Knit & Crochet Saturday: we’re showing off YOUR stitches!

Marti plus Ravelry

We have a confession to make: we love Ravelry. Here at the Martingale offices, it’s a favorite (and slightly addictive) pastime. We love browsing the many pages of Ravelry patterns and knitting designs—beautiful lace wraps, cabled sweaters, and crocheted socks and animals. Plus, we love sharing our own creations!

Probably our favorite thing about Ravelry is that we get to see how our published patterns turn out when knit by readers. Let’s be honest—we wish we could knit (or crochet) every single one of those gorgeous patterns for ourselves (we’re not shy about admitting how much project envy we have for our own patterns), but that is a lot of knitting! We’d probably end up increasing the size of our UFO piles before we increased the size of our closets and drawers.

So, we get to live vicariously through YOU and Ravelry. Awesome! Today we’re going to share a roundup of our favorite posted projects from Ravelry knitting and crochet—so maybe you can get a little project envy, live vicariously, or even be inspired to try something new yourself.

I was especially excited about the projects we’re about to show you because many of them are just so darn creative! An alpaca all decked out in hearts, a multi-colored elephant, lovely flowers added to a felted purse, and a pair of rainbow socks are just a few of the great projects we found.

Ravelry now has over two million members—so you know we’re not exaggerating when we say this is just a fraction of the incredible projects you can find posted there. But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself! If you’re already a member of Ravelry, connect with us on our group page. Many thanks to the members who gave us permission to show off their lovely work!

Gluttony socks from Sock Club

"Gluttony Socks" by Ravelry member hollyisaac, from the book Sock Club.

Carol's peaches and cream scarf from Knits from the North Sea

"Carol’s Peaches and Cream Scarf" by Ravelry member dolphinknitting, from the book Knits from the North Sea.

Sherwin the Alpaca from Crocheted Softies

"Sherwin the Alpaca" from Ravelry member paxcheung, from the book Crocheted Softies.

Hoodie Bird Blanket from Cuddly Crochet

"Hoodie Bird Blanket" by Ravelry member mamafish13, from the book Cuddly Crochet.

Cocoon from Nature's Wrapture

"Cocoon" by Ravelry member FiveSticks, from the book Nature's Wrapture.

Summer Top with Shoulder Bands from Contemporary Crochet

"Summer Top with Shoulder Bands" from Ravelry member LauraNelkin, from the book Contemporary Crochet.

Boy Elephant from Amigurumi World

"Boy Elephant" from Ravelry member Xandrieke, from the book Amigurumi World.

Norwegian Star Slippers from Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks

"Norwegian Star Slippers" from Ravelry member joyspun, from the book Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks.

Vintage Bubble Bag from Pursenalities

"Vintage Bubble Bag" by Ravelry member Sordi, from the book Pursenalities.

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