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  1. Who’s having a Black Friday sale? Your local shop!

    Posted by on November 28, 2014, in quilting & sewing, ,

    The annual Black Friday buzz is upon us. Where will you spend your dollars this year? Big ads from chain stores may be swamping your mailbox and TV, but check your last email or newsletter from your local quilt or yarn shop: we’ll bet they’re having a Black Friday sale too! We’re passing up the […]

  2. In gratitude: thank you

    Quilt featured: “Rhubarb Crisp” by Jo Morton, from Skinny Quilts and Table Runners II As we celebrate this season of giving thanks, our thoughts turn to you. We are deeply grateful for your continued support of our goal: to bring the best designers, projects, and techniques to your local quilt shop, your mailbox, and your […]

  3. Holiday roundup! Free Christmas patterns

    Thanksgiving arrives in less than 24 hours, but the Christmas spirit is already at full-tilt in our office. A long weekend of sewing for the holidays feels like the perfect complement to a whirlwind of Thanksgiving planning and prep (and partying, of course). But what to sew? Start your all-sew all-the-time weekend with one of […]

  4. Classic or modern quilts? Have cake, eat too (video + giveaway!)

    Can’t decide whether you love classic quilts or modern quilts more? Why choose—you can have the best of both worlds! Join past and present as you update classic quilt blocks with fresh, modern fabrics in the new book Vintage Vibe. Newcomer Amber Johnson shares sweet, pretty quilts to make—all ooh-and-ahh inducing for traditional and modern […]

  5. Double your choices, double your fun: quilts two ways

    Why limit yourself to just one color palette—or just one craft? In this week’s featured eBooks, you’ll find two ways to create every design you see. Get ready for some delightful double vision! Double Take: Quilts with that Hopscotch Twist by Heather Willms and Elissa Willms A mother-daughter team create their own quilt challenge: start […]

  6. 72 seriously cute amigurumi patterns + giveaway!

    This is BIG: a newly released compilation chock-full of Ana Paula Rímoli’s best-selling small amigurumi patterns. How many patterns, you ask? Over 70 patterns, and all for just $22.99! That’s less than 50¢ per pattern. If you’re a newbie to amigurumi, here are three reasons to love the adorable little crochet designs in The Big […]

  7. Best ways to cut, sew, press: this quilter knows. Do you?

    Lots of quilters have posted reviews of Martingale books on our website. But once in a while a review comes along that is so in-depth, we couldn’t have described the book better ourselves! That’s the case with a review that was recently posted for Donna Lynn Thomas’s book, Quiltmaking Essentials 1. The reviewer, Rebecca Rumpf, […]

  8. Classic quilting projects for Christmas

    If you’re itching to create something new for your Christmas decor, let the quilts in Mary Hickey’s bestseller Comfort and Joy inspire you to make a little time for holiday sewing. And because it’s an eBook, you can start sewing right away! Inside, you’ll find: ★ Inspiration to sew for your holiday home—or to spoil […]

  9. Blog hop! Find YOUR flair for fabric (+ fabric giveaways!)

    Quilt Market, Houston, Texas, October 2012. A group of Henry Glass fabric designers gather for a special dinner before saying their good-byes. But the table talk has nothing to do with the show. Instead, everyone’s talking about Hurricane Sandy. Everyone at the table is worried about friends and family along the East Coast, wondering if […]

  10. Poof! Turn large quilt blocks into quick gifts

    Is your holiday gift list growing? Big quilt-block patterns to the rescue! Big blocks could be just what you need for every handmade gift you’d like to make—with time left over to enjoy the season outside of your sewing room. It’s a simple formula that makes sense: fewer blocks = faster quilts. Below, you’ll find […]