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Playing with occupational vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances, as well as being fun, gives kids a chance to act out their "when I grow up" dreams. The possibilities are endless! Between moving, racing, honking, and beeping, it’s no wonder play cars and trucks are such a hit with boys and girls.

In Honk! Beep! Vroom!, author Cathy Smith shares a collection of 8 crochet car patterns that aren’t just cute and lifelike: Each fluffy plushie includes optional moving wheels. These oversized crochet toys are large and soft enough for kids of all ages and interactive enough for energetic youngsters. Plus, these oversized softies are perfect for bedtime cuddling (you can crochet them without the moving wheel assembly), and perfectly complement a child’s themed room!

Adults can have fun with these adorable toys as well. Cathy Smith, the author of Honk! Beep! Vroom!, is visiting Stitch This! today to share some creative gift ideas using the crochet toy patterns in her book. We love her ideas, and can’t wait to try them!

I’m so excited that Honk! Beep! Vroom! released in the summer, just in time for summer play! The cars are fun on their own for racing downhill (sloped sidewalks make great hills) or cuddling if you make the plushy version. But two of them, the convertible and the dump truck, also make great gift baskets.

Pack your convertible to announce an exciting event

How cool would it be to announce your beach vacation to the family by rolling in the convertible with beach gear in the seats? Some suggestions are sunblock lotion, sunglasses, and swim goggles.

From Honk! Beep! Vroom!
Load up your dump truck with goodies for a special guy or gal

The possibilities for the dump truck are practically endless because the dump section is so big. You can fit lots of goodies in it! A great idea for Father’s Day (next year!) or dad’s birthday is to fill the dump truck with favorite snacks like beef jerky, cheese sticks, or pretzels. Do you know any dads who are truckers or construction workers? This can work for Mother’s Day too, if mom works in one of those industries.

From Honk! Beep! Vroom!
If you’re a fast crocheter, you still have time to whip up a summer-fun gift basket for a special kid. Fill the dump truck or convertible with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, crayons, coloring or activity books, or water guns.

From Honk! Beep! Vroom!
Personalize your gift with commemorative colors

If you’re like me and know someone in the military, then you might want to make a military-themed dump truck. Use camouflage or military green yarn to crochet the dump basket and fill it with the soldier’s favorite goodies.

Or, crochet the dump section in pink and add some bling by pinning a breast cancer pin to the side (free pattern at my web site) for a loved one diagnosed with cancer. Fill the dump section with comfort items like a chemo cap, soft socks, a prayer shawl, etc.

I hope I’ve given you some great ideas for making these fun cars extra special. I know you’ll be able to come up with your own great ideas! Have fun.

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From Honk! Beep! Vroom!

Honk! Beep! Vroom!Thanks Cathy for giving us some great ideas, and telling us about your new book!

Which would you crochet: a vehicle with moving wheels, a gift basket for someone special, or a simple, cuddly softie? Tell us in the comments and you could win a PDF eBook version of Honk! Beep! Vroom!. We’ll pick a winner one week from today and notify the winner by email.

Can’t wait to find out if you’re a winner? Buy Honk! Beep! Vroom! today and instantly download the eBook for free.


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