How to knit with silk yarns: 3 top tips

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Silk: prized for its durability, strength, warmth, and delicacy—as well as its ability to take color beautifully. Knitting with silk yarns can be a challenge, but don’t let it scare you! With the proper instruction and a few expert tips, you can begin stitching gorgeous silk-yarn knitting patterns.

3 Top Tips for Knitting with Silk Yarns

From Silk Knits by Elaine Eskesen

From Silk Knits> Tip 1: Prevent Snags While Stitching

Silk is very strong yet can be fragile. If your hands are rough from gardening, put on non-greasy lotion before you sit down to knit. Silk will snag on anything, and your hands are likely candidates.

> Tip 2: Watch Your Tension

I notice while knitting with 100% silk that my hands cramp up after an hour or so. Silk is slippery and it’s easy to put more tension in the workings of those stitches, even without realizing it. So I’ll often shake out my hands and stop knitting for a minute to get out the tension.

> Tip 3: Protect the Fibers

Handle silk carefully. Keep it protected from everyday life. Silk can pill easily, so avoid excess handling or fussing with it. I keep the silk ball I’m knitting in a canvas bag to protect it from life’s happenings.

Silk KnitsFind more tips for working with silk yarn + 20 specifically-for-silk designs in Silk Knits by Elaine Eskesen, now available as an eBook at


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