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  1. Bathtime = playtime! Crochet water-friendly toys

    If you’ve spent any time around kids this summer, you know: kids LOVE water! Whether it’s in the pool or in the tub, kids + water = maximum fun. Megan Kreiner, author of the wildly popular Crochet a Zoo, noticed how much her little ones, James and Emily, loved bath time. So she created a […]

  2. Super-cute baby quilts, 3 easy ways (+ fabric giveaway!)

    Need an easy baby-quilt pattern to sew in time for the shower—even if it’s less than a week away? Or do you want to pamper a new baby with a beautiful quilt that can be cherished and kept for years to come? No need to choose one or the other—you can do both with the […]

  3. Quilters just wanna have fun: roundup!

    Back in June we hosted Quilt Tutorials Week, featuring 50 of our favorite single-topic tutorials from the past year. But some of our most popular posts from the past year aren’t single-topic tutorials… What to do? Today we’re rounding up those posts into the only category we could think of that would encompass them all: […]

  4. Want an instant $40 to spend right now? Join our book club!

    Are you a book lover? Do you relish the chance to sit down with a great book and imagine your creative possibilities? What could be better? How about having a new book delivered to your door every month! By joining the Martingale Insider Book Club, that’s just what you can count on. Here’s how the […]

  5. Straight talk about curves: 3 quick sewing tips (+ sale!)

    Do quilt patterns with curves make you run for the hills? Hey, wait…where are you going? Before you disappear around the bend, think about it: Orange Peel, Drunkard’s Path (variation, right), Grandmother’s Fan, and Dresden Plate are just a few well-known blocks that use curves, but there are many more. Sewing curved shapes may take […]

  6. Patterns for pennies—so you can stock up!

    Do you like to stock your stash with beautiful yarn or fabulous patterns? Even if you’re on a budget, you can do both! Easy Crocheted Hats and Scarves is a collection of popular patterns—bundled together into a nifty budget booklet that will cost you less than 90 cents per pattern. Yes, you read that right: […]

  7. Strip piecing gets spectacular: must-see quilts (+ giveaway!)

    Spectacular geometrics. Mind-bending curves. Brave, bold designs. Sound like a best-of-show winner in a national quilt competition? Here’s a little secret about the quilts in the new book Remarkable Rectangles: “Robin’s Butterfly” They’re 100% strip pieced. Author Robert DeCarli’s quilts are graphically stunning, featuring illusions of curves, diamonds, and more. Upon first glance—or even after […]

  8. One quilt block, so many possibilities: day 3, Maple Leaf (+ sale)

    Welcome to our final day of one-block wonders! This week we’ve covered resourceful Snowball and Nine Patch blocks. Today’s block is more versatile than you might think: the Maple Leaf block. It’s not just for autumn anymore! “Twist and Turn Leaves” If you’ve struggled with sewing accurate half-square triangles—which Maple Leaf patterns rely on for […]

  9. One quilt block, so many possibilities: day 2, Nine Patch (+ sale)

    We’re back with more one-block wonders! Yesterday we showed off the versatility of Snowball blocks. Today we’re talking about what may be the most-made quilt block ever: the humble Nine Patch. From The Blue and The Gray The term “Nine Patch” refers to the tried-and-true quilt block pattern, but did you know it also refers […]

  10. One quilt block, so many possibilities: day 1, Snowball (+ sale)

    Posted by on August 4, 2014, in quilting & sewing,

    What’s one of the most useful tools a quilter can have? A favorite quilt block. Why? Because specializing in one block offers the twin benefits of familiarity and surprise. Once you’ve made a block repeatedly, construction is a breeze. When you want speed and predictability, your block delivers. And when you want to try something […]