1. You’ve never seen Nine Patch quilt blocks quite like this (+ giveaway!)

    Nine-Patch-quilt-blockSweet and simple, the Nine Patch is one of the oldest and best-loved quilt blocks. In fact, just knowing its name is almost enough to know how to sew it! This simplicity makes the Nine Patch quilt block a chameleon of sorts, allowing for endless creativity and variation. A Nine Patch block might look classic as can be in one quilt and completely modern as part of a different design. Changing just one element, such as the scale or color placement, gives the block a total makeover.

    Intrigued yet? Well, there’s no better place to see the versatility of Nine Patch quilt blocks than in the newest addition to our Block-Buster series: I Love Nine Patches. We gathered a dream team of designers to bring you 16 unique takes on this timeless block, and you’re sure to be inspired to start your own Nine Patch adventure!
    spacer 10px deep

    Block-Buster Quilts: I Love Nine Patches

    Let’s start with the kaleidoscopically colorful quilt To The Nines by Audrie Bidwell. The block is a straightforward Nine Patch, but the stupendous scrappiness and clever use of color makes this quilt both easy and fun to piece.

    To the Nines by Audrie Bidwell

    Sherri McConnell recently shared her lovely I Love Nine Patches quilt, Paisley Patch, on her blog A Quilting Life. She combined simple Nine Patch blocks with Snowball blocks in scrappy red, cream, and blue paisley prints, and then set them on point to create this cool composition.

    Paisley Patch by Sherri McConnell

    Jackie White’s bold and bright quilt Jewel of the Nine is made from two alternating Nine Patch blocks. Can you spot them? Using half-square triangles for the corners of the alternate blocks creates a faceted jewel-like look.

    Jewel of the Nine by Jackie White

    For a completely different take, Kimberly Jolly played with the scale of her blocks to make her amazing quilt called Gradations. The gradual shift in size among the blocks makes for a truly stunning visual effect.

    Gradations by Kimberly Jolly

    Corey Yoder tossed half-square triangles and four-patch units in the mix to make the beautiful quilt Bespoke. This combination of two modified Nine Patch blocks makes the design much easier to piece than it looks!

    Bespoke by Corey Yoder

    There are many more Nine Patch delights to feast your eyes on in Block-Buster Quilts: I Love Nine Patches, plus lots of helpful basics and clever tips for speeding up your sewing. Jump on the Nine Patch train today!

    Do you prefer the Nine Patch block in its purest form or do you like to change it up? Tell us in the comments and you could win one of 15 copies of the Block-Buster Quilts: I Love Nine Patches eBook—one for each designer! We’ll choose random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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  2. How to decorate with quilts: designer do’s (+ sale!)

    Save 20% on select books + free shipping

    You can decorate with a lamp. A painting. A wreath. Assorted knick-knacks. But bring a quilt into the room and you can actually feel the space become softer. Cozier. A quilt invites you to relax, unwind, and stay a spell.

    How do quilts do that? We say it’s simply their superpower.

    Whether you’re making your first quilt or your one-hundred and first, our books on sale this week will inspire you put them on display. Find a special place in your home for that quilt you just finished—and that quilt you’re about to start making. The books featured below are 20% off this week only (we’ll even pay to ship them in the US and Canada). But hurry—sale offer ends August 21.

    Decorate with BIG quilts

    Remembering the PastRemembering the Past: Reproduction Quilts Inspired by Antique Favorites by Julie Hendricksen

    You might think the only place to display a bed-sized quilt is on a bed. But in Remembering the Past you’ll discover many more ways to get creative with big quilts. Ladders and quilt racks are an obvious choice for sizeable quilts, but there are lots of other places to show them off.

    Decorating DO: Take those bed quilts out of the linen closet and give them the spotlight!

    Roll up and nestle big quilts into wire baskets, just like arranging fabric flowers into a beautiful bouquet.

    Drape big quilts over fixtures with hard lines or furniture that needs a pop of color.

