Want to change the world? Here’s how.

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Martingale holiday tree, December 2012
Last year Martingale collected a plethora of pillowcases and toys for charity.

At its core, Martingale is a group of fiber artists and quilters who are passionate about spreading creativity. We’ve discovered that our craft can do much more than inspire: it can change the world. Over the years, we’ve taken the realization to heart by knitting for charities we care about, encouraging our readers to donate quilts to those in need, and sending pillowcases to comfort kids.

This summer, we asked you to consider knitting or crocheting an item for charity and telling us about it. We gave you a list of potential charities, and examples of items you could give.

Our list may have given you a place to start, but what propelled each of you to action was much more personal. Perhaps you watched a friend battle breast cancer, or you witnessed the birth of a grandchild ten weeks early. Even if you hadn’t experienced your recipient’s suffering first-hand, you were inspired to make a difference for a cause you cared about.

So, how do you change the world? By daring to imagine a better world and deciding what part your needles and hooks will play in making it so.

Take a look at a few of the items Stitch This! readers donated, and the charities or organizations they donated to:

Cowls donated to One Nation Walking Together
Cowls donated by Teresa to One Nation Walking Together

Hats donated to Country Knitting of Maine
Hats donated by Carmen to Country Knitting of Maine

“I always knew there was a need for knit and crochet items but was overwhelmed by the number of charities to send to. This fall I decided I needed to start somewhere. They were quick projects and a wonderful way to use up some of my closetful of yarn. Plus, I got to help someone who needs a hat! Thanks for helping push me to me to donate this year. I hope to do more in 2014 now that I’ve gotten started.” – Carmen

Scarf donated to the Pink Scarf Project
Scarf donated by Jocelyn to the Pink Scarf Project

“I am a beginner knitter, but when I saw the Pink Scarf Project, I decided that I would knit up a scarf to give to someone who is dealing with breast cancer. I wrote a post about it on my blog. My BFF lost her battle nine years ago, and I wanted to do something in her memory.” – Jocelyn

Would you like to join the ranks of these world-changing fiber artists? There are plenty of ways to offer your skills as support for a cause you care about. Thanks to the Stitch This! readers who participated in our charity drive, we have an honor roll of organizations you can contact about donating knitted or crocheted items. Passionate about a cause but can’t find an organization that will accept donated items? Consider starting your own, as these Ravelers did.

To care for and comfort children, contact:

Items to donate:
Toys or amigurumi
Booties or slippers

To comfort those with cancer, contact:

  • A local chapter of the American Cancer Society
  • Your local hospital or cancer center
  • Friends with loved ones in treatment

Items to donate:
Scarves or wraps
Chemo hats
Books and yarn, for a comforting hospital activity

To provide warmth to battered women, the homeless, and other neighbors in need, contact:

  • Warm Up America
  • Your local homeless or women’s shelter
  • Your local police department

Items to donate:
Hats and mittens
Scarves or wraps

To help veterans, active duty military, or international neighbors, contact:

Items to donate:

To all of you who contributed to the drive, thank you! And congratulations to our giveaway recipients, Helen and Teresa.

Want to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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