1. Gorgeous Yoko Saito bag patterns, ready for the making (+ giveaway!)

    What else can we say but “Oooh!” and “Aaah!”? Yoko Saito is back with a new bag book—and it’ll inspire you to stitch the handbag of your dreams!

    Yoko Saito's Bags I Love to Carry

    Japanese master quilter Yoko Saito is known the world over for her exquisite handbags. In her gorgeously photographed book Yoko Saito’s Bags I Love to Carry, she shares 26 Yoko Saito bag patterns with a focus on beauty, purpose, and comfort.

    From Yoko Saito's Bags I Love to Carry

    Bags of all shapes and sizes feature motifs inspired by nature and traditional patchwork, most in Ms. Saito’s signature taupe color palettes (but there are a few colorful surprises too!). With designs from big, boxy bags to petite pouches with curvy shapes, you’ll learn Ms. Saito’s methods for flawless piecing and appliqué.

    Queen Anne's Lace bag
    Queen Anne’s Lace

    Inside the book you’ll also find detailed color photographs that walk you through specific techniques for stitching different bags—so helpful if you’re new to bagmaking!

    From Yoko Saito's Bags I Love to Carry
    Here, Ms. Saito shares her technique for inserting a zipper.

    Yoko SaitoIn addition to Yoko Saito bag patterns, Yoko Saito’s Bags I Love to Carry shares a fascinating glimpse into the life of Ms. Saito, including photos of her store, Quilt Party, and of her sewing studio. This chapter alone makes the book a must-have for Yoko Saito fans! There’s even a fun Q&A with the artist—here’s a little excerpt so you can have a taste:

    Question: Of the 26 bag projects in this book, which is your favorite and why?

    Yoko Saito: Of course I love all of them! But if I have to pick one, I would have to say Square Dance. It is a fairly simple design and very practical to use.

    Square Dance bag
    Square Dance

    Question: Your bags are always so interesting and different. Where do you get your inspiration for the designs?

    Yoko Saito: It’s not always easy to come up with new designs, but I love to people watch when I travel round the world. I’m often inspired by what I see on these travels.

    Chic Corsage bag
    Chic Corsage bag

    Question: What would be your advice for beginning bagmakers?

    Yoko Saito: When I teach, I find it most important to show a beginner all the specific steps to take in creating any project. Breaking it down in this way turns each one of these steps into a simple technique so that anyone can do it. My second piece of advice is to choose fabric with colors and patterns that you love.

    Bellflower Season bag
    Bellflower Season bag

    Whether you’re looking for casual bags for everyday use or spectacular bags fit for special occasions, you’ll find lots to create in this inspiring collection!

    Yoko Saito's Bags I Love to CarryWe have a copy of Yoko Saito’s Bags I Love to Carry up for grabs today! To enter the random drawing to win the book, tell us:

    Handbags: made a bunch, made a few, or ready to give bag making a go?

    Share your answer in the comments to be automatically entered into the drawing. We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’d like to give bagmaking a go with Yoko Saito, you can purchase Yoko Saito’s Bags I Love to Carry on our website right now.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Judy, who says:

    “Made a few. I like all kinds/sizes of bags. Would love to receive a book by Yoko. Have other patterns from Yoko but not bags.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Judy—congratulations!

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  2. The Splendid Sampler 2 is here! Back and better than ever (+ fabric giveaway!)

    The Splendid SamplerPat Sloan and Jane Davidson started The Splendid Sampler Sew-Along in February 2016 to bring the whole world together to quilt. More than 31,000 quilters from all walks of life have joined the sew-along, and more keep joining every day (you can join too!). They published The Splendid Sampler as a companion book for the sew-along—and of course it became a runaway best seller!

    Now Pat and Jane are back with 100 all-new quilt blocks, 80 talented designers, and another year of sewing fun—we’re overjoyed to be the publisher of their splendid sequel, The Splendid Sampler 2!

