knitting Pleats Knitting the Chill Away

    Browse more eBooks:
    Shop Now


    S is for Scraps Warm Welcome Everyday Handmade Creating Your Perfect Quilting Space

    Prairie-Point Pizzazz Showstopping Quilts to Foundation Piece Quilting for Joy Paper-Pieced Mini Quilts

    Browse more eBooks:
    Shop Now


    Autumn Paths quilt ePatternDripping Diamonds quilt ePatternInterlocking Friendship quilt ePatternThree of Hearts quilt ePattern

    Bali Sea Star quilt ePatternDinner Party Grocery Bag ePatternGriddle Cakes quilt ePatternChain Link quilt ePattern

    Browse more ePatterns:
    Shop Now

    How do you celebrate Earth Day in your day-to-day life—recycle, ride your bike, carpool . . . make a scrap quilt? Tell us in the comments!

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  4. 2 quilting 🌟🌟 create the ultimate resource for machine-quilting ideas (+ giveaway!)

    What’s better than a groundbreaking book about machine quilting, packed with techniques and patterns from a quilting superstar?

    How about a groundbreaking book about machine quilting written by TWO quilting superstars?
    spacer 10px deep

    Christa Watson (left), author of the best-seller
    Machine Quilting with Style, and Angela Walters (right), author of multiple books on machine quilting, at QuiltCon, February 2016.

    That book has finally arrived—and it’s like owning two books in one!

    Two truly talented machine quilters have come together, each to share her unique experience and expertise with you, in The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting.

    Want ideas, techniques, and advice for long-arm quilting? Angela’s got you covered.
    spacer 10px deep


    Need handholding guidance for machine quilting on your home sewing machine? Christa’s your go-to girl!
    spacer 10px deep


    Want to learn more about machine quilting on both kinds of machines? The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting will double your know-how, your progress, and your fun.

    The layout of the book makes it easy to compare each author’s approach to 10 different step-by-step quilt patterns. Open the book to any pattern and you’ll find Angela’s visual tips and advice for long-armers on one side (in teal); see Christa’s visual tips and advice on the facing page (in orange). Both sets of advice are for the same quilt pattern, so you’ll see all the dramatic differences quilting can make.
    spacer 10px deep

    machine quilting ideas

    Each author shares not only how to machine quilt on her choice of machine, but when, where, and why certain designs and motifs are better suited to long-arm or sit-down machines. And once you can answer those questions, a whole new world of machine-quilting freedom will open up to you.

    Take a look at what quilters are already saying about The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting at ShopMartingale.com:

    The Ultimate Guide to Machine QuiltingFrom Katy: Five-stars “This is an amazing resource for quilters of all machine shapes and sizes . . . an invaluable number of tips and tricks for more awkward areas that you could encounter in any quilt.”

    From Melissa: Five-stars “It really feels like you are sitting alongside Angela and Christa and getting to pick their brains on every little quilting decision they make . . . I know I will learn new little tidbits each time I pick it up. Fantastic!!!!”
    spacer 10px deep

    Example of two approaches to the Directionally Challenged quilt from the book: Angela’s on the left, Christa’s on the right.

    From Holly: Five-stars “The use of various simply pieced project quilts to demonstrate techniques and provide practice is something that I was glad to see . . . the ability to piece the same top and then try to imitate the techniques is a definite plus for me.”

    From Jackie: Five-stars “The book switches back and forth between the two authors in such a way that you feel as though you are part of a conversation between Angela and Christa. So grab a chair, a cup of coffee, and join the conversation. You’ll be glad you did.”
    spacer 10px deep

    Quatrefoil Appliqué
    quilt: Angela’s quilting on the left, Christa’s on the right.

    Tools-of-the-trade reveals. Quilt-sandwich prep. Ergonomics. And much more. From Angela’s geometric, continuous-curve, and ribbon-candy motifs to Christa’s switchbacks, chains, and zigzags, you’ll learn how to add graphic punch that will complement any quilt you choose to create. Make The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting a part of your quilt library—it will provide you with inspiration, ideas, and machine-quilting knowledge to grow with for years to come!

    Where are you on the machine-quilting continuum: just getting started, been practicing for a while, or already a pro? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting eBook! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Can’t wait to dive into Angela’s and Christa’s machine-quilting worlds? We feel you! Buy the book now and download the eBook instantly for free. Or buy the eBook only and save $8.00.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Whiskers, who says:

    “I’ve been at it a while, but it has been laid aside for nearly a year. Need to get a little project done this weekend to enter at the fair.”