    Decorate with quilts from Remembering the Past >

    Decorate with Seasonal Accents

    'Tis the Autumn Season’Tis the Autumn Season: Fall Quilts and Decorating Projects by Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks

    Seasonal sewing is so much fun! It’s a great way to mimic Mother Nature indoors. Jeanne and Shelley switch out quilts to celebrate each season’s arrival, and they’ve found lots of fun and functional ways to display them.

    Decorating DO: Think outside of the box (and the bed, couch, and chair). Look up!

    Surprise! Put pretty pillows and quilts up high and turn a drab corner into a conversation starter.

    Decorate with quilts from ’Tis the Season >

    Decorating with Runners

    Think BigThink Big: Quilts, Runners, and Pillows from 18″ Blocks by Amy Ellis

    Runners are a great resource when it comes to decorating skinny spaces. Display a runner across a table or along the foot of a bed, yes, but be on the lookout for other horizontal and vertical spaces that need some pep. A runner just might do the trick!

    Decorating DO: Sew runners to your specifications. Amy’s handy charts tell you how much fabric to cut and sew for a pillow (one block), a runner (a single row of blocks), and several quilt sizes (baby, throw, twin, queen, and king), all using the same block pattern. Seriously, her charts are basically genius.

    This neutral, six-block Downtown runner complements the sleek, modern feel of both the table and the setting, all while adding a little softness to the scene.

    Decorate with quilts from Think Big >

    Decorating with Small Quilts

    Country Threads Goes to Charm SchoolCountry Threads Goes to Charm School: 19 Little Quilts from 5″ Squares by Mary Etherington and Connie Tesene

    Small quilts pack a big punch! And the more the merrier. Whether you spotlight one quilt or twenty in a single room, give yourself the green light to pile on the patchwork—each quilt adds more softness and warmth to the scene.

    Decorating DO: Got a collection of something—old irons, Depression glass, baskets, nesting dolls? Make a quilt that coordinates with the colors of your collection; then arrange the pieces on a flat surface with your quilt as the crowning jewel.

    A pottery collection harmonizes with a little quilt made of muted prints and plaids.

    💡One last decorating idea: Treat that quilt you’re proud of like an artist would: hang it on the wall and put a spotlight on it. It’ll wow your guests and make you smile whenever you see it.

    How many quilts are helping you decorate your home right now? Tell us in the comments!

    Save 20% on select books + free shipping



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  3. 📚Quilt-book lovers: get $40 to spend at our site today

    Are you a quilt book-a-holic? (It’s okay to say yes. You’re among friends who understand.)

    Or maybe you can’t get enough of books about sewing, knitting, or crochet.

    Or maybe you love them all.

    If you love books about your favorite hobby, it’s time.

    Time to join the Martingale Insider Book Club!

    Martingale Insider Book Club

    Free gift certificate for Insider Book Club membersIt’s only $14.99 per year to join. And we’re so sure you’ll love being a member, we’ll give you a $40.00 gift certificate to spend at our website as soon as you sign up.

    Spend your gift certificate on whatever your creative heart desires. No restrictions, no limitations. Except for one thing: as a book-club member, we insist that anything you buy at our website is 35% off the regular price. Because that’s how we treat our book-club members.

    Are you good with that? Good!

    Our Insider Book Club is brimming with benefits for you. When you join:

    >>> You’ll save 35% off everything at our website, ShopMartingale.com. Log in as a book-club member and this is what you’ll see on your screen:

    Discounts. Discounts. Discounts!

    Discounts are stupendously fun when you’re a book-a-holic. And yes, that 35% savings applies to whatever you buy with your new $40 gift certificate too. So you’re saving even more!

    >>> You’ll discover that membership is totally flexible. Once a month, you’ll get an email when we’re ready to send a beautiful new book to you. You can tell us:

    • YES! or
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    Or say nothing at all and we’ll automatically ship the Featured Selection to you.

    See? Choices. It’s the superpower we bestow upon you when you become a member.

    Martingale books coming to the book club soon!

    Joining is easy—put the Insider Book Club membership into your shopping cart, choose to receive print books or eBooks, and follow the prompts to check out. It’s that simple!

