Top 5 knit + crochet books: your 2014 favorites

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Top 5 Knit and Crochet Books of 2014As 2014 comes to a close, we look back on a fabulous year of sharing handmade love with you, our readers. From knitting and crochet tips and tricks to heartwarming stories and friendly giveaways, we had, without a doubt, an incredibly full year. And best of all, we shared dozens of delightful books with brand-new patterns to fill your shelves!

So as the New Year approaches, let’s take a moment to look back and celebrate YOUR favorite books of 2014. You helped make each of these best-selling knit and crochet books a star when you purchased a copy from your local yarn shop or online. Without further ado, we present to you…

The Top 5 Knitting Books of 2014  |  The Top 5 Crochet Books of 2014

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Top 5 Knitting Books of 2014
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20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws #5: 20 Easy Knitted Blankets and Throws

What’s to love: Immerse yourself in comfort and beauty with this varied assortment of fun-to-knit throws!

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"There is something in this book for anyone."

"I can’t wait to make beautiful blankets for my family to use."

"I had to have this book!"
Knit Pink #4: Knit Pink

What’s to love: A special knitted gift is a tangible way to show our support to loved ones—or our appreciation to caregivers. These beautiful knitting patterns are ideal.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"This book is beautifully done."

"Great way to support those going through a trying time."

"Have used several of the patterns already for friends."
A to Z of Knitting #3: A to Z of Knitting

What’s to love: Browse over 1000 close-up photographs featuring real hands holding real yarn and needles—there’s no easier way to learn!

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"I ‘get it’ finally!"

"A to Z of Knitting is indeed a terrific reference book."

"It has excellent photos of actual knitting for the stitch instruction."
Sock-Yarn Shawls #2: Sock-Yarn Shawls

What’s to love: Sock yarns are so yummy. Best of all, they’re versatile! You can use these fabulous fibers for a lot more than socks; find a variety of knitted-shawl patterns to suit yourself and your friends.

>> Psst… stay tuned in January for Sock-Yarn Shawls II!

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"There are even directions for enlarging shawls."

"This author does it right. Brava!"

"I like EVERY shawl in this book!"
Cast On Bind Off #1: Cast On, Bind Off

What’s to love: In one extraordinary book, you’ll have at your fingertips more than 120 ways to cast on and more than 80 ways to bind off.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"I’m a very experienced knitter and still found so much I didn’t know."

"Not only are the directions clear but the author adds helpful hints along the way."

"Who knew there were so many different ways to create edging!"

Top 5 Crochet Books of 2014

Bathtime Buddies #5: Bathtime Buddies

What’s to love: Take the plunge with charming undersea crocheted creatures that double as tub-friendly toys! Create soft and safe tub toys that use water-friendly materials.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"I absolutely love this book! My little one’s favorite thing is trips to the aquarium."

"These little crocheted characters are so adorable, and there are projects for all skill levels."

"The opening chapters detail stuffing options (including bells, rattles, and squeaks) and tips for everything from using templates to cutting bellies out of terry cloth to sanitizing and drying your used toys."
Crochet a Zoo #4: Crochet a Zoo

What’s to love: Go a little wild as you stitch everything from lions and tigers to bears and baboons. You can even create felt bananas, leaves, and other zoo food, plus zany zookeepers all dressed for the part.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"I was very pleased at how clear and concise the pictures and directions are."

"The different body pieces are modular, so many are shared between the various animals, which makes the learning curve for doing multiple animals much simpler."

"The grandkids just love these and so do their friends and their teachers!"
Modern Baby Crochet #3: Modern Baby Crochet

What’s to love: Crochet novel designs that babies and moms will adore! This book is packed with clever, beginner-friendly projects to crochet for baby boys and girls.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"With an assortment of wonderful cuddly patterns, this book is brimming with wonderfulness!"

"This is not your average baby crochet book. The patterns are fresh, edgy, and modern."

"These lovely projects will inspire a beginner as well as an experienced crocheter."
The Big Book of Crochet Stitches #2: The Big Book of Crochet Stitches

What’s to love: Access hundreds of crochet stitches that you can use year in and year out. This indispensable resource provides excellent value.

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"My newest stitch dictionary!"

"This is the crochet book I have been looking for."

"I took it to a crochet class and everyone loved it."
A to Z of Crochet #1: A to Z of Crochet

What’s to love: Whether you’re a new crocheter or just want to try new techniques, this must-have resource offers all the know-how you’ll ever need!

What readers say:
(from reviews on

"No more hunting for the directions for a particular stitch pattern."

"I bought this a while ago and frequently use it as a reference guide."

"I’m no expert, but with this book I could definitely become one."

What was your favorite knitting book of the year? Crochet book? Tell us in the comments!

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