Your top 10 knit + crochet books of 2013

Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday

You’ve been waiting all year for this.

And now the wait is over. Before we head home to celebrate the holiday and the New Year with our families, we’re revealing the top ten knit and crochet books of 2013—chosen by you!

We could tell you what makes each of these books special (aside from the hours of careful, loving labor our authors and staff put into each one), but we’ll let each book’s adoring fans speak for themselves.

Read on to learn why each book made the cut, what readers loved about it, and why you’ll love it too!  Without further ado…

Martingale's top 5 knitting books of 2013

A to Z of Knitting#5: A to Z of Knitting

The Big Picture: This must-have resource offers all the knitting know-how you’ll ever need! With more than 1000 close-up photographs featuring real hands holding real yarn and needles, there’s no easier way to learn.

Customer reviews of A to Z of Knitting from

“With the pictures of the hands, yarns and needle positions and the written instructions, I ‘get it’ finally.”

“This is the book I reach for when I have a question. This is the best how to knitting book I have.”

A to Z of Knitting is indeed a terrific reference book for the ‘beginner to the advanced knitter.’ Into knitting? Then get this book.”

50 Yards of Fun#4: 50 Yards of Fun by Rebecca Danger

The Big Picture: Rebecca Danger, best-selling author of Knit a Monster Nursery and The Big Book of Knitted Monsters, presents a delightful collection of over 30 irresistible toys—a terrific value. And each project uses only about 50 yards of yarn!

Customer reviews of 50 Yards of Fun from

“You can never go wrong with a Rebecca Danger book. This one actually helps you use up your leftover yarns you can’t bear to throw away.”

“I love Rebecca’s other patterns, and this book did not disappoint. So far I’ve made a ninja and used the basic unibody pattern to make an itty bitty monster.”

“The book also contains patterns for generic characters so that you can get creative with your own designs!”

Knit a Monster Nursery#3: Knit a Monster Nursery by Rebecca Danger

The Big Picture: From the creative mind behind The Big Book of Knitted Monsters comes an adorable collection of 16 knitted toys, clothing articles, accessories, and nursery decorations that you’ll love to knit for Baby.

Customer reviews of Knit a Monster Nursery from

“So far I have made the monster pillow and a hat for my toddler. Both turned out great! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to knit.”

“Patterns as well as great design ideas for making a cute monster nursery. Great for a beginner as well as the experienced knitter.”

“This book is amazing! The projects are adorable, and the book contains a lot of knitting detail to help you create your own monster collection.”

Cast On, Bind Off#2: Cast On, Bind Off by Cap Sease

The Big Picture: The search for the perfect cast on and bind off is over! Now, in one extraordinary book, you can have at your fingertips more than 120 ways to cast on and more than 80 ways to bind off. This beautifully organized treasury is ideal for all skill levels.

Customer reviews of Cast On, Bind Off from

“I am a very experienced knitter and have found this a useful reference book that even includes cast ons and bind offs I have never seen nor used before.”

“If you have ever bemoaned that your casting-off edge was too tight, purchase this book immediately—your troubles are over.”

“I already had so many knitting books when I purchased this one, but as soon as I received it I realized that it was INDISPENSABLE and I heartily recommend it to all knitters.”

Sock-Yarn Shawls#1: Sock-Yarn Shawls by Jen Lucas

The Big Picture: Sock yarns are so yummy. They come in many colorways and fiber contents—and they’re everywhere. Best of all, they’re versatile. You can use these fabulous fibers for a lot more than socks. You can make shawls!

Customer reviews of Sock-Yarn Shawls from

“I love sock yarn but still haven’t become a sock knitter. With all the sock yarn in my stash, it’s great to have some new ideas of what to do with all that beautiful color!”

“I am a big fan of shawls that begin simply and have their details on the edging so they can be worn as scarves. This is a good way to practice knitting lace techniques.”

