How to cast on, how to bind off: 200+ options (+ giveaway!)

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Cast On, Bind OffCast On, Bind Off—now in paperback! Did you miss this book when it was released in hardcover? Or did you hesitate because of the price? Packed full of cast-on knitting methods and bind-off techniques, it’s now only $19.99—that’s more than 200 ways to finish your knitting for only $19.99!

I’ve been knitting for many years now, but I still use only one cast on and one bind off. It’s what I was taught, am comfortable with, and have memorized. But I’m often unsatisfied with the results. Is it because I’m not doing it correctly? No. It’s because one technique is not conducive to all projects. The same bind off that’s perfect for my scarf makes my sock cuffs a little too tight and leaves my lacy shawls with an edging that’s disappointing.

No more! I vow to try something new on my current project. I’m working on a linen-stitch scarf at the moment that’s knit lengthwise, so the bind off will really show. I think the “Stem-Stitch Bind Off” might be just the thing.

Karen's scarf in progress
My scarf in progress

Stem-Stitch Bind Off
Stem-stitch bind off

I’ve been wanting to try knitting socks from the toe up—can you believe there are nine different options for starting a toe-up sock in this book?! Nine! Cast On, Bind Off just might become my new go-to sock resource.

Easy-Toe Cast On
Easy toe cast on

Straight-Wrap Cast On
Straight wrap cast on

Backward-Loop Sock Cast On
Backward-loop sock cast on

Each technique is presented with clear step-by-step directions and illustrated with line drawings AND a photograph of the finished edge. Finding just the right one is easy because the book is categorized by type. Cast-on categories include loop, twist start, long-tail, decorative, tubular, knit on, and more. Bind offs include chain, decorative, increase, sewn, and tubular, to name a few. It’s so easy to skim the category headings to find what you’re looking for. In total, you’ll find more than 120 ways to cast on and over 80 ways to bind off.

Picot Chain cast on and bind off

Author Cap Sease explains the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and makes a suggestion for each one’s most appropriate use. She even includes a chart of cast-on and bind-off pairs, so that your beginning and ending edges can match! Another chart helps you easily find just the right technique for your specific purpose. Need a firm-edge cast on? You’ll find six options. Want a durable bind off? Twelve are included! Making something from lace? You’ll have 11 cast ons to choose from.

You’ll even find tips on how to tighten up that last floppy bound-off stitch that drives you crazy!

Get Cast On, Bind Off in paperback, hardcover (which features a concealed spiral binding), or as an eBook. Remember, when you purchase the paperback or hardcover editions, you can instantly download the eBook version for free!

How many cast ons and bind offs have you tried so far? Share your count in the comments and you could win a copy of the Cast On, Bind Off eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you win.

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