    Once your transaction is complete, you’ll receive your $40 gift certificate and you can spend it right away.*

    During the next year, you’ll receive 35% off all your purchases at ShopMartingale.com. Buy at least four items during the year to maintain your membership.* Buy six items in a year and we’ll waive your membership fee next year!

    Questions? Click here for more info or email us at bookclub@shopmartingale.com and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

    Ready to join? Click here. Or find out more about the club:

    FAQs | membership terms | sign up!

    *Please note: items purchased with your $40 gift certificate, and flash sales, do not count toward the purchase obligation.




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  4. A quilter’s coffee-table book: Gwen Marston’s A Common Thread (+ giveaway!)

    Today is a grrrrreat day! We’re feeling delighted, excited, and proud to share with you this sneak peek of our latest coffee-table book for quilters:


    A Common Thread: A Collection of Quilts by Gwen Marston.

    You may know Gwen Marston as a living legend in the quiltmaking world. Perhaps you followed her illustrious “Liberated Quiltmaking” phase. If you’re lucky you’ve heard her lecture, participated in one of her workshops, or otherwise met her in person. Or maybe you’re about to discover her for the first time.

    No matter how you’ve come to know Gwen’s work, this in-depth journey into her lifelong love affair with fabric, color, and design will inspire you for as long as you create.


    A Common Thread chronicles five decades of Gwen’s fascinating work. From her beginnings as a traditional quilter to her “liberated” quilt era; from her series of spectacular string quilts to her exploration of minimalist design, this magnificently photographed collection of more than 65 quilts—curated by Gwen herself—invites you to enjoy her journey, her artistry, and her process like never before.

    From the Traditional Patchwork chapter

    As you savor each page, the common threads woven through Gwen’s quilts will come into focus—her thought-provoking color and design choices, her perfectly imperfect piecing, her delightfully tiny surprises, just waiting to be discovered! And you just might find that you share many common threads with Gwen.

    From the Appliqué chapter

    The scope of Gwen’s work is vast, yet she’s come to each of her quilts with the same intentions:

    To happily create without a goal of perfection.

    From the Liberated Quiltmaking chapter

    To evolve and grow:

    From the String Quilts chapter

    And to put heart and soul into expressing a unique perspective of our world.

    From the Abstract Quilts in Solids chapter

    You’ll coax out your creativity, fire up your imagination, and gather inspiration when you immerse yourself in Gwen’s world through the pages of A Common Thread. Treat yourself, your quilting friends, and all the artists you know to this extraordinary retrospective of a celebrated American artist—who we are now overjoyed to call part of the Martingale family!


    Gwen Marston: fanatical fan, enthusiastic admirer, or new to her work? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of A Common Thread! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Linda, who says:


    Linda, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!




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  5. Find summer fun indoors: 4 new quilting techniques to try (+ sale!)

    Save 40% on select eBooks this week only

    Stay out of the summer swelter—try some out-of-the-box fun indoors with new quilting techniques! This week’s sale books will teach you new tricks that you can keep in your quiltmaking tool belt and whip out whenever you want. Isn’t it nice to have creative options?

    Save 40% on the eBooks below, this week only! Sale lasts through Sunday, July 24, 2016.

    Learn how to: create on-point quilts with zero math

    On-Point PatchworkOn-Point Patchwork: Fuss-Free Diagonals using the Omnigrid On-Point Ruler
    Donna Lynn Thomas

    If you know prolific author Donna Lynn Thomas, you know she’s a whiz at quilting math. In On-Point Patchwork she shows you how to create on-point quilts in blocks, borders, and sashing with no templates and no math—just a swish of your rotary blade.
    spacer 10px deep

    Boxes and Bows quilt from
    On-Point Patchwork
    spacer 10px deep

    In the video below, Donna introduces her book along with a ruler that makes on-point quilts a breeze.

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video.

