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  1. Design a space for baby monsters (+ giveaway!)

    Calling all monster lovers! Today we’re excited to announce the newest release by best-selling author and pattern designer Rebecca Danger: Knit a Monster Nursery. While awaiting the arrival of her first child, Rebecca didn’t take a break from designing. In fact, she was hard at work brainstorming, designing, and knitting fabulous toys, blankets, hats, and […]

  2. Gifts to sew for Christmas – quick!

    Detail of “Holly Jolly” from Fresh and Fabulous Quilts There are 40 days till Christmas—is your gift list feeling unmanageable? So many names… and perhaps only a few crossed through, scribbled out, or checked off. It’s not that you don’t want to make something personal and heartfelt for every person on your list. But let’s […]

  3. Quirky question: your prized possessions

    Posted by on November 14, 2012, in quirky question,

    Thanks for stopping by for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, your answer’s always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free! (Right: “Aunt Amy’s Sampler Quilt,” circa 1898, from Quilts from Aunt Amy) We create for many reasons—to express our ideas, to share our talents with others, to challenge ourselves […]

  4. Paper piecing quilts of praise (plus giveaway & half-off deal)

    When I was young, I remember our church would celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with what was called a “Thanksgiving Banner Service.” The idea was that each family (or fellowship group, if you were single) would make a banner that illustrated all the things they were thankful for and present it in a mini parade at […]

  5. Wow! Civil War quilts and stories (+ 40% off!)

    Posted by on November 12, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    “Civil War Nine Patch” from American Doll Quilts For many of us, one of the great pleasures of our craft is the connection to quilters of the past. When author Kathleen Tracy became a quilter, she delved into American history, eager to learn more about those who had put needle to thread long ago. Kathleen’s […]

  6. Quilt, sew, knit, and crochet for Sandy

    Images and stories from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy—which caused severe damage in New Jersey and New York—continue to remind us that people will be left with challenges for many months, even years to come. Our hearts go out to the residents and volunteers on the East Coast who are picking up the pieces. Craft […]

  7. Cast on & bind off with Cap Sease

    Posted by on November 9, 2012, in crochet & knitting, ,

    Cap Sease has always loved working with her hands. She began knitting as a child, grew up to travel the world as a conservator on archaeological excavations, and now enjoys life as a knitting-workshop leader in Connecticut. Through the years, she has continued to knit—and has now collected more than 200 ways to cast on […]

  8. Scrap quilt success – it’s point-less

    (Left: two scrap-quilt blocks illustrating scattered color (top) and blended color (bottom)) Raise your hand if you’ve made a scrap quilt that developed into either: …..1) a mind-numbing bore (from being too careful), or …..2) a muddled mess (from not being careful enough). If either scrap-quilt scenario has landed on your sewing table, you’re in […]

  9. Quirky question: a story about you

    Posted by on November 7, 2012, in quirky question,

    Thanks for stopping by for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, your answer’s always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free! (Left: “Family Tree Pillow” from Marie Osmond’s Heartfelt Giving) Get ready for family, friends, food, and fun—Thanksgiving is only 15 days away! When tight-knit groups get together, familiar stories often emerge […]

  10. Fall 2012 Quilt Market: It started with a whisper

    As I get ready to write this post, a song lyric is stuck in my head. It begins, “It started with a whisper,” and then continues with lots of other words I don’t remember. My Quilt Market recap wants to have a similarly catchy line: “It started with a bare booth.” I could be quite clever […]