    The Splendid Sampler 2

    Inside The Splendid Sampler 2, you’ll find one hundred blocks, designed by Pat and Jane plus superstar quilters Lissa Alexander, Carrie Nelson, Jenny Doan, Susan Ache, Betsy Chutchian, Rob Appell, and many more. The 6″ blocks are made with patchwork, appliqué, embroidery, and paper piecing and provide plenty of opportunities to try new techniques. You’ll discover fun ideas for arranging your blocks in a gallery of sampler quilts, too!

    Here’s a peek at every beautiful block in the book, and the samplers you can create with them:

    From The Splendid Sampler 2

    But what’s really special about “The Splendid Sampler” series? You can share your progress online and experience the joys of quilting with a “Splendid” community of quilters!

    Here are Pat and Jane to tell you more!

    Jane Davidson and Pat SloanPat Sloan (right) and Jane Davidson (left) here today to launch The Splendid Sampler 2 book!

    When we finished the sew-along for the first book, it was exciting to see all the finished quilts coming in (you can see hundreds of them on our Gallery page). As the weeks went on and Jane and I chatted, we got to thinking about how much we missed the excitement of working with all the designers. We missed announcing which block to sew each week and having you meet our friends. So we hatched a plan to do book two!

    100 Blocks + 1
    100 Blocks + 1, 72½" × 72½", designed and pieced by Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan

    We invited 80 designers to join us—some who participated in the first book and some new ones too! Patterns and blocks were ready in June 2018, but the release date for the second book was still months away. So we decided to give you 20 blocks from the new book in our Facebook group while we waited for it to be printed, yippee!

    Heart and Hands
    Heart and Hands, 52½" × 56½", designed by Pat Sloan, pieced by Melanie Barrett

    Since June, thousands of blocks have been made and shared. It’s so exciting! It’s so much fun to see the same block in different fabrics. Many of the designers have their own fabric lines and have been sharing the blocks they make in their signature style. Enjoy this slideshow of some of their blocks and see if you can spot a designer you know:

    From the Splendid Sampler 2

    Here are just a few members of the team posting a block each week in our Facebook group and on social media—follow along!

    Joanne Avery • Jamie Mueller • Susan Guzman • Tara Lynn Baisden • Terry Atkinson •
    Dawn Heese • Nadra Ridgeway • Kat Tucker • Jill Shaulis • Nicole Vos van Avezathe •
    Jenni Smith • Rob Appell • Richy Lainson Jr. • Robin Vizzone • Chelsi Stratton •
    Kitty Wilkins • Irene Blanck • Joyce Beenes • Kerry Goulder • Sheri Cifaldi Morrill •
    Nikki Tervo • Jeni Gaston • Amy Friend

    Some designers are doing bonus tutorials for making the blocks, too!

    For more about all of the Splendid Sampler 2 designers, click here.

    Lovin' the Blues
    Lovin’ the Blues, 30″ × 50″, designed by Tammy Vonderschmitt

    The Splendid Sampler 2 is shipping now—you can sign up for notices about the sew-along here. Just enter your email and we’ll keep you up to date! Be sure to use our hashtags when you post your blocks and quilts to social media, because we’d love to see and share! #thesplendidsampler #splendidsampler #thesplendidsampler2

    Now, let’s go sew!

    Thanks for all the details about the book and the sew-along, ladies!

    We’ve got a fun book and fabric giveaway to kick off The Splendid Sampler 2 celebration today!

    Can you believe it?? EIGHT lucky winners will each receive one lovely Layer Cake, courtesy of our friends at Moda Fabrics! And each winner gets a copy of The Splendid Sampler 2, of course! To enter your name in the drawing, tell us:

    The Splendid Sampler 2Which chapter of The Splendid Sampler 2 will you dive into first?

    a) The patchwork chapter
    b) The appliqué and embroidery chapter
    c) The foundation-piecing chapter

    Or have you already been sewing along?

    We’ll choose eight random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start your own splendid journey, you can order the book at our website and instantly download the eBook for free.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winners are:

    Peggy, who says, “I would do the embroidery blocks first and then the paper piecing!!”

    Barb, who says, “Applique and embroidery is my love!”

    Stephanie, who says, “Patchwork first always!”

    Pat, who says, “I can’t decide where to start!  I’ll have to look at every page and then follow my heart.”