    Learn how to: sew accurate circles and curves

    Simple Circles and Quick CurvesSimple Circles and Quick Curves: Machine Appliqué the Easy Way
    Nancy Mahoney

    If you’ve tried piecing circles and curves without success, stick with Nancy Mahoney: she’ll teach you to appliqué those arcs, bends, and bows by machine. Her method is easier than piecing, quicker than hand appliqué, and headache free. You’ll pair two techniques for stress-free circles: starch appliqué and a machine blanket stitch.
    spacer 10px deep

    Blue Bayou quilt from
    Simple Circles and Quick Curves

    Ever wondered how to perfectly center an appliqué shape on a background fabric? Watch Nancy’s smart tip for preparing circle shapes for machine appliqué—they’ll wind up smack-dab in the center every time. You’ll use her easy tip over and over again!

    spacer 10px deep
    spacer 10px deep

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video.

    Learn how to: make dimensional prairie points

    Prairie-Point PizzazzPrairie-Point Pizzazz: Quilts with New Dimension
    Karen Sievert

    Karen wanted an easier way to incorporate prairie points into her quilts. She says she failed her way to success. And now, her prairie points aren’t only in the borders of her quilts; they’re in the body of her quilts too. Take a look at these examples:
    spacer 10px deep

    Examples of quilts from
    Prairie-Point Pizzazz

    Amazing dimension, right? A surprise under every point! Watch Karen demonstrate her streamlined technique in this video (check out her dimensional Flying Geese border at mark 4:14 in the video—really neat!).

    Reading this post in email? Click here to watch the video.

    Learn how to: appliqué a new way

    Fuss-Free Machine AppliqueFuss-Free Machine Appliqué: Sew on the Line for Great Results
    Lori Buhler

    With Lori’s clever sew-on-the-line technique, there are no raw edges to hide away in your appliqué. Where’d the raw edges go, you ask? Good question! Click here for an in-depth look at her method. From circles to twining vines, curvy petals, and even skinny curlicues, the technique can be adapted to most any project.
    spacer 10px deep

    All That Jazz quilt from
    Fuss-Free Machine Appliqué

    What’s the latest technique you’ve tried: a piecing or appliqué method, or maybe a finishing technique like quilting or binding? Tell us in the comments!

    Save 40% on select eBooks this week only



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  6. You’ve never made a Crazy quilt block this way – unless… (giveaway!)

    You’ve never made a Crazy quilt block this way . . . unless you know Janet Nesbitt and her Crazy approach to piecing!

    Wish upon a (Crazy) Star quilt

    So what’s this “Crazy” sewing about? Here’s the process in a nutshell:

    First you do a little a little stackin’ and whackin’
    Then you do a little switchin’ and sewin’
    And it’s all a whole lotta quiltmakin’ fun!

    In her new book Crazy at the Cabin, Janet—formerly of Buggy Barn—will inspire you to get a little crazy with some out-of-the-box piecing. Her collection of cozy quilts will have you daydreaming about summers at the cabin with family and friends. But you don’t need to be anywhere near a cabin to get a cabin-at-the-lake look.

    Welcome to the Lake quilt from
    Crazy at the Cabin

    The perfectly imperfect technique is fun, forgiving . . . and totally addicting. Are you ready to join this quilting craze? We’ve invited Janet to be our guest writer today—she’ll explain why she chose a summer-cabin theme for her first book with Martingale. Welcome, Janet!

    Janet-NesbittThis is just like Christmas . . . I’ve waited and waited and finally! The day is here and I’m so excited to unwrap my special present! You all know what it’s like: that present’s been tucked under the tree, looking so pretty, calling your name, for what seems like forever. Well, today is the day I get to unwrap that present—and it’s even better than what I’d wildly imagined! So here, wanna take a peek?

    Crazy at the Cabin

    Here it is! My brand new “crazy” book, Crazy at the Cabin. It’s full of fun new quilts, many of which I designed while up at the lake last summer.

    Of course, it was crazy-hot . . .

    Crazy Hot quilt

    . . . while we motored around the lake . . .

    Crazy Regatta quilt

    . . . taking in the local wildlife.

    Crazy Moose Messages quilt

    Then is was time for a snack . . .

    Crazy Summer Blooms table runner

    . . . to hold us over until it was time for fireworks!

