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  1. Come play with us on Ravelry! (+10% OFF)

    Posted by on August 16, 2013, in crochet & knitting, ,

    Did you know you can chat with us on Ravelry about all things yarn? Or, did you know that you can keep track of your favorite Martingale patterns, share photos of work-in-progress, and ask questions when you get stuck? Did you also know you can buy some of our best-selling eBooks and store them directly […]

  2. 2014 quilt calendars are here! (+ giveaway and sale)

    Happy New Year! This week we’re releasing our annual trio of quilt calendars for the new year on the way—three beautiful wall calendars featuring the best quilts of today. Back in 2001, a single quilt calendar was what we offered, but over the years demand has skyrocketed. Turns out quilters love keeping track of their […]

  3. Quirky question: your childhood hobby

    Posted by on August 14, 2013, in quirky question,

    Thanks for stopping by for the weekly Quirky Question—where questions are just for fun, your answers are always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free! “Rose Essential” from A Batch of QuiltSoup by Barbara J. Jones (save 30% on the book through midnight (PST) tonight). See a slideshow of quilts from the book […]

  4. Simplifying scrap quilting: 3 ways to choose fabrics (video)

    Love making scrap quilts, but struggle with deciding which scraps go where? It’s a step quilters often trip over when starting quilts from scraps. Everyone loves a scrappy look, but getting that look without feeling overwhelmed by choices can be a challenge. Frankly, in some quilters the task can bring on a cold sweat! But […]

  5. Borders on quilts: solutions for your UFOs

    To border or not to border: when quilters complete a quilt top, that is the question. Borders on quilts provide oodles of ways to polish your final designs. They can: ● Frame your design for a professional presentation ● Stop a busy design, giving the eyes a place to rest in the margins ● Continue […]

  6. How to buy yarn: 5 tips

    One of the questions we get from readers is, “How do I knit or crochet this project with a different yarn than the pattern calls for?” In June, we began to answer this question, starting with a yarn primer. We know that any successful yarn substitution begins with a knowledge of yarn fibers and characteristics. […]

  7. Soup’s on—QuiltSoup, that is!

    “Summer Cottage” from A Batch of QuiltSoup; save 30% through August 14th. If you’re looking for fun quilt designs with a touch of whimsy, then I invite you to take a look at A Batch of QuiltSoup by Barbara J. Jones. If you frequent quilt shops (who, me?), no doubt you’ve seen those QuiltSoup patterns […]

  8. Quirky question: a tribute

    Posted by on August 7, 2013, in quirky question,

    We recently learned of the passing of one of our most beloved authors, Maurine Noble (left). Known as a patient and encouraging teacher, Maurine taught hundreds of thousands of quilters how to machine quilt through her bestselling books, including Machine Quilting Made Easy. She was teaching machine quilting in the 1970s, back when the technique […]

  9. A designer’s rise to scrap-quilting fame (+ giveaway)

    Strip-based blocks from Scrap Quilting, Strip by Strip Do your scraps multiply when you’re not looking? It happens to designer Kim Brackett’s scraps all the time. But scrap quilting is Kim’s passion, so early on she devised a plan to keep her scrap population under control. Three bestselling quilt books later, her passion and her […]

  10. Folded corners (and other painless piecing tricks)

    Looking to spice up your quilting life, but want to keep things simple? Now’s the time to get started! Today four talented designers share their favorite quilt-piecing tricks with you. From stitching Cathedral Windows quilts by machine (!) to perfecting a prairie-points quilt border; from creating versatile folded-corner quilts to making two-at-a-time triangle blocks without […]