    Kathy, who says, “I will start with patchwork section. But I have already been sewing along with the first blocks. Can’t wait for my book to arrive, today I think.”

    Sue, who says, “I was just talking Paper Piecing with a friend today, so at the moment if feels like I would dive into PP section first.”

    Judith, who says, “I would start with the Applique and Embroidery chapter. I recently took a class at my local Sewing Center on sewing applique and I loved it. I’m eager to do more appliques.”

    Judy, who says, “I have been sewing along with the Splendid Sampler II.  I love the variety of sewing methods that I get to try.  Some I love and have done before and some are brand new to me.  Thanks for the chance to win.”

    We’ll email you about your prizes, winners—congratulations!

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  3. Quilt in a jar: a “little” gift idea from Kim Diehl 🎁

    Kim Diehl’s done it again. We LOVE her fun idea for quilter-to-quilter gifts below! With the holidays on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to start planning for presents. All you need for this gift is a pretty little collection of fabrics, a mason jar, and a copy of Kim’s book Simple Whatnots. We’ll let Kim fill you in on the how-to!

    Kim DiehlHere’s a fun and easy “quilt-in-a-jar” idea for gift giving.

    First, pick a petite quilt project (Simple Whatnots projects work beautifully).

    Next, choose a vintage jar or even a basic canning jar. Gather the fabrics needed for the quilt, and then fold and layer them together in a width to fit your jar, with the prints staggered so that several can be seen.

    Roll the fabrics up jelly-roll style before popping the bundle into the jar.

    Quilt in a Jar

    If desired, cut a piece of cloth to fit the lid insert, attach it with spray adhesive, and cap the jar.

    Use twine, ribbon, or raffia to add a cute hanging tag. For an even sweeter gift, use a taller jar than needed and fill the open space above the fabrics with Hershey Kisses. Add a copy of Simple Whatnots with the project page bookmarked.

    The result is a unique and yummy gift for special quilting friends!

    We bet you have someone in mind to make this adorable gift for—and the best part is getting to choose which project they’ll make!

    How about a sweet housewarming gift?

    Home Again quilt
    Home Again

    Here’s a quilt to match a blue-and-white home:

    True Blue quilt
    True Blue

    And here’s a quilt for a red-and-white home!

    Scarlet Stars quilt
    Scarlet Stars

    Here’s one for that friend with scads of scraps:

    Plain Folk quilt
    Plain Folk

    And here’s one for that friend who adores appliqué:

    Hopscotch quilt

    There are 18 little quilts to choose from in Simple Whatnots—pick your favorite, pack a jar, and delight your quilty friends with a gift from the heart.

    What quilt-happy gifts have you given to your quilting friends? Tell us in the comments!

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  4. The Buttermilk Basin book is here! Warmth and whimsy ahead (+ giveaway)

    A smidge of vintage, a splash of folk art, a pop of color, and a pinch of patchwork—that’s your recipe for creating the coveted Buttermilk Basin style!

    The Best of Buttermilk Basin book

    Join bits of wool, cotton, and thread to bring 17 charming projects to life in The Best of Buttermilk Basin—they couldn’t be easier to create. With simple wool-appliqué, embroidery, and quilting techniques, you can adorn spaces with small quilts, pillows, penny mats, a mug rug, and other items for seasonal decorating and everyday living.

    Projects from The Best of Buttermilk Basin

    We can see author Stacy West’s small, pretty projects tucked into nooks and crannies throughout the home. They’re just the right size (and speed) for heartfelt gifts too.

    Folk Art Heart Pillow
    Folk Art Heart Pillow

    She’s even tucked in some of her favorite recipes—Dill Pickle Pasta Salad and Cherry Cheesecake Dip to name two, nom-nom!

    Stacy’s philosophy? Make it fun. Get it done. Enjoy the process! We’re happy to have Stacy as a guest writer today, here to tell you more about her beautiful book.

    Stacy WestIt’s {SEW} exciting to have the opportunity to see some of my FAVE pieces come to life in my new book The Best of Buttermilk Basin! This is a book for anyone who loves working with cotton and wool. Combining the two can lead to stunning results, make your projects more appealing, and add dimension. If you haven’t worked with wool before, this is a perfect opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like while learning my tried-and-true fusible technique for wool appliqué.

