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  1. Quilt tutorials week, day 1: easy quilting

    Welcome to day one of QUILT TUTORIALS WEEK! We’ve organized some of our most popular quilting tutorials from the past year into a week of posts that you can refer to again and again. Bookmark them, pin them, however you save them—but keep these posts handy for the times when you need them! Today’s quilt-tutorial […]

  2. Amigurumi + your home = BIG fun

    If you’ve got kids (or if you’re a BIG kid at heart), you have the perfect excuse to fill your home with fun and happy accessories! Everything from ladybug ottomans (left) to cheerful cloud pillows fill the pages of Ana Paula Rímoli’s brand new book, Amigurumi at Home—along with plenty of tips for bringing smiles […]

  3. Quilt the summer away with cool-weather quilts

    From ’Tis the Autumn Season Summer’s here—and boy does it fly! With a steady stream of town parades, music festivals, farmer’s markets, and fireworks, it’ll race by in the blink of an eye. So how do you carve out some beloved quilting time? There’s an easy solution for avoiding a time crunch: start stitching for […]

  4. Winter quilts to warm your heart (+ giveaway!)

    Welcome to our celebration of cute and cozy quilts from the design duo of Jeanne Large and Shelley Wicks! Today we’re showing off adorable quilts from their new book, Here Comes Winter. Plus, Shelley is here as a guest blogger! We’re thrilled to welcome Shelley, who’s here to give us the scoop about Here Comes […]

  5. Change the way you do fusible-web applique (video tip)

    Have you tried fusible-web appliqué? If you’ve avoided the technique because of the stiffness that can result, don’t leave this page until you watch the video below. It just might change the way you appliqué! We had the pleasure of meeting author Geralyn Powers at Quilt Market, where we asked her to share a favorite […]

  6. Hundreds of eBooks, 9.99 each—today!

    Looking for a new project or pattern? Start your search today with brand-new eBooks full of inspiration! One week only—get your choice of 225+ eBooks for only $9.99 each. Have you tried eBooks yet? Now’s the time! There’s no waiting for the mail and no shipping costs. Simply choose your eBooks, download, open, and commence […]

  7. 5 portable projects for Knit-in-Public week

    Are you ready? It’s almost time to paint the town red (or whatever color your yarn happens to be) by enjoying your favorite fiber craft on park benches, at the beach, in coffee shops, stadiums, or any public place you can think of. We’re talking about World Wide Knit-in-Public Week! Want to join the fun? […]

  8. Want a lifetime of happy quilting? Know these basics (+ giveaway!)

    All quilters know it’s true: it only takes a few threads to knock a quilt block off its game. Muddled cutting and sewing can quickly have a domino effect. One block is too small, another is too large, and all of a sudden no block wants to play nice! But here’s the good news: When […]

  9. 5 hot trends from Spring Quilt Market 2014

    We searched every aisle of Spring Quilt Market (a wholesale show that quilt shop owners attend) to see what’s hot. Here are five top trends that you’ll soon see coming to quilt shops: 1. On fabric, in quilt designs, BUTTERFLIES were everywhere! They were most definitely the “special species.” You couldn’t flutter by a booth […]

  10. 7 quick gifts to sew for Dad

    Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15. Feeling gift-stumped? Sure, time’s ticking. But if you’ve got an hour here and there to spare, there’s still plenty of time to stitch a special gift. Our gift ideas for dads are quick enough to sew in less than a weekend, and yes, macho enough to impress even the […]