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  1. Happy (almost) New Year! 2016 quilt calendar offer inside

    (Please note: the That Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar 2016 is SOLD OUT!) HAPPY NEW YEAR! (Well, nearly.) Why are we celebrating the New Year so early? Because we know you’ve been eyeing our 2016 quilt calendars. And we’re excited to tell you that today’s the day to say YES to a year’s worth of gorgeous […]

  2. Crochet farm-fuls of barnyard animals – too cute! (giveaway)

    Megan Kreiner had a farm, E-I-E-I-O! Megan’s also had a zoo – Crochet a Zoo – and an ocean – Bathtime Buddies – in which to play with crochet. In her third book, Crochet a Farm, sweet barnyard animals take center stage. A few critters from Crochet a Farm Fun on the farm is guaranteed: […]

  3. Feeling grateful: a Thanksgiving wish for you

    Posted by on November 26, 2015, in quilting & sewing, ,

    Quilt from Jo’s Little Favorites by Jo Morton, coming January 2016. Next year, Martingale will celebrate 40 years in business. Did you know that 40th anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with rubies? It’s true (we googled it). Rubies are thought to possess an inner flame representing passion. A thriving passion that stays strong. Even after 40 […]

  4. Sew much fuzzy fun: fleece projects for the whole family (+ giveaway!)

    It’s New Release Day! If you’ve eyed the fleece aisle at your local fabric store lately, you’ve probably noticed—it’s grown! Fleece is inexpensive, easy to clean, and doesn’t fray. And with so many fleece prints to choose from these days, what’s not to love? So go ahead, browse that fleece aisle! Why now? Because you’ll […]

  5. Baby’s first Christmas: “sew” fun to be Santa! (sale)

    Have you had any sweet new additions to your family this year? Or is a grandbaby, niece, or nephew scheduled to make his or her debut any day now? Baby’s first Christmas is a wonderful occasion to commemorate and an especially lovely occasion to sew for. But with December 25 fast approaching, time for finishing […]

  6. Triangle troubles? Try Pat Sloan’s triumphant techniques (+ BIG giveaway!)

    We’ve all made that half-square triangle. You know the one. The one with the unintentionally curvy edges? The one you can’t press flat, even if you doused it with water and kept it under a brick for a week? The one that’s too small/too crooked/too frustrating to use in the quilt you’re making? Would you […]

  7. Christmas sewing projects for YOUR style (+ flash sale!)

    This week, we’re making a list of all the Christmas sewing projects we want to tackle before the snow flies and all the great Christmas gifts (handmade, of course) that we want to give. For some much-needed inspiration, we’re poring over Christmas Quilts from Hopscotch: Warm and Cozy, Merry and Bright by Heather Willms and […]

  8. Finish that Christmas quilt!: 7 resources to help you get it done

    Fear you might be facing another Christmas celebrating UFOs and WIPs? Have you quilted by check so many times that you’re no longer sure how to quilt a quilt top yourself? We’re here to help! Below you’ll find ways to help you complete those quilted gifts so you can lovingly place them under the tree […]

  9. Sew festive! Wrap up your Christmas list; with fun gifts to sew (sale)

    It happens to me every year. I have big plans to sew fun gifts for friends and family. Then the festive season hits, I run out of time, and it all goes down in flames! This year, I plan on making just a couple of low-stress projects. During the long Thanksgiving weekend I’m going to […]

  10. Skip the binding: frame that quilt! (tutorial + fabric giveaway)

    Shortcuts. Time-savers. Beelines! Around the holidays, quilters look to make lots of gifts—and they look for ways to make those gifts more quickly. Choosing smaller quilts is a smart start (size matters). But what if you could also cut out an entire quiltmaking step—one you thought had to be completed every time? Now that’s starting […]