    Folk-Art Fireworks

    What a crazy-fun time we had at the lake. And what a crazy-fun time you’ll have making these quilts!

    So what is all this “crazy” stuff going on at the cabin? Now before your imagination takes off in all directions, let me explain. “Crazy” refers to a method of piecing that I’ve developed over the last 20 years. It’s a bit like making cardboard puzzles as a kid: you cut it up and so it can go back together, right? But because we are quilters, we add seam allowances—hence the patterns!

    You begin by tracing a full-size pattern from Crazy at the Cabin onto freezer paper; then you iron the freezer-paper template onto a stack of fabrics. Cut on the lines, make a quick shuffle, and put it all back together again. It’s a snap!

    Clear, concise directions with lots of color photos will help you understand the process.

    This has been the best Christmas present ever. I’d like to thank all the folks at Martingale/That Patchwork Place for giving me this opportunity to share my designs with you. Martingale is the greatest! We’ve worked so hard to make this beautiful book a reality—enjoy!

    Janet, we are so excited that your book is finally here—people are already going CRAZY for it!

    Have you tried Crazy piecing of any kind? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of Crazy at the Cabin! We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Aggiequilter, who says:

    “I’ve quilted for years but for some reason, I’ve never made any kind of crazy quilt. I’d love to have Janet’s new book and try some, they look amazing! Thanks for the chance to win!”

    Aggiequilter, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!





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  7. September: New Martingale books for fall stitching (+ giveaway!)

    It’s our favorite day of the month—Wish List Day! Why? Because we get to sneak peek new Martingale books making their way to your local shop soon. The books below will be available in stores and online in September!

    Subscribe to our blogSUBSCRIBE-to-Stitch-This and you’ll always get a first look at new Martingale quilt books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Which new book is your favorite? Enter to win it at the bottom of this post!


    The Big Book of Fat Quarter QuiltsThe Big Book of Fat-Quarter Quilts

    Notify-me Wish-list

    If you’ve got ’em—and you know you do—this is the perfect book for you! Discover a dizzying array of fat-quarter quilt patterns for most every style, size, and sewing speed you need. Piecing and appliqué, traditional and modern, heirloom quality or weekend worthy: it’s all here. Enjoy a bevy of popular designers too! For just pennies per pattern you can give yourself the gift of inspiration . . . and a reason to buy more fat quarters. Win-win!
    spacer 10px deep

    Clockwise from top left: fat-quarter-friendly quilts from Kim Diehl, Dana Bolyard, Gerri Robinson, and Julie Herman.


    The Big Book of Fat Quarter Quilts is the latest release in our immensely popular “Big Book” series—own them all!

    See more from The Big Book of Fat-Quarter Quilts >

    Preserving HistoryPreserving History: Patchwork Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts
    Julie Hendricksen

    Notify-me Wish-list

    A connoisseur of antique quilts, Remembering the Past author Julie Hendricksen shares the best of her 30+ years of collecting in this exquisitely photographed book. Remake one-of-a-kind quilts from the late 1800s through the 1930s, each handpicked by Julie from her vast collection. Some quilts are remade as exact replicas of antique quilts that Julie owns; others are re-imagined by studying old quilts too damaged to add to her collection. A special section addresses an often-overlooked part of remaking antique quilts: the quilting! Learn how to quilt an antique quilt using authentic examples from the era.
    spacer 10px deep

    Quilts from
    Preserving History

    This way to more stunning quilts from Julie >

    A Change of SeasonsA Change of Seasons: Folk-Art Quilts and Cozy Home Accessories
    Bonnie Sullivan

    Notify-me Wish-list

    Capture the charms of each season with a beautiful book you’ll love spending time with year ’round! Bonnie Sullivan’s refined folk-art style is instantly recognizable—you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to re-create. Use easy whipstitch appliqué, simple embroidery, and fun embellishments, to make showstopping seasonal wall quilts, framed fabric art, and even sweet little softies to tuck into nooks and crannies. The next season is always on the horizon; this heartwarming collection will inspire you to celebrate it. Includes lots of decorating ideas too!
    spacer 10px deep