    Whiskers, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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  5. Start-to-finish in a snap: sewing small quilting projects (+ sale!)


    What’s a quilter to do when he or she is running low on sewing time? Whip up a small quilt, of course! Whether you need to make a quick gift or a want a speedy way to update your home decor, small quilting projects pack a big punch. In addition to being time-friendly, small quilting projects also give you an excellent chance to use the smaller odds and ends in your fabric stash. The four fantastic books on sale today (20% off plus free shipping!) will show you how to turn those small scraps into a mini masterpiece in no time.

    Little GemsLittle Gems: 15 Paper-Pieced Miniature Quilts

    Little Gems includes 15 gorgeous and diminutive projects (only 12″ square) that prove that bigger is not always better! If you’ve never tried paper piecing, this book offers a fun way to take the technique for a test-drive without committing to a full-sized quilt. Snow on the Mountains is a scrap-lover’s dream, not to mention being a project that you’ll almost certainly finish in time to decorate for winter. And don’t be scared of those tiny triangles—paper piecing makes it easy to stitch crisp points and angles.
    spacer 10px deep

    Snow on the Mountains from
    Little Gems

    Cups and SaucersCups and Saucers: Paper-Pieced Kitchen Designs

    Cups and Saucers by Maaike Bakker is another delightful foray into small paper-pieced projects with 10 charming kitchen-themed quilts to choose from. The book also includes a step-by-step photo guide to paper piecing that really clarifies the process. Choose some bright scraps from your stash to quickly make the Breakfast quilt below as a cheerful addition to your kitchen table or as a sweet wedding shower gift.

    Breakfast from Cups and Saucers

    101 Fabulous Small Quilts101 Fabulous Small Quilts

    This must-have anthology is an enormous value. 101 Fabulous Small Quilts includes small quilting projects of every look and style, including doll quilts, lap quilts, table toppers, holiday decorations, and much more. It will become your go-to resource whenever you need to finish something quickly or make something marvelous from your stash.

    Amazon reviewer Alice Kathleen gave the collection five stars and says:

    Five-stars “I am THRILLED with this book! There are so many patterns that I hadn’t seen before and color combinations that I wouldn’t have considered (but that are perfect, and help me break out of my old-fashioned ‘traditional quilter’ mindset). I’ve found patterns that will work perfectly with my existing stash . . . Being small projects, there are no huge commitments of time or materials to make.”

    Quick ChangeQuick Change: Refresh a Room Fast with Quilted Bed Runners

    Quick Change includes 13 bed-runner patterns that make it quick and easy to freshen up the look of your bedroom without the time and investment required to make a bed-size quilt. Popular designers, such as Heather Andrus, Brigitte Heitland, and Megan Jimenez contributed a variety of bed runners, many of which are simple enough to piece in a day. Hester’s Crossing by Jocelyn Ueng would be a fast and fun project to brighten up your bedroom for summertime.
    spacer 10px deep
    “Hester’s Crossing” from Quick Change

    How do you most often use your small quilts? In wall displays, on tabletops, or in some other clever way? Tell us in the comments!


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  6. How to use a quilting ruler without slip-sliding away

    When it comes to precise piecing, which do you think is more important: accurate cutting or accurate sewing?

    Cutting-or-sewingIf you said cutting OR sewing, you’re close . . . but for seams that butt, points that match, and blocks that turn out to be the size they’re supposed to be, accurate cutting AND sewing are equally important.

    To whoever invented the ¼" sewing foot—making accurate seams much easier to achieve—we salute you. But the only thing we can rely on for accurate cutting (okay, besides precuts!) is good old-fashioned practice. Along with the technique for how to use a quilting ruler that we’re sharing today.

    If your ruler tends to shift, slip, tilt, or slowly slither away when you’re cutting, this simple “inchworm” technique will make all the difference. Like an inchworm, it’s just a little thing—it may seem like it won’t matter much. But the next time you’re cutting long strips, give it a try. You’ll be amazed at how the technique can improve your cutting accuracy.

    How to use a quilting ruler without slippage: inchworm technique

    1. With your noncutting hand near the base of the ruler, cut to a point slightly above your fingers. Stop cutting, but don’t lift the cutter from the fabric.
      spacer 10px deep
      spacer 10px deep
    2. Keeping very light pressure on the ruler with your fingers, and without moving the cutter, bring your thumb up to those fingers. Now, transfer the pressure to your thumb and extend your fingers to brace the top half of the ruler.
      spacer 10px deep
      spacer 10px deep
    1. Continue cutting, inching your hand forward as before if needed.

