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  1. Teaching knitting to children

    Last summer, I started teaching my seven-year old son, Jack, to knit. I had been patiently waiting for just the right time for—well, years! I didn’t want to discourage him by starting too early; I wanted his efforts to be successful. To help me decide on the right time to introduce knitting, I watched his […]

  2. Quilter survey: let your voice be heard!

    Posted by on November 29, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    Our friends at Generation Q Magazine have launched their second annual survey into what makes modern and contemporary quilters tick. We happily agreed to share it with you. It’s quick, I promise, and you might even win a prize! Here’s Jake Finch, the publisher of Generation Q Magazine, to tell you more about the survey. […]

  3. Quirky question: your holiday decorations

    Posted by on November 28, 2012, in quirky question,

    Thanks for stopping by for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, your answer’s always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free! (Right: “Welcome Christmas” door banner from Deck the Halls) Ready or not, welcome to the holidays: the season is officially in full swing! Decorating for the holidays can warm […]

  4. Colorful, quick, striking – solid quilts!

    Welcome to the world of Pippa Eccles Armbrester, a new designer of modern quilts who’s creating a buzz. There’s good reason for all the fuss about her modern patchwork quilt patterns: They’re colorful. They’re quick. They’re striking. They’re solid! By now you’ve noticed that interest in solid fabrics has skyrocketed. Most every fabric company has […]

  5. How to machine quilt for beginners

    Posted by on November 26, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    Several weeks ago, in answers to the “wish for a talent” Quirky Question, a common aspiration was shared among Stitch This! readers—to be able to machine quilt like a pro. Funny so many of you would wish for that particular talent, as I (and others in the Martingale office) have wished for the same ability […]

  6. Super-quick Christmas decorating

    The 2012 holiday season has officially kicked off! Whether you’ve collected Christmas decorating items to display in your home over years or over decades, showing off a few new pieces can infuse your home with fresh charm and cheer. To renew your holiday decor, check out this collection of quick Christmas quilts and other projects. […]

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! (+ early Black Friday)

    Posted by on November 22, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    As a special thank you for joining us at Stitch This! (we’re six months old now!), we’re launching our Black Friday sale early. In fact, we’re launching it right now. Today through Cyber Monday, shop without cars, crowds—or makeup. Take a break from baking and treat yourself to crowd-free shopping!

  8. Quirky question: thankful in 2012

    Posted by on November 21, 2012, in quirky question,

    Thanks for stopping by for our weekly Quirky Question—where the question’s just for fun, your answer’s always welcome, and you could win an eBook for free! (Make-in-a-day “Leaf Chain” table topper by Cathy Wierzbicki; get the ePattern for $4.99.) Since 1863, when president Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day during the Civil War, family […]

  9. How to design a quilt – simple, inspiring lessons

    I’m not a quilt designer, but I want to be one when I grow up. To achieve my goal, I grab every book I can find on how to design a quilt. But I’m often disappointed. I want help, via simple terminology and strategies, on how to design quilts. Many books I find on design use […]

  10. Santa stopped by with sewing gifts!

    The countdown to Christmas continues. And with Thanksgiving just three days away, we’d like to thank YOU for the time you’ve spent at Stitch This! Santa just swung by our office and left some holiday cheer behind—he told us to share three new free patterns for Christmas with Stitch This! readers. Cheers to Christmas sewing […]