Keep it together: organizing knitting projects (+ free pattern)

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Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday

Under the bed? In shoeboxes? Stuffed in various nooks and crannies?

How do YOU store your yarn? How about your current knitting or crochet projects? I’m ashamed to admit that mine are currently stuffed in a magazine caddy underneath my bedside table, but I’m pretty sure today’s free pattern will change all that.

All you’ll need to create a special place for your current projects is this free download, some felt, and a cute dollar-store basket. You might even have those items around the house already!

Cozy Knitting Basket free pattern

Download the Cozy Knitting Basket free pattern

If you have some extra time and want to try something new, you could make your own felt for this project. You can find detailed instructions for felting in these books available right now at

Pursenalities Crocheted Pursenalities Pursenality Plus

Plus, you always get the eBook version for free right away when you buy the book.

Enjoy this easy weekend project! Tag your photos @martingaletpp on Instagram so we can see your yarn’s lovely new home.

Do you have a go-to strategy for organizing your yarn stash and projects? Tell us about it in the comments!

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