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All about KnittingHey Knitters! Don’t you just love everything about knitting? Or perhaps you’re just starting out and you want to learn more about knitting. Or maybe you’re like me and you love almost everything about knitting, but every once in a while there’s something you need to look up to make sure you’re doing it correctly. (Dare I mention Kitchener stitch?)

That’s where All about Knitting comes in. A few years ago, Martingale released this book in hardcover format. Since then thousands of knitters have added this fabulous reference and project book to their knitting libraries. We’re happy to announce that this popular book is now available in paperback—for just $22.99! So whether you already have a hardback copy that sits nicely on your bookshelf, or you’ve never seen this book before, you’re sure to want a paperback copy of this excellent reference on, well, everything you need to know about knitting—perfect for tucking into your knitting bag!

All about Knitting is a comprehensive reference book for knitters of all experience levels. If you’re a beginner, it walks you through the basics of making knit and purl stitches, increasing and decreasing, understanding the knitting language used in patterns, and even fixing your mistakes. (That’s one lesson every knitter should learn. It will save you so much frustration!)

Correcting knitting mistakes

Beyond the basics, you’ll also find illustrated step-by-step information on how to make buttonholes (horizontal, vertical, and eyelet styles), how to block (wet, dry, or steam), how to sew seams, how to set in sleeves (the bane of my sweater knitting), and so much more.

Picking up stitches and buttonholes how-to

You’ll discover techniques for making cables, bobbles, smocking, and drop-stitch patterns. Learn to knit in the round on double-point or circular needles, the right way to join new yarn, and how to add colorwork—horizontal or vertical—to your repertoire. Reading charts, turning a sock heel, adding embellishments, making cord and fringe, adding beads or sequins…and yes, even basic crochet techniques for knitters are covered. And you’ll learn how to make hems, make knitted-in pockets, insert zippers, and other advanced techniques. This is one handy reference.

Knitting horizontal stripes

This 192-page book is not only jam-packed with illustrated how-to help, but you’ll also find patterns to put your newfound knowledge to work. Get your needles clicking with 20 eye-catching projects from bags and blankets to hats, socks, and sweaters. There’s something for everyone in the family.

Knitted Rugged Hoodie
“Rugged Hoodie.” Perfect for chilly days, this cotton cover-up will make a great addition to any discerning young child’s wardrobe.

“Baby Slippers.” These adorable little slippers make a charming gift for a new baby and will be treasured in years to come as a reminder of tiny infant feet.

“Toasty Warm Gloves.” A soft yet practical pair of gloves, with or without fingers, can be knit in bright stripes or a solid color.

“Big Blanket.” Each square in this thick and cozy blanket is knitted separately—which makes it an easily portable project. The squares are then sewn together so you can arrange them to suit your own taste.

If you’re still hungry for more, this book includes a stitch gallery, for knitters who want to explore patterns on their own. There are 40 stitches, including textured stitches, cables, lace and colorwork motifs, even edgings that would be perfect for your next shawl or scarf.

Knitting-stitch gallery

To make this jumbo-sized book easy to use, there’s an index at the end, so you can quickly look up just what you need.

If you don’t already have a hardcover copy of All about Knitting, now is the perfect time to add this paperback version to your personal library at a fabulously low price of just $22.99. And even if you do already have a copy, you might want this lighter-weight version to carry in your knitting bag. While you’re at it, get an extra one as a gift for a favorite knitter in your life!

Below is a photo of the Big-Ear Bunny I recently knit from this book. I have a few friends who are going to be grandmas soon, and this pattern from All about Knitting is sure to make treasured gifts.

Karen's big-ear bunny
Karen’s big-ear bunny!

What is one knitting technique you need a refresher for? Tell us in the comments and you could win a copy of All About Knitting in paperback! We’ll pick a winner one week from today and notify you by email if you’ve won.

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