    This little tip is excerpted from our “Rotary Cutting” eBooklet, which can be downloaded for free at our How to Quilt page. Download it for yourself right now and discover even more tips to help with cutting accuracy.

    Now that you’ve got a tip to improve your cutting skills, it’s time to test your stripping skills—by cutting lots of long strips from your stash, of course! When your strips are perfectly cut, sew them into beautiful quilts from one of these strip-happy books.
    spacer 10px deep

    spacer 10px deep

    spacer 10px deep

    spacer 10px deep

    spacer 10px deep

    What tends to trip up your accuracy more: cutting or sewing? Tell us in the comments!



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  7. Civil War fabric fanatics, meet your kindred spirit (+ giveaway!)

    Madder reds, poison greens, cheddars, shirtings . . . if you’re like best-selling author Carol Hopkins, you can’t bear to toss a single scrap of that Civil War reproduction fabric you love. And now you can pat yourself on the back for saving them. Why? Because they’re perfect for the jaw-dropping quilts from Civil War Legacies III—the crowning jewel in Carol’s Civil War Legacies series of books!
    spacer 10px deep

    Parlor Music
    from Civil War Legacies III

    With Civil War Legacies III, you can create stunning quilts that don’t require a long attention span, a major time commitment, or yards of fabric—even if you do have what Carol calls an “extensive private textile collection.” 😄
    spacer 10px deep

    Milton’s Musket Balls

    Struggle with choosing fabrics from your Civil War stash? You’ll love Carol’s helpful tips for selecting just the right fabrics to achieve a scrappy, vintage look. Get her secrets for mixing all those prints into patchwork perfection.
    spacer 10px deep

    Poppy Ladies quilt with a tip from Carol

    Choose from 16 small projects, ranging from wall quilts and table toppers to doll and baby quilts. You’ll find the perfect spot for every scrap you own—put even the tiniest scraps to use.
    spacer 10px deep

    Home Front quilt

    Take a look at what quilters like you are saying about Carol’s first two books in the Civil War Legacies series:

    Civil War LegaciesCivil War Legacies

    Five-stars“I might need to buy a second copy of Carol Hopkins’s book; after just 10 days I have traversed back and forth through this book to cover more distance than when I was lost in the lower levels of Penn Station and could not find a street-level exit.”

    Five-stars“This book is the missing link in my quilt-book collection . . . the best investment I could have made. So far, I have made Papa’s Birds, Alexander’s Bean Pot, and Stars to Freedom to hang in my stairway. I’ll probably make every one of the rest of these little treasures!”

    Five-stars“I love the personal stories Ms. Hopkins tells about each of the quilts, and the lovely photographs that make the quilts come to life. Although they look intricate to a beginner like me, each quilt is actually composed of fairly simple elements.”

    Civil War Legacies IICivil War Legacies II

    Five-stars“All the quilts in this book are so cute that I am motivated to make them all . . . and I may just be able to finish six small quilts in place of doing one King!!! Thank you Carol!”

    Five-stars“Wonderful book! Has vintage patterns with contemporary instructions to make them. Also the history is great!”

    Five-stars“Love it, love it. Like the variety of sizes in the ‘small’ quilts. Will be a great way to use up the reproduction scraps that I recently purchased at a favorite quilt shop.”

    What makes Civil War Legacies III even more irresistible? The projects are charm pack, Layer Cake, and fat-quarter friendly! See all 16 projects here. >>>
    spacer 10px deep

    Free-shippingRemember, when you spend $40 at ShopMartingale.com you’ll earn free shipping in the US and Canada. So treat yourself to two or more of Carol’s beautiful books today!
    spacer 10px deep

    Civil War Legacies IIIHow big does a scrap have to be for you to save it: 10″, 5″, 2″, smaller? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Civil War Legacies III eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Buy-it-NowWant to start sewing your own legacy today? Purchase Civil War Legacies III now and instantly download the eBook for free. Or buy only the eBook and save $8.00!

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Madeline, who says:

    “As long as it is 2″, that’s enough for me to do something with.”

    Madeline, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!

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  8. Efficient quilt techniques for remaking antiques (+ sale)


    Authentic antique quilts inspire us—and they inspire many of our authors too! With help from our authors, you can remake vintage quilts into your own heirlooms. Simply follow the streamlined techniques of the popular authors we’re highlighting this week. Their eBooks are 40% off through Sunday, April 17. Take a look at the gorgeous quilts below—which will you leave as your legacy?

