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  1. How to quilt as you go: learn how now (+ giveaway!)

    You know the feeling: you’re thrilled to have completed your latest quilt top. Pat yourself on the back! You feel accomplished. Proud. Done. But you’re not. There’s still all that quilting to do… We’ve all felt that tinge of disappointment: excited about the piecing, not so much about the quilting. So how would it feel […]

  2. Wool appliqué: try it today (tutorial)

    If you already know the joys of doing wool appliqué, you’re not the least surprised it’s enjoying a comeback (plus you’re right on trend!). If you haven’t yet experienced it, there are good reasons to give it a try now. Wool is soft to handle, easy to stitch, and it doesn’t fray. The color options […]

  3. The 6 best places to knit in public tomorrow

    Do a happy dance! Tomorrow is—you guessed it—World Wide Knit in Public Day. Whether you’re used to knitting alone or with friends, knitting in public is a great way to meet other knitters, raise public awareness for handmade goods, and impress your acquaintances. Plus it’s a super-fun way to spread the love of knitting! Where […]

  4. A quilter’s journey Beyond Neutral: #makingallthequilts part 2

    What could YOU do with 13 weeks, 16 quilt patterns, and your fabric stash? Beyond Neutral author John Q. Adams found a quilter who knows exactly what she’d do: she’d make every quilt in John’s book. And then she’d be kind enough to share her quiltmaking journey through Beyond Neutral with you! In the second […]

  5. Stitch, create, celebrate: 10 patriotic quilt patterns

    Have you started planning your 4th of July activities? Remember to mind your p’s and q’s. That is…patriotism, picnics, pyrotechnics, and quilts! 
“Windswept” from Red, White and Sometimes Blue From a 12″ square paper-pieced block to spirited table toppers to bed-sized quilts that stretch from sea to shining sea, we’ve got plenty of patriotic quilt […]

  6. How to make a scrap quilt—with no scraps? (+ giveaway!)

    No scraps? No problem! Get that scrappy, vintage look of the past with the convenience of precuts from the present. The author of the bestseller Seamingly Scrappy is back with more projects that you’d swear are scrap quilts in Seems Like Scrappy. But not one pattern calls for a single scrap! “Frolic” from Seems Like […]

  7. Extreme makeover: 4 classic quilt blocks (+ sale!)

    Quilting captivates us because it’s both a time-honored tradition and a vibrant, living art form. If you delve into the history of traditional quilt patterns, you’ll find that some blocks are so old it’s difficult to trace their origins. These classic blocks belong to all quilters, which is a beautiful thing that unites us across […]

  8. How to felt cute shoes for Baby—and for a good cause

    What book delivers adorable designs for crochet baby shoes, loads of stitching and construction tips, and the chance to donate to a worthy charity? If you said Cozy Toes for Baby by Chantal Garceau and Mary J. King, you’d be right! These aren’t your average crochet booties. These cute shoes are felted to give them […]

  9. Spring Quilt Market! Top 10 trends

    Quilt Market is a trade show where shop owners, designers, and quilt industry professionals gather to show the latest and greatest offerings coming soon to quilt shops near YOU. You might say it’s where independent quilt shops go to shop—looking for new fabrics, notions, books, club ideas, and more! The Martingale booth, where we shared […]

  10. Celebrate country life: Joined at the Hip quilt patterns

    The design team known as Joined at the Hip are kindred spirits, but not only because of their love of quilting. Both Tammy Johnson and Avis Shirer were born and raised on Iowa farms. Their families have been farming for generations, going back to their great-great-grandparents. In their book Farm Girl Quilts, Tammy and Avis […]