2 easy ways to knit with two colors

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Knitted scarf from Knit One, Stripe Too(Left: scarf from Knit One, Stripe Two)

Here’s an easy technique to add to your knitting repertoire: two-color knitting!

If you know the basics of knitting, you can master knitting with two (or more!) colors. Following are two easy ways to add a second color to your knitting, from the bestseller, A to Z of Knitting.


Method #1: Knitting Horizontal Stripes

From A to Z of Knitting

Working horizontal stripes is the easiest way to add different colors to your knitting. If you work each stripe with an even number of rows, you will be able to carry the yarns up the side of your knitted piece as you go, avoiding the need to cut them and weave in the ends.

1. Cast on the desired number of stitches. Work the required number of rows with your first yarn color. Join in a new yarn, and do not cut off the yarn you have just been using.

Two-color knitting 1

2. Work two rows of the second stripe. Leave the first yarn dangling.

Two-color knitting 2

3. At the beginning of the third stripe, pick up the first yarn. Twist it once with the yarn you just used.

Two-color knitting 3

4. Continue working the third stripe. Twist the yarns after every second row, as in step 3, even if the stripe is more than two rows of knitting.

Two-color knitting 4

5. Continue working rows and carrying the yarns up the side of your knitting.

Two-color knitting 5

Find other techniques for knitting with multiple colors—including Fair Isle, intarsia, weaving, embossing, and entrelac—in A to Z of Knitting.

Method #2: Use Self-Striping Yarn

Using self-striping yarn is an easy way to knit two or more colors into your project. Amazing colors and patterns will show up naturally as you knit. If you use a pattern that is specifically designed for self-striping yarn, the striping effect can be even more pronounced. Check out these projects from Knit One, Stripe Two that make the most of self-striping yarn:

From Knit One, Stripe Two From Knit One, Stripe Two From Knit One, Stripe Two

See all 27 projects designed for self-striping yarns in Knit One, Stripe Two, available as an eBook instant PDF download on ShopMartingale.com.

Which do you prefer: stripes, color-pattern motifs, or solids? Tell us in the comments!

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