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  1. Stitch the year’s styles with six cool patterns

    Have you picked up our latest batch of free patterns? They all give a nod to 2012 trends—and they’re all yours when you subscribe to our new blog, Stitch This! Some might roll their eyes at a trend, a fad, or the “it” factor (whatever “it” may be). But sewists like us know better. Trends […]

  2. Welcome to Knit & Crochet Saturday!

    Posted by on March 17, 2012, in crochet & knitting,

    I HEREBY DEDICATE our Saturday blog posts exclusively to the topic of knitting and crochet. We shall group said posts under the name of: Isn’t that catchy? Martingale is well known among quilters, but quilting isn’t all we do. We knit, we crochet, and we love all things made from yarn. We even have a […]

  3. Inspire a beginner on National Quilting Day

    National Quilting Day is Saturday, March 17th—do you have plans to celebrate? Some years I’ve gathered friends for a good old-fashioned bee. Other years I’ve celebrated with a fistful of cash at my favorite quilt shop. One year I simply locked the door to my sewing room for the day (me in, everyone else out). […]

  4. How to quilt (by a true quilt geek)

    Posted by on March 15, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    As part of Martingale’s new web launch, we’re devoting space to quiltmaking basics—downloadable, free information on many of the techniques used to make today’s quilts. For the most part these how-to-quilt articles are basic techniques and methods you often find in the back of our quilt books. Wouldn’t you rather have that information available online? […]

  5. Quirky Question, March 14

    Posted by on March 14, 2012, in quirky question,

    Hi everyone, it’s Quirky Question time! First I have to tell you how much I’ve been enjoying getting to know you via your entertaining, touching, and hilarious responses. Thanks for making Quirky Question the highlight of my week! Over the past three years, we’ve asked you over 150 Quirky Questions. The hardest part? Narrowing down […]

  6. Our Blog is LIVE: Welcome to Stitch This!

    Posted by on March 13, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    Welcome to our new blog!  No, too boring. Hey you! Stick around!  No, too demanding. I hope you like us! No, too needy. Hi! I’m Karen Johnson, Director of Marketing at Martingale. I’m a quilter and a knitter, not a blogger. Ask me how to appliqué and I’m your gal. Want help deciding how much yarn […]

  7. WOW! Books on Sale: 4 Ways to Celebrate National Quilting Day

    National Quilting Day is Saturday, March 17th. Are you suddenly dreaming up ideas for a celebration? Throw a patchwork party in quilting’s honor this year and try something new to you! Get 40% off these specially selected books that will inspire you not only on quilting’s biggest day, but year round too. However you get […]

  8. How to Knit a Scarf Inspired by Nature: Secrets from Sheryl Thies

    If you’re new to knitting scarves—or if you’ve knitted scarves since you could hold a stick in each hand—you’ll want to know Sheryl Thies. She retired from a 35-year career in health care to follow her artistic passion. We’re so glad she did. Her designs are gorgeous and timeless, yet simultaneously inventive and uncomplicated. (How […]

  9. Nine Designer Patterns We Love: Think Spring Quilts!

    Posted by on March 9, 2012, in quilting & sewing,

    Is it ever too early in the year to start dreaming about spring? When I’ve worn socks 24 hours a day for two months straight and made so many kinds of soup that I could replace Campbell’s CEO, I know that winter has overstayed its welcome. Getting grouchy about winter is common. Staying grouchy until […]

  10. Spotlight on Knitting Designers: Olga Pobedinskaya

    Posted by on March 8, 2012, in crochet & knitting,

    Born in Russia, Olga Pobedinskaya, author of Knitting Pleats, lived in England for 11 years before coming to the United States. Find out how her interest in knitting blossomed into a career as a knitwear designer—and also how she placed in the World’s Fastest Knitter Competition in London! How important was knitting during your early […]