    Autumn Pillow
    Autumn Pillow

    With a wool bundle or two, Soft Fuse (my go-to fusible webbing), and a few skeins of floss, you can whip up a project for one of your favorite seasons. If you prefer to work in cottons only, go for it! Buttermilk Basin designs are versatile and will turn out just as slick in cotton appliqué. If you aren’t a handwork gal, machine appliqué is another great option. I always say, all you need is a good design to start with! You will find many of them within these pages. From small pillows to tuck here and there to small quilts for your sewing room, there’s plenty to spark your creativity!

    Shoofly Pie Mug Rug
    Shoofly Pie Mug Rug

    Once you get the groove for working with wool, you can start using hand-dyed variegated and twisted-tweed flosses to create more interest in your projects. The majority of the stitching on these projects feature two simple stitches, the blanket stitch and the featherstitch, making these projects very doable! The Crazy-Stitched Pineapple Mat in this book allows you to get creative with your stitches and see how adding an array of thread colors and weights can enhance your finished pieces.

    Crazy-Stitched Pineapple Mat
    Crazy-Stitched Pineapple Mat

    Let the fun begin!

    The Best of Buttermilk Basin bookThanks for sharing your new book with us, Stacy!

    We’ve got a hot-off-the-press copy of The Best of Buttermilk Basin to give away to one lucky winner! To enter the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What’s your favorite season to stitch for?

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re inspired to sew a little something with Stacy right now, you can order The Best of Buttermilk Basin at our website and we’ll ship it to you toot-sweet!


    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Lynne, who says:

    "LOVE fall! The crispness in the air has me wanting to stitch and create wonderful pieces to celebrate the season. Buttermilk Basin are favorite go to patterns. Thanks for new ones Stacy!"

    We’ll email you about your prize, Lori—congratulations!

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  5. Write, sketch, plan, dream 💭💭💭 New Kim Diehl journal arrives! (+giveaway)

    Do you keep a journal? Whether you have in the past, you’re keeping one now, or you’d like to start, Kim Diehl will inspire you to keep a new journal—just for your creative side!

    Simple Reflections

    Relax, unwind, and make time in your busy day for a little reflection with Kim at your side. In Simple Reflections, Kim has gathered photographs of favorite quilts and more to share with you—this journal is packed with visual inspiration to enjoy year-round! Here’s a sneak peek inside:

    Viewing this post in email? Click here to view the video.

    Among gorgeous photos of Kim’s work, you’ll find plenty of space to jot down sewing notes, log quilting milestones, and record inspiration wherever it may strike. Kim has included seasonal recipes too! You’ll love bringing the beauty of Kim’s quilts with you wherever you go—a handy take-along size makes it easy to do. (Patterns not included.)

    From Simple Reflections

    Here’s Kim to tell you more about Simple Reflections.

    Kim DiehlGreetings from “fall-ified” Idaho!

    The air is crisp and cool, the days are shorter, and the shadows are longer. It’s that time of year when I find a few moments to pause from my busy days, reflect on the year nearly done, and plan for the year to come—and this coincides perfectly with the arrival of my Simple Reflections journal!

    This sweet little journal is packed with many of my favorite quilts stitched over the span of nearly 20 years, beautiful photography to inspire you as you take your own quiltmaking journey, and shared recipes for yummy treats my family has come to love.

    From Simple Reflections

    Taking pen to paper is such a simple and timeless way to achieve clarity of thought, bring a sense of balance and purpose to each day, and help us feel more grounded as we go about our everyday lives. With a generous amount of space for your memories and inspirations, plans and goals, and your heart’s deepest dreams and whimsies, it’s my hope that this journal will provide food for your mind, body, and soul!

    From Simple Reflections

    And since it’s fall and my porch is all decked out for the season, I’m sharing a photo of my front-porch skelly and this little journal—make no bones about it, I love Halloween!

    ~ Kim
    (Follow Kim on Instagram!)

    Simple ReflectionsThanks for telling us more about your journal, Kim!

    We have a copy of Simple Reflections to give away today! To enter the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    How would you use your Simple Reflections journal?

