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  1. Terrific quilting techniques for your tool belt (+ sale!)

    Ok, I admit it…I can’t resist a new and fun quilting technique. I will try anything, but rarely do I do the same thing twice. I call it Quilter’s ADD. The fact that I work here at Martingale is, well, not helping me with this problem. Seriously, though, isn’t it great to have a few […]

  2. Do these easy quilt patterns catch your eye? (+ flash sale!)

    As quiltmakers, it’s often hard to decide which we love more: the dramatic look of a dynamic block layout or the flair of a fantastically vibrant fabric. From Eye-Catching Quilts In Eye-Catching Quilts: 16 Designs from the Experts at Quiltmaker Magazine you’ll get the best of both: a veritable beauty pageant of elegantly arrayed blocks […]

  3. Organizing fabric, simplified (+ free printable!)

    Stockpile. Hoard. Huge teetering piles of unsorted fabric. Whatever you call your stash, there’s one thing every quilter needs: fabric organization ideas. We understand—we’re charter members of “Stashaholics Anonymous” ourselves! Organizing fabric is so much easier when you’ve got a system to help you keep track of all your treasures, whether neatly folded in your […]

  4. How to host a stitchin’ picnic

    August is National Picnic Month! If you missed World Wide Knit in Public Day, now’s your chance to get out and get to knitting (or crocheting) in the sunshine while there’s still some summer left. (Right: Picnic basket embellishment from Contemporary Crochet.) Here’s a list of things you’ll need for planning your stitchin’ picnic: □ […]

  5. Go team quilts! Winning projects for sports fans (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Huddle up—it’s time to cuddle up! From Team Spirit Score big points with the sports fans in your life—create quilts that celebrate the games and pastimes they love! In the new book Team Spirit, you can spotlight team and individual sports in big blocks that are specially designed for novelty prints. Take a look at […]

Back-to-school sewing (+ sale on 4 fun books!)

    Heading back to school, no matter if it’s to fifth grade or freshman year of college, is always both a bit exciting and a bit daunting. Give the kids in your life an extra special send-off by making them a gift that’s just as practical as it is heartfelt. To kick-off your back-to-school savings with […]

  7. Spend a year with American Jane (+ flash sale!)

    There are leap years and gap years and dog years. But the best year of all is the year of American Jane. It’s a very special sort of year, filled with vibrant fabrics that come together in cheerful scrappy quilts—a year of well-loved traditional blocks and sweet appliqué accents. Best of all, it’s a year […]

  8. How to make a scrap quilt: 77 funtastic ways (+ giveaway!)

    Got scraps? Drowning in scraps? Something’s taken over your sewing space…and it’s scraps? Do you sometimes, guiltily, think about tossing those scraps? W-w-wait—don’t do it! You’re just waiting for the right inspiration to use those scraps, right? You need scrap-quilt patterns that’ll motivate you to sort, play, and stitch until your scraps are actually gone […]

  9. Refresh your technique + get FREE shipping

    The most versatile books you can keep in your library are those with knitting techniques or crochet help. One good reference book will get you through many, many patterns. Choosing a reference book is like pairing a fine wine with a delicious meal. Check out these popular technique books (and our pairing selections) below. We’ve […]

  10. What’s new? Lots! New quilt books coming soon (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to Wish List Day! Take a peek at new books coming from Martingale—all headed to your local quilt shop right now. Usually we’d tell you to add a book to your wish list, but guess what? No need to wish: all of August’s books are available now! Enter to win your favorite at the […]