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Projects from Knit a Monster NurseryCalling all monster lovers! Today we’re excited to announce the newest release by best-selling author and pattern designer Rebecca Danger: Knit a Monster Nursery.

While awaiting the arrival of her first child, Rebecca didn’t take a break from designing. In fact, she was hard at work brainstorming, designing, and knitting fabulous toys, blankets, hats, and booties. And once her cute-as-a-button bundle of joy, Presley, had arrived, she had not only a wonderful nursery full of monster-ful baby gear, but also a wonderful book full of baby-knit patterns to share with you!

This new set of baby-knitting patterns are just as loveable, huggable, and full of monster goodness as the patterns in Rebecca’s first book, The Big Book of Knitted Monsters. These new monsters sport bright, new colors and fun expressions, as well as spunky stripes—which are Presley’s favorite! But there’s more than just monsters: Knit a Monster Nursery also includes knitting patterns for baby blankets, hats, booties, nursery mobiles, rattles, and much more. Everything you need to create a nursery for little monster-lovers to play and grow!

On top of a great collection of baby-knit patterns (see the slideshow below), Rebecca included tips for designing your own nursery—from paint and colors to wall decor and furniture. Read on for an excerpt from Knit a Monster Nursery about creating and customizing your space, as well as a few quick tips from Rebecca. And don’t forget to comment at the end of the post for the chance to win a free eBook copy of Knit a Monster Nursery!

Rebecca DangerThough I currently focus on knit design, I have a design background and am way into all kinds of design. When I was pregnant, one of the biggest things on my mind was designing the nursery for my new kiddo. To start, I picked a color scheme from a piece of fabric that I loved. I feel like you can tie anything together in a room if you stick with a color scheme.

Since I knew I would be adding lots of punches of color with my monsters and other decorative items, I decided to go with the gray from the background of the fabric for my wall color. Picking gray in the Pacific Northwest seemed like a risky idea, since it’s always gray outside here, but it has worked out as a great subtle canvas. From there I decided to go with a really clean, modern feel for the furniture. I looked and looked and looked (and looked) at furniture everywhere, for months. Seriously, I didn’t even order a single piece of my furniture until about three weeks before I was due! To decide what I wanted, I printed out pictures of the pieces I was thinking about and put them together on a piece of paper to see what I thought would look best together.

I stuck with pretty much all-white furniture since I wanted the focus to be on the decorations and monsters in the room. More than just focusing on the aesthetic, I thought about the function of each piece of furniture for my kiddo Presley, from birth on up. I picked nine-cube shelves, in which I could store diapers and clothes and whatnot when he was a baby, and that he could use to display toys and books as he got bigger. Instead of a changing table, I chose a dresser with a changing pad on top, so he could use it in the future for clothes. I even picked a crib that changes to a toddler bed so we could get more use out of it.

I picked a comfy armchair for the room, rather than a rocking chair. I chose a houndstooth print, bold and fun, but still in my color scheme.

Presley and his monsters at home
Presley and the monsters at home in the finished nursery.

Once all the furniture was picked out, I was able to start adding necessities (like laundry baskets and changing-table-supply storage) and accessories (like wall art). The way I picked everything else for the room was to make sure it fit into my color scheme (and monster theme).

Accessorizing your monster nursery

I think customizing is what makes design the most fun and really makes your room stand out from the crowd. At first, after deciding on a monster theme, I was disappointed to find there was not much monster-themed stuff out there. Instead of buying premade items, I ended up making most of the items in the room. I even switched out the legs on the dresser to make it a better height for a changing table! However, by the end of writing this book, I was finding more and more commercially made monster themed nursery items—so keep your eyes peeled.

The Internet and blogosphere are full of ideas and directions to make everything. I’m not kidding, everything. In the end, I figured making things for the room was probably quicker (and cheaper) than shopping for them! And, it was really special for my kiddo and way more fun for me.


    • Pick a color scheme and stick with it. You’ll notice all of the project samples in this book are in the color scheme I picked for my nursery.
    • Customize! It’s easier than you think. Cut monsters out of felt and use fabric glue to stick them to store-bought storage bins. Buy a lamp and knit a monster to sit on the base. Hang one of the mini monsters from “Monster Mobile” from a doorknob or a curtain tieback. You get the idea!
    • Make it art. Think outside the box and hang anything monstery you can find on the walls. Just because it’s not designed to be artwork doesn’t mean it won’t look awesome on the wall! And speaking of boxes, why not buy a shadowbox frame and fill it with monster stuff?
    • Keep your eyes peeled for commercially made monster items. Just because it doesn’t look like something you could use in your nursery at first glance, that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked, or added to something else to fit in. Appliqués or buttons could be added to lampshades or pillows. Monster-themed scrapbook or wrapping paper could be framed or decoupaged to anything (even furniture). Get creative!
    • Have fun. Most importantly, remember that making a special space for a baby should be super fun. Just the fact that you take time to work on a nursery will make your kiddo feel very special as he or she grows older.

Knit a Monster NurseryHow have you customized a space in your home using handmade items? Tell us about it in the comments and you could win a copy of the Knit a Monster Nursery eBook! We’ll choose a random winner one week from today and let you know by email if you’ve won.

Or, you can get Rebecca’s book right now, and download the eBook instantly when you do!

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Thanks to all who entered the drawing! The randomly chosen winner is Kathleen, who writes:

“I wish that when I was expecting 35 years ago there had been such creativity. My students have asked me to show them how to knit a few days ago. I dreaded the idea until I saw the monsters in Presley’s nursery. So this next week will be an introduction to knitting and yarn. I am hoping that by Christmas, all my students will have a monster under the tree for our annual community brunch that is a fundraiser for the less fortunate in our community.”

Kathleen, we’ll email you about your free eBook. Congratulations!


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