    The Autumn project collection from
    A Change of Seasons

    See Bonnie’s spring, summer, and winter projects >

    Knitter's Know-HowKnitter’s Know-How: 127 Techniques Every Knitter Needs to Know
    Cap Sease

    Notify-me Wish-list

    From the best-selling author of Cast On, Bind Off comes an all-new reference guide about arguably the most important step of knitting any project: the finishing! Don’t let an unfamiliarity with finishing techniques turn your projects into amateur versions of what they could be. Instead, arm yourself with Cap’s expert advice and see each project through to a professional polish. Seams, zippers, buttonholes, edgings, hems, and much more—this essential handbook will improve every knitting project you create!
    spacer 10px deep

    Table of Contents from
    Knitter’s Know-How
    spacer 10px deep
    Page examples from
    Knitter’s Know-How: a mix of photos and illustrations clearly walk you through each technique

    Get a peek at more pages from Knitter’s Know-How >

    Which new release would make your September sparkle? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of it when it’s released! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Margaret, who says:

    Preserving History would be very helpful to me as I am giving a presentation on antique quilts to a local historical society in September.”

    Margaret, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!










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  8. Bags to sew for back to school: send ’em off in style (+ sale!)

    Posted by on August 1, 2016, in quilting & sewing, , , ,

    Save 20% on select books + free shipping

    Sized-up clothes, school supplies, registration, orientation. It’s time for the back-to-school bustle! Prepping for a new school year is all about getting students organized and ready to rule the school. And you can use your sewing skills to help—by making handy bags that are just as fresh and fun on the outside as all the new school supplies packed inside!

    Check out this roundup of bags to sew just in time for the first bell. Send students back to school in style while you save a little coin: the books these patterns come from are 20% off this week only. Get FREE shipping in the US and Canada too.

    For Boys and Girls
    This cute, quick-to-sew zippered pouch celebrates the quintessential school supply: the No. 2 pencil! Pack the pouch with pointy new pencils, plus erasers and a sharpener.
    spacer 10px deep

    No. 2 Pencil Pouch from
    A Bit of Appliqué
    spacer 10px deep

    More projects from A Bit of Appliqué
    $26.99 $21.59 + free shipping + free eBook

    For Tweens and Teens
    It’s truer than ever for students these days: on-the-go devices are a must. They’ll use this protective tablet cover every day. A flannel piece tucked inside the cover helps keep the screen scratch-free.
    spacer 10px deep

    Color-Block iPad Cover from
    Sew Gifts!
    spacer 10px deep

    More projects from Sew Gifts!
    $24.99 $19.99 + free shipping + free eBook

    For High School, College, and Beyond

    Designer bags are big, and this Miss Independent Bag will turn heads on campus! There’s room for books, folders, and personal items. The pattern includes a padded laptop case that will fit computers or tablets 13″ or smaller.
    spacer 10px deep

    Miss Independent Bag from
    Big-City Bags
    spacer 10px deep

    More from Big-City Bags
    $26.99 $21.59 + free shipping + free eBook

    Messenger-style satchels are great for school or the office—and wearing them across the body helps distribute the weight of the bag’s contents during those long walks across campus or across town. The pieced exterior of this Groovy Satchel is ideal for using fabrics from a coordinating bundle.
    spacer 10px deep

    Groovy Satchel from
    Style and Swing
    spacer 10px deep

    More from Style and Swing
    $26.99 $21.59 + free shipping + free eBook

    Handmade bags: sewn a bunch, sewn a few, or ready to give one a try? Tell us in the comments!







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  9. Quilt books we 💘: a staffer tweets a sweet story 🐥


    You’ve heard from some of my coworkers about their favorite Martingale books. They’ve all said that it’s impossible to pick a single favorite—and I am right there with them! I love everything we publish. That said, Sweet Tweets is very special to me.


    We have a fabulous team of folks who are dedicated to finding and developing new authors, but we’re always encouraged to be on the lookout for anyone who might have the potential to become a Martingale author.