    Small Blocks, Stunning QuiltsSmall Blocks, Stunning Quilts
    Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms

    These quilts are simply jaw dropping—but how do Mary and Biz get to the finish line with all those small pieces? Cue their batchwork patchwork approach—cutting, assembling, and putting quilt tops together in manageable “chunks” or “batches”—which comes in handy when making a quilt with lots of pieces. Inside Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts, you’ll also enjoy a sampling of the quilts the authors have collected over years of antiquing. Amazing!
    spacer 10px deep

    Close-ups of quilts from
    Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts
    spacer 10px deep

    For added efficiency, Mary and Biz use one-layer tackle boxes with dividers to organize and store small pieces. The boxes also make for easy transport. (Leave a cubby for chocolate!)

    See the full-sized quilts >
    $18.95 $11.37

    Link to the '30sLink to the ’30s: Making the Quilts We Didn’t Inherit
    Kay Connors and Karen Earlywine

    Kay and Karen hunted for quilt patterns from the 1930s in search of extraordinary designs that hadn’t been made in decades. The quilts they chose to remake for their first book, Link to the ’30s, are nothing short of spectacular.

    So, what time-saving tricks do they have up their sleeves? In their own words: “We hold the old quilters in high esteem, but we’ll use any tools or modern techniques that facilitate the process. The methodology of the 1930s is important in the quest to replicate the look and feel of the original quilts, but we are not gluttons for punishment!” Get that vintage look without the vintage techniques.
    spacer 10px deep

    Close-ups of quilts from
    Link to the ’30s

    See the full-sized quilts >
    $18.99 $11.39

    Prairie Children and Their QuiltsPrairie Children and Their Quilts: 14 Little Projects That Honor the Pioneer Spirit
    Kathleen Tracy

    If you’ve ever wondered what life was like for pioneers on the western frontier, Kathleen Tracy will immerse you in the period with authentic photos and stories from nineteenth-century America. As you read about living on the prairie, you’ll create small, simple-to-sew quilts featuring block designs that were popular during the era. Projects include a game-board quilt, a schoolhouse quilt, a prairie-doll apron, and a schoolgirl sampler. Take a peek inside the book with this video introduction.
    spacer 10px deep

    Projects from
    Prairie Children and Their Quilts

    See all the quilts >
    $16.99 $10.19

    Applique Quilt RevivalAppliqué Quilt Revival: Updated Patterns from the ’30s
    Nancy Mahoney

    Quilt patterns appeared in dozens of newspapers in the 1930s. Thrifty quilters collected, traded, shared, tried, and loved them. Nancy Mahoney amassed a ’30s pattern collection of her own and shares her favorites in Appliqué Quilt Revival, substituting her updated appliqué and piecing techniques. Perfect for your stash of ’30s repro prints—scraps and all!
    spacer 10px deep

    A peek at a few sweet motifs from
    Appliqué Quilt Revival

    See the full-sized quilts >
    $16.99 $10.19

    Which era speaks to you most when it comes to quilts: the 19th century or the 1930s? Tell us in the comments!


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  9. Learn how to quilt for beginners: 5 essential posts to save and share

    Learn-how-to-quilt-for-beginnersAre you a beginner? We’re all beginners in some way. Some of us have never paper pieced; others have yet to try needle-turn appliqué. How about hand piecing, embroidery, or machine quilting? There’s always something new to learn that will inspire your creativity!

    In today’s post we’ve collected resources for new quilters of all kinds. Discover something you’d like to learn in our beginner roundup below—there’s tons of new sewing fun to explore.

    Be sure to share a link to this post with the newbies you know—they’ll thank you!

    how-to-quiltFREE DOWNLOADS

    Ready, set, quilt! With 40 years of quilting expertise to draw on, we’ve got lots of tips, tricks, and do-it-the-easy-way advice for beginners. What’s new to you? Get your free downloadable quilting tutorials here, including:

    • Quilting vocabulary
    • Rotary cutting: How to cut fabric with rotary cutters
    • Piecing a quilt: How to sew seams, chain piece, match points, and press for success
    • How to appliqué: needle-turn, freezer-paper, and fusible appliqué
    • Paper-foundation piecing step by step
    • Common hand-embroidery stitches
    • How to sew borders on quilts
    • Making a quilt sandwich
    • How to make a hanging sleeve
    • Binding a quilt

    P.S. We have free downloads for how to knit and how to crochet too.