    • I’d sketch out inspiration for future quilts.
    • I’d use it more like a diary, jotting down details from daily life.
    • I’d fill it up memories of all my quilting adventures!

    We’ll choose a winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’d like to start journaling with Kim asap, get Simple Reflections at your local quilt shop or order it at our website.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Lori, who says:

    “I think I would use this beautiful book like a journal to record my daily thoughts, feelings and ideas.”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Lori—congratulations!


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  6. The next breathtaking release in our coffee-table book series is here (+ giveaway!)

    We are so excited to share with you the fifth title from our popular coffee-table book series! In it, you’ll experience the magnificent work of one of the world’s most esteemed quilt artists.

    Yoko Saito through the Years

    Yoko Saito through the Years is a retrospective of the distinguished career of Japanese master quilter Yoko Saito. Her history unfolds in dozens of spectacular photographs, revealing her astonishing patchwork and appliqué creations up close like never before.

    From Yoko Saito through the Years

    This keepsake hardcover volume spotlights snippets about Ms. Saito’s fascinating artistic journey, in her own words.

    From Yoko Saito through the Years

    An in-depth look at Ms. Saito’s spectacular quilts and bags celebrates 40 years of her illustrious career. Each piece is featured in photography that reveals the tiny stitches, the subtle hues, and the surprising details that make her work a joy to study. Every page will take your breath away!

    From Yoko Saito through the Years

    Marvel at hundreds of fabrics, thousands of embroidery stitches, and Ms. Saito’s stunning appliqué—all sewn to perfection.

    From Yoko Saito through the Years

    Give yourself a true treat for your creativity: the opportunity to explore the history of a legendary quilt artist. (Patterns not included.)

    Basket Tree by Yoko Saito
    Basket Tree

    Woods of Green by Yoko Saito
    Woods of Green

    Mystery Quilt by Yoko Saito
    Mystery Quilt

    Here’s a portion of one review from a lifelong Yoko Saito fan:

    “I have almost every single pattern book Yoko Saito has published, both in Japanese and in English or French. So what would this book offer me that I didn’t already have? Well . . . so much more! Let me explain why. You can see each entire quilt, with text in which Yoko Saito explains the quilt’s story. And then the show starts! There are detailed photos of the quilts, getting closer and closer, giving you a sense of Yoko Saito’s amazing handwork, hand appliqué, and hand quilting. These photos give you the opportunity to see the texture of the fabrics used. When looking at the photos in this book, I have the same feeling I had when seeing Yoko Saito’s quilts for real! Her work gives me goosebumps! I’ve never seen so many details and close-up photos in any other book.” (You can read David’s full review here.)

    Gathered Handbag by Yoko Saito
    Gathered Handbag

    Not sure what to get your best quilting buddy for Christmas? Want to surprise a creative soul you know with an indulgent gift? Need fresh gift ideas for the creative people in your life—or a special gift of inspiration just for you? Look no further. Yoko Saito through the Years will have you covered—from cover to cover!

    From Yoko Saito through the Years
    A collection of detail photos from the book

    We have a copy of Yoko Saito through the Years to give away along with a beautiful collection of Yoko Saito Centenary fabrics from our friends at Lecien Fabrics! One winner will receive an Origami Square (10″ precut squares) and two Sushi Rolls (2½" precut strips). Lecien even included a beautiful embroidery pattern designed by Yoko Saito!

    Yoko Saito through the YearsAre you feeling lucky? To enter the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    Yoko Saito: fanatical fan, enthusiastic admirer, or new to her work?

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you can’t wait to own a copy of Yoko Saito through the Years, you can order one today at our website, ShopMartingale.

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    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Kay, who says:

    “I am new to her work. Absolutely stunning and beautiful details!”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Kay—congratulations!


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  7. Sew a spectacularly scrappy Lone Star quilt: tutorial (video) 🌟📹🌟

    Ah, the Lone Star quilt—it’s a design that many quilters have made, want to make, or wish they could make but might be afraid to try.

    Sherbet Stars Lone Star quilt
    Sherbet Stars by Lissa Alexander from
    Oh, Scrap!