    One day, I was poking around the internet and ran across Erin Cox’s blog. My quilty senses began to tingle! The cuteness of Erin’s designs instantly drew me in. I really loved how the black free-motion stitching around her motifs made the whole design pop. As somebody who can’t sew a perfect seam to save her life, I loved that the stitching was free-form and that the imperfection was a design element. It looked like something that I could successfully do. And even though I’ve never considered myself to be a bird person, I loved Erin’s bird motifs!

    Bird motifs from
    Sweet Tweets

    After oohing and aahing for awhile, I emailed our acquisitions editor a link to the blog and asked her what she thought. She wrote right back to tell me that she loved the designs too and was going to email Erin right away. And a book was born!

    Several of us in the office tried Erin’s free-motion appliqué motifs—so fun!

    I felt so proud when the book was finally published. That feeling grew as I watched Erin’s book become one of Martingale’s best sellers. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

    Caution: Cuteness Ahead!

    Here’s my version of the quilt on the cover of Sweet Tweets:

    This one’s called Birds Holding a Quilt.

    Lovebirds and Bird Family from
    Sweet Tweets.

    Birdbrain Ruffled Tote Bag and Bright and Cheery Bird Pillow from
    Sweet Tweets.

    You can see all the projects from Sweet Tweets here. When you buy the book—highly recommended!—you can instantly download the eBook for free!

    Does your favorite book contain 1) plenty of pretty patterns, 2) tons of how-to techniques, or 3) oodles of inspiring quilt photos? Tell us in the comments.






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  10. Trace – doodle – free-motion quilt! 180 doodle patterns to try (+ giveaway)

    Spool-doodleDid you ever doodle as a kid?

    If you answered yes, here’s some good news: it’s going to come in handy now that you’re a quilter!

    Even if you’ve never doodled before, it’s not difficult to do. In fact, we looked up the definition of doodle. Google told us it means to “scribble absentmindedly.” Easy enough, right?

    The neat thing is that every person’s doodles are different. That’s why the designer collection of free-motion-quilting doodles in the new book 180 Doodle Quilting Designs is unique!
    spacer 10px deep

    180 Doodle Quilting Designs

    In 180 Doodle Quilting Designs you’ll choose doodly free-motion quilting sets from popular designers (Angela Walters, Christa Watson, Melissa Corry, and Maddie Kertay, to name a few). Each set includes doodles for a square block, a border, and a setting triangle. Practice the doodles by tracing, and then try drawing them freehand. Soon you’ll be ready to doodle by machine.
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    The tracing teaches you how a design flows.

    The doodling is simply practicing the design so you can build your confidence at the sewing machine.

    By the time you start free-motion quilting, your eyes, your hands, and your muscles recognize the design, and they all work together to create it in thread!
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    Leaf Frond doodle pattern design set; see more design sets from the book

    Wavy-Plaid-doodle-patternThe 180 doodle patterns are categorized by chapter:

    Chapter 1: Lines, Waves, and Squiggles

    Chapter 2: Loops, Curves, and Pebbles

    Chapter 3: Swirls, Curls, and Feathers

    Chapter 4: Just for Fun

    They sound fun, don’t they? Well, that’s because they are fun!

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    We tried the steps using the Squiggles and Giggles design set by Vicki Ruebel. We even filmed a little how-to for you, so you can see how the process works.
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    (Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video.)

    See? Easy as 1-2-3: trace, doodle, free-motion quilt!
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    Square-Flower-doodle-pattern Easy-Orange-Peels-doodle-pattern Curly-Q-doodle-pattern
    More doodle patterns from
    180 Doodle Quilting Designs

    If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with free-motion quilting on your home sewing machine (or try new designs on your long-arm machine), you can jump right in! Get your copy of 180 Quilting Doodle Designs and start your practice . . . oh, who are we kidding? Start to play!

    What’s you favorite doodle medium: pen, pencil, marker, or thread? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of the 180 Doodle Quilting Designs eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

    Ready to try your hand at doodling right now? Buy the book today and download the eBook instantly for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The winner is Beth, who says:

    “I doodle every now and then. It has helped me do a little free-motion quilting.”

    Beth, we’ll email you about your prize. Congratulations!








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