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  1. A girl finally becomes a quilter—thanks to YOU!

    In February, I shared my love-hate relationship with wanting to become a quilter. I told you how my first attempt went (spoiler alert: not so great) and how I was fearful of trying again—until authors Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson showed me a couple of techniques that made it seem so easy (you can see […]

  2. Secrets for improv quilting: start with a road map (video)

    Sew two pieces of fabric together and see where it leads you. Think that defines improvisational quilting? For some, that approach may feel like a safe place to start. But if you’re like many quilters, no matter how cool an improv quilt may look, the thought of rules-free quilting can seem overwhelming. But what if […]

  3. Back-to-school cool: cute sewing projects

    Is it me getting older or do the days seem to go by faster all the time? Just when I get into the swing of summer the stores start advertising back-to-school supplies. But if the season is changing that quickly, then it’s time to think about stitching up something special to help your little ones […]

  4. Easy as 1-2-3: 250+ ePatterns for $1.23 each!

    There’s something so satisfying about easy quilt patterns. You have your fun, and then you’re done! So today, we’re making EASY our theme: This week only, choose from 250+ digital quilt patterns that will be easy on your time and your budget. Pick up as many ePatterns as you like for only $1.23 each! What’s […]

  5. Stop dreaming, start doing! 7 top projects

    Posted by on July 25, 2014, in crochet & knitting, ,

    So you’ve been perusing Pinterest, and you’ve dreamt of freshening up your decor, and you’re itching to try something new. With so many ideas and so little time, how do you go beyond dreaming and start doing? Let us help! We’ve compiled popular projects into budget-friendly booklets just for you. For less than 15 bucks, […]

  6. Got fat quarters? Make fun-size quilts (+ 16 giveaways!)

    Got fat quarters? Today’s the day to invite them out to play! We issued a challenge to popular designers: create a quilt no bigger than a fat quarter. The result? The new book Fun-Size Quilts! And although this unique collection of small quilt patterns is fat-quarter friendly, you can invite your fat eighths, scraps, and […]

  7. Hot topic! Paper-piecing tips, part 3 (+ sale!)

    Our series on paper piecing wraps up today with another great tip from the “Queen of Paper Piecing,” Carol Doak. This tip on choosing the right paper comes from her book 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars. If you’re looking for the right paper to use, try our Papers for Foundation Piecing. We’ve designed these papers to […]

  8. Hot topic! Paper-piecing tips, part 2 (+ sale)

    Our short series on paper-pieced quilts continues today with another great tip for you! Knowing how to cut out your fabric pieces to ensure they’ll cover the next piece of a pattern can be challenging—ask me how I know! I love this great tip from Maaike Bakker and Françoise Maarse from their book A Paper-Pieced […]

  9. Hot topic! Paper-piecing tips, part 1 (+ sale)

    Are you a paper piecer? Most quilters I know are either enthusiastically in the “Yes!” camp or most emphatically in the “No!” camp. Some of us (me included) are on the fence. Perhaps with a few tips from our paper-piecing experts, some of us can find a new place to camp! If you know a […]

  10. Dreaming of Christmas + free yarn giveaway

    Today we’re finishing Christmas in July week with a handmade holiday roundup especially for yarn lovers. Get a jump start stitching knitted holiday stockings, crocheted mittens, or a kid’s holiday sweater. Check out the roundup below for a few ideas to get you in the spirit! But first… Is your stash lacking in red and […]