    Martingale-on-YouTubeHOW-TO VIDEOS

    Here are a few of our how-to videos on YouTube—go here to watch them all.


    how-to-sew-a-quarter-inch-seam5. How to sew a quarter-inch seam—perfectly, every time

    Can we all agree that this one trick will solve most piecing problems once and for all? A must-have skill for beginners!spacer 10px deep

    Making-half-square-triangles4. Triangle quilts: making the perfect HST

    Triangles can kick-start a beginner’s journey toward more challenging sewing techniques. Once a quilter masters the HST (half-square triangle), a whole new world of block patterns come into play.
    spacer 10px deep

    Nine-Patch-quilt-block3. 11 simple quilt blocks you can make in 10 minutes

    Beginners want to learn techniques, of course—but they want to make something to show off, too! Start with easy quilt blocks that, when sewn into rows, transform into wonderful quilts.
    spacer 10px deep

    Jelly-Roll-Race-quilt2. Jelly Roll race quilt—with a spin

    The pretty quilts in this post are perfect for beginners—start by sewing simple strips. No triangles, no point matching, and likely no seam ripper needed. You can’t go wrong with these patterns that rely on a fun slice, spin, and sash sequence that results in beautiful quilts. Oh sew easy!
    spacer 10px deep

    advice-from-a-beginner1. Advice to seasoned quilters…from a beginner (+ videos)

    Our most popular post about beginning quilters! Don’t miss the comments section, where you’ll find tons of advice from Stitch This! readers.
    spacer 10px deep

    What are you a beginner at: sewing seams, free-motion quilting, paper piecing? Tell us in the comments!


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  10. Patchwork + Christmas hand embroidery = ♥ (+ giveaway!)

    It’s never too soon to start stitching for Christmas!
    spacer 10px deep

    Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery by Gail Pan

    The bestselling author of Patchwork Loves Embroidery is ready to help you celebrate the holidays with sweet designs that will spread the delights of Christmas throughout your home. And throughout the homes of those you love!
    spacer 10px deep

    Star Birds Table Runner

    In her new book, Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery, you’ll follow Gail Pan’s simple techniques to create endearing holiday scenes, from happy elves and angels to heartfelt sayings that will inspire the Christmas spirit.
    spacer 10px deep

    Happy Elf Bag

    Click here for Gail’s quick video on how to transfer embroidery designs to fabric. So easy, so fun—it’ll get you in the stitching spirit!

    Whether you’re ready to try embroidery for the first time or you know each stitch by heart like Gail, you’ll love sewing these charming tributes to the merriest time of the year. We’re thrilled to have Gail as a guest writer today to tell us more about her much-anticipated second book. Welcome, Gail!

    Gail-PanHi, I’m Gail and I’m so excited to share with you my new book, Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery. Anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas! And with this book I’m able to share with you all the things I love about it. From reindeer to Santa to adorable elves, there’s something for everyone. Of course I had to include my cute little birds as well.

    Here in Australia it’s summer at Christmastime. No snow for us! But that doesn’t stop us from decorating with all the usual Christmas themes. I love to hang quilts on the walls, set the table with Christmas-themed runners and toppers, and prop myself up on the couch with a cute cushion. In Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery, you’ll find all of these projects to make for your home.
    spacer 10px deep

    Joy to the World pillow

    You’ll also find a tree skirt for your tree and stockings for your mantel.
    spacer 10px deep

    Christmas Stockings

    Don’t be afraid to mix and match embroidery elements. The motifs from the wall quilt would look fantastic on the table runner, or use them on the stockings. It’s entirely up to you!

    The projects in Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery also make great gifts. In my sewing group we exchange “secret Santa” gifts and I think it’s awesome to give a gift handmade with love, like my Comfort and Joy Card Holder.
    spacer 10px deep

    Comfort and Joy Card Holder

    I’ve used an assortment of red, green, and cream fabrics, including reproduction fabrics, so you don’t necessarily need to use Christmas theme prints. And if you like a different colorway for Christmas, then let your imagination take you there!

    I hope you enjoy the projects in the book and don’t forget to share what you’ve made! It’s wonderful to see show-and-tell projects, and it inspires others when they see what you’ve made.

    Happy Christmas stitching!

    Christmas Patchwork Loves EmbroideryThank you for that fun peek into your new book, Gail!

    What Christmas motif do you like best: angels, reindeer, good ’ol Saint Nick? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery eBook! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Inspired to start your holiday sewing today? Buy Christmas Patchwork Loves Embroidery now and instantly download the eBook for free. Or buy the eBook only and save!

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Mindy, who says:

    “I love the reindeer, they are adorable. Would love to win this.”

    Mindy, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!
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