“The discussion of yarns is priceless. Photos are beautiful. There are even directions for enlarging each shawl.”

Martingale's top 5 crochet books of 2013

Amigurumi Toy Box#5: Amigurumi Toy Box by Ana Paula Rímoli

The Big Picture: Crocheters everywhere fell in love with the quirky toys in Amigurumi World and Amigurumi Two! Now Ana Paula Rímoli presents the third book in her best-selling series. Sparkling with playful ideas inspired by her children, this wildly imaginative collection will tickle kids of all ages.

Customer reviews of Amigurumi Toy Box from

“This book has super cute, well-written patterns. Even if you have never made Amigurumi before, this book will show you everything you need to know.”

“These little yarn characters make great (and inexpensive) little homemade gifts; they are so cute and they will be enthusiastically received by anybody you give one to!”

“It is filled with patterns for such adorable animals and even some ‘inanimate’ objects such as a wonderful tree. Each pattern has a wonderful description of the ‘history’ of the animal or object.”

Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet#4: Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet by Sheryl Thies

The Big Picture: Be at the forefront of a stitching comeback! Tunisian crochet is a generations-old needlework technique that today’s crocheters—and knitters—are rediscovering. Also known as afghan stitch, this versatile technique is worked on a long needle with a crochet hook at one end.

Customer reviews of Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet from

“Tunisian crochet has been the new and exciting challenge I’ve been looking for! After knitting for over forty years, I am thrilled to be creating beautiful pieces of work with Tunisian crochet.”

“I highly recommend the technique, and I highly recommend Sheryl’s book. Reading her tutorial on how to get started is almost as good as having her at your side.”

“There are several pages of instructions prior to the patterns, and they are well written and the artwork is excellent. So far this is my favorite Tunisian crochet pattern book.”

Tunisian Crochet Encore#3: Tunisian Crochet Encore by Sheryl Thies

The Big Picture: Top-selling author Sheryl Thies presents an exciting encore to Get Hooked on Tunisian Crochet! In this volume, she reviews the basics of Tunisian crochet, which any confident beginner can master, and then shares a variety of advanced techniques.

Customer reviews of Tunisian Crochet Encore from

“What a beautiful collection of patterns. I didn’t realize you could do so much with Tunisian crochet.”

“Good book if you wish to go beyond basic stitches. Great to see short row patterns, as well as other lovely pattern shaping and stitches. Very good book!”

“I learned Tunisian crochet over 45 years ago but never got beyond the basic stitches and techniques. Until now.”

Crochet a Zoo#2: Crochet a Zoo by Megan Kreiner

The Big Picture: Go a little wild as you stitch everything from lions and tigers to bears and baboons. Featuring organic materials, these imaginative toys are perfect for children of all ages. You can even create felt bananas, leaves, and other zoo food, plus zany zookeepers all dressed for the part.

Customer reviews of Crochet a Zoo from

“Unlike other Amigurumi books, this one included lots of fun extras (like zookeepers and felt food) to make even better gifts or play sets.”

“The patterns in this book are so cute and easy to do. The different body pieces are modular, so many are shared between the various animals, which makes the learning curve for doing multiple animals much simpler.”

“All of the animals are super cute! With the instructions on the first pages anyone can pick up this book and start crocheting right away, no experience needed.”

A to Z of Crochet#1: A to Z of Crochet

The Big Picture: Whether you’re a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you’ll ever need. And it’s now in paperback!

Customer reviews of A to Z of Crochet from

“This has got to be one of my most favorite books. Why? Because you don’t just read it cover to cover and walk away from it. I find myself referring to it time and time again.”

“I frequently use it as a reference guide. I was going to crochet in the round and this book helped me figure it out. Every time I’ve wanted to try a fun new stitch, this book was there for me to figure it out and make my work beautiful.”

“This is an indispensable book that should be a part of any crocheter’s collection!”

What were your top knitting and crochet books of 2013? Tell us in the comments!

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