How to support a friend with breast cancer

Martingale's Knit and Crochet Friday

From Knit PinkLeft: from Knit Pink by Lorna Miser

“I am not cancer. Cancer is not my name. Cancer is the disease I have. I wear the ribbon of hope at fundraisers, walkathons, that type of thing. But I don’t want to wear it every day. I’m a person, not a cause. A collection of designs that use the color pink but not the ribbon is a wonderful idea. Not only because the items are beautiful, but also because they’re designed for comfort, not designed as a badge or proclamation.”

—via Pat S. and an anonymous friend, from the introduction to Crochet Pink by Janet Rehfeldt

With this reality in mind, authors Janet Rehfeldt and Lorna Miser have each created a collection of patterns that would gently comfort those affected by breast cancer. With an estimated 220,000 diagnoses per year, Janet and Lorna recognized that there are many opportunities to provide support to patients and loved ones, as well as caregivers and champions for the cure.

Knit Pink and Crochet Pink

Today we present their labors of love: Knit Pink by Lorna Miser and Crochet Pink by Janet Rehfeldt. Each offers simple projects that can be stitched to offer your heartfelt support. The designs feature skin-friendly fibers, feminine details, and functional features. From small items like bookmarks and mug cozies to larger projects like throws and shawls, each book includes projects for varying time and yardage commitments. Smaller projects are perfect for working during hospital stays, or for giving as a gift of gratitude to caregivers.

Featured in the signature color of breast-cancer awareness and of hope for finding a cure, these patterns can also be knit or crocheted in awareness colors for other forms of cancer. Here are a few examples (a full list of alternative colors is in each book):

All cancer survivors: Lavender
Brain cancer: Gray
Childhood cancer: Gold
Leukemia: Orange
Lung cancer: White
Lymphoma: Lime green
Prostate cancer: Light blue
Thyroid cancer: Teal/pink/blue

(List of colors from

Projects from Knit Pink include:

Knit Pink--scarves and shawls
Scarves and shawls

Knit Pink--pillows and blankets
Pillows and blankets

Knit Pink--hats

Knit Pink accessories

See more of the 25 projects in Knit Pink.

Projects from Crochet Pink include:

Crochet Pink--shawls and scarves
Scarves and shawls

Crochet Pink--blankets and pillows
Blankets and pillows

Crochet Pink--wearables

Crochet Pink--accessories

See more of the 26 projects in Crochet Pink.

Purchase Knit Pink and Crochet Pink right now at, and you’ll get the eBook versions for free with your purchase.

Our friends at Cascade Yarns have graciously sponsored today’s giveaway by donating eight luscious skeins of pink yarn. Leave a comment and you’ll be entered to receive one of the beautiful skeins pictured below, along with a copy of either Knit Pink or Crochet Pink (your choice). Be sure to stop by the Cascade Yarns blog for another chance to win an eBook copy of either book!

Cascade Yarns giveaway

Do you have a friend or loved one affected by cancer who would be comforted or encouraged by a hand-knit or hand-crocheted gift? Please tell us about him or her in the comments. Eight commenters will each receive a skein of pink yarn from Cascade Yarns along with a copy of either Knit Pink or Crochet Pink (your choice). We’ll pick recipients one week from today and notify you by email if you’re one of them.


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