    Well, whether you have made, want to make, or wish you could make a Lone Star quilt, Oh, Scrap! author Lissa Alexander is here to cheer you on! Her exquisite Sherbet Stars quilt (above) is a fan favorite—you can see why 😍—and she recently shared with us the piecing and pinning tricks she used to sew her star-studded design.

    Sherbet Stars Lone Star quilt

    Learn how with Lissa in the video below—including her secret for making Lone Star blocks extra scrappy:

    Reading this post in email? Click here to view the video.

    Love that scrappy strip-piecing trick. Pure genius.

    If you’re going gaga over Sherbet Stars, we know you’re going to adore Lissa’s other quilts from Oh, Scrap! too:

    Plus Marks the Spot quilt
    Plus Marks the Spot—see Martingale content director Karen’s version

    Firecrackers quilt

    Splendid Scraps quilt
    Splendid Scraps

    Surrounded quilt

    See seven more quilts from Oh, Scrap! here.

    Lissa packed up the surplus of scraps she had left over after writing her best-selling book and sent them to us—so we could send them to TWO of YOU!

    These scrappy bags are full of snippets of fabric from Lissa’s awe-inspiring quilt, Awesome Land:

    Awesome Land quilt

    Two of you will have the chance to make Awesome Land too, with Lissa’s scraps to get you started and a copy of Oh, Scrap!

    Oh, Scrap!To enter the drawing, tell us:

    What kind of scraps make up more of your stash:

    • Strips and squares.
    • Triangles and rectangles.
    • I have no idea what most of the shapes I have are called!

    Share your answer in the comments to be automatically entered into the drawing. We’ll choose two random winners one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good luck! And if you’re ready to start your own Lone Star quilt or any quilt from Lissa’s book, purchase Oh, Scrap! at our website and you can instantly download the eBook for free.

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  8. 🦇 10 boos, frights, and sewing delights: our annual Halloween roundup! 🎃

    Stitch This! friends, we do invite

    You to enjoy the coming Halloween night.

    Until that spooky day’s in sight

    Let’s sew a little fun and fright!

    Embroider three Jacks to brighten the night:

    Three Jacks
    Three Jacks from
    Stitches from the Harvest

    Or try Halloween colors (less of a fright):

    Old-Time Halloween Quilt and Hooked Pillow Topper
    Old-Time Halloween Quilt and Hooked Pillow Topper from
    Modern Primitive Quilts

    Head off to the kitchen to grab a bite . . .

    Autumn Embellished Kitchen Towel
    Autumn Embellished Kitchen Towel from
    Simple Harvest

    Where this scene would be a delicious sight!

    Trick or Treat
    Trick or Treat from
    All for Fall

    Please heed this caution about moonlight:

    Halloween from
    All for Fall

    Make wee wool bags that are happy and bright:

    Cat and Jack bags
    Cat and Jack from
    All for Fall

    Set a table to inspire an appetite!

    Pumpkin Patch Table Mates
    Pumpkin Patch Table Mates from
    All for Fall

     This sampler stirs up magic and might:

    Magnificent Magical Sampler
    Magnificent Magical Sampler from
    Spellbinding Quilts

    These pumpkins inspire smiles—never fright:

    Pumpkin Head Whatnots
    Pumpkin Head Whatnots from
    All for Fall

    As do all things that grin in the night!

    Things That Grin in the Night quilt
    Things That Grin in the Night from
    Simple Seasons

    What do you enjoy most about Halloween: the frivolity, the frights, the costumes . . . the candy? Tell us in the comments!

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  9. 12 projects from one stack of 10″ squares? Must see, so pretty! (+ giveaway)

    We think you’re going to LOVE these pretty, pint-sized patchwork projects—all from ONE bundle of 10″ squares!

    Vintage Patchwork

    Pam Buda’s Vintage Patchwork will show you how to create a dozen tiny treasures with a single pack of 40 precut 10″ squares. No extra fabric needed (except for backing and binding)—every last scrap is put to perfect use.

    Stitch eight little quilts to hang on walls, display on tables, or tuck into baskets and nestle on bookshelves. Four petite pincushions will add a warm, cozy feel to even the smallest of spaces. All of the projects are great for gift giving too!

    From Vintage Patchwork

    Make projects one at a time OR cut fabrics for all 12 projects at once for oodles of sewing fun. The handy cutting diagrams, included on a pullout sheet, make it easy to do. A swatch guide provides a simple way to organize and plan where to use each 10″ square.

    From Vintage Patchwork
    This is the stack Pam started with: what style of stack will you choose?

    We are thrilled to welcome Pam Buda to the Martingale family and thrilled that she’s our guest writer today!

    Pam BudaHello, Stitch This! readers! I am so jazzed to tell you about my very first book with Martingale.

    I’ve been designing quilts with a traditional feel since 2004. In 2009, I created the Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle Club, which featured stories about what life was like for women who sewed daily out of necessity. The club also offered quilt patterns designed to showcase elements and blocks that honor the make-do spirit of our quilting ancestors. I began designing historic prints for Marcus Fabrics in 2010, and I love re-creating shirtings and prairie-style prints from yesteryear.

    Vintage Patchwork began with an idea to see how many projects I could create from just one 10″ x 10″ precut stack of my Prairie Basics & Shirtings fabric collection. I’ve designed many projects using 10″ precuts, but they were all large quilts or small doll-sized quilts. I adore small blocks and small quilts, so I was excited for the challenge.

    Tess of the d’Urbervilles
    Tess of the d’Urbervilles

    Vintage Patchwork has 12 projects all made from one 10″ precut stack! There are small quilts, tiny quilts, and several different pin keeps for your stitching pleasure. Most projects are scrappy, but for a few, I chose to color coordinate the fabrics. All are fun to piece! I refer to these projects as “bookshelf quilts” because they fit perfectly on a bookshelf, spilling out of a basket, or leaning against an old book cover. I named the projects after 12 of the best-selling books of the nineteenth century.

    Little Women quilt
    Little Women

    You can make all 12 projects from one precut stack, or you can pick your own combination of fabrics to make a single project or lots of them. The choice is yours! I used modern rotary-cutting and piecing techniques to make the projects and they don’t take long to stitch up.

    Walden and HuckleBerry pincushions
    Walden and HuckleBerry

    Most of the quilts are machine quilted, but for the smallest quilts I took a stab (no pun intended!) at hand quilting. Now I’m hooked! Give hand quilting a try for the perfect vintage look.

    I hope you find creative inspiration in the quilts and pin keeps in Vintage Patchwork and enjoy the book as much as I did writing it.

    Visit Pam online: HeartSpunQuilts.com

    Thank you for introducing everyone to your new book, Pam!

    We’ve got an extra-fun giveaway today, courtesy of Marcus Fabrics, Martingale, and Pam herself!

    Vintage PatchworkTo enter your name into the drawing, tell us in the comments:

    What’s the littlest project you’ve ever made: a wall quilt, a baby quilt, a table topper, a pincushion . . . a quilted postcard?

    We’ll choose a random winner one week from today to win this awesome prize and let you know by email if you win. Good luck!

    Ready to dive into a 10″ x 10″ precut stack right now? Order Vintage Patchwork at ShopMartingale.com and instantly download the eBook version for free.

    Comments are closed for this post.

    Thanks to all who entered the drawing. The winner is Gale, who says:

    “Pincushions, but not too small. Maybe 6″ square. Making the Anthology blocks and they are small for me!”

    We’ll email you about your prize, Gale—congratulations!

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  10. Wish List Day! Red, white, scraps, shawls, pinnies, and a special journey (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to Wish List Day! Today we get to share with you books that are coming soon . . . in this case, November! Keep track of your favorites by using the “Notify Me” and “Wish List” options at ShopMartingale.com. Browse the latest batch of Martingale books below; then enter to win your favorite book at the end of this post!

    Subscribe to our blog and you’ll always be first to see new Martingale books, plus special sales, freebies, tutorials, and more.

    Red & White QuiltsRed & White Quilts
    14 Quilts with Timeless Appeal from Today’s Top Designers

    Generations of quilters have been captivated by the simple beauty of red-and-white quilts. Whether it’s humble patchwork or more complex designs, a quilt stitched in only red and white fabrics speaks to the hearts of many. In Red & White Quilts, 14 of our generation’s top designers share their takes on red-and-white quilts, ranging from vintage-inspired beauties to more modern styles. From patchwork to appliqué to English paper piecing, designers including Lisa Bongean, Sue Daley, Kim Diehl, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Carrie Nelson, Camille Roskelley, and Jen Kingwell offer a one-of-a-kind collection sure to inspire you to create your own legacies in red and white.

    From Red & White Quilts

    Special note: If you’re headed to Quilt Festival in Houston this November, you can see the quilts from Red & White Quilts in person! Look for the special exhibit at the show.

    Hope's JourneyHope’s Journey
    Classic Blocks, Reproduction Quilts, and Stories of Bygone Days
    Betsy Chutchian

    Discover a wealth of antique-inspired blocks and quilts to lead you on Hope’s Journey. Inside a dozen chapters, author Betsy Chutchian shares timeless block patterns along with a collection of small quilts to sew using reproduction fabrics. Enjoy 28 traditional block patterns and 11 beautiful small-quilt patterns. Mix and match completed blocks into one of four large sampler-style settings. A spectacular sampler quilt will guide you toward your journey’s end. Each chapter includes fascinating facts about the American frontier and the hopeful journeys that pioneers took in search of a better life.

    Hope's Journey

    Pin PalsPin Pals
    40 Patchwork Pinnies, Poppets, and Pincushions with Pizzazz
    Carrie Nelson

    Pretty. Playful. Pinnies! Best-selling author Carrie Nelson packs 40 adorable pinnies with personality. Pincushions are quick to stitch and so addicting—they’re like potato chips. No quilter can make just one! And why make just one when they’re so easy to create? Simply sew, quilt, turn, and stuff. Display them as singles or in pleasing piles. You’ll want to sew just for the joy of it.

    From Pin Pals

    Top-Down ShawlsTop-Down Shawls
    12 Lace-Knitting Patterns
    Jen Lucas

    Five-time author Jen Lucas returns with a dozen lacy shawls, each knit in one of three ways: some are wedges, some are crescents, and others are half-circles. And they all start at the top! Cast on just two or three stitches and watch your shawl grow row by row. Both charted and written instructions for making each shawl are included, so you can choose your favorite way to follow along. You’ll also find templates for wedge, crescent, and half-circle shawls plus 18 stitch patterns to mix and match in one-of-a-kind projects. Beautiful outdoor photography features each project in a nature setting, and each shawl is also shown on a model, so you can see options for wearing the shawls you make.

    From Top-Down Shawls

    Patches of ScrapsPatches of Scraps
    17 Quilt Patterns & a Gallery of Inspiring Antique Quilts
    Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts

    The next highly anticipated book from famed designer Edyta Sitar is a scrap-lover’s fantasy! Packed with breathtaking scrap quilts, the book features two inspiring ways to enjoy them. First, the antiques: more than two dozen photos of gorgeous scrap quilts from yesteryear, most shared from Edyta’s private collection. Rich photography and industrial settings showcase the utilitarian nature of these incredible works—a spectacular sight! Second, the patterns: choose from quilt designs in a delightful array of colors and prints that you can re-create with your own mix of scraps.

    From Patches of Scraps
    This book is published by Laundry Basket Quilts and is distributed by Martingale.

    Patches of Scraps Note CardsPatches of Scraps Note Cards
    Edyta Sitar for Laundry Basket Quilts

    Write a note of thanks, encouragement, or simply “Hello!” with this collection of striking note cards. Featuring lavish photos of antique and modern-day quilts from the book Patches of Scraps by famed quilt designer Edyta Sitar, a dozen 5″ x 6¾" cards (two each of six designs) come with envelopes and are blank inside, offering plenty of space to share your sentiments with the important people in your life.

    Patches of Scraps Note Cards
    This product is published by Laundry Basket Quilts and is distributed by Martingale.

    Which new book above would make your November extra nice? Name it in the comments and you could win it! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win. Good Luck!

    And by the way . . . October